A Little To Late

Alex is going to college, were she is meeting a guy, with many tattoos, and looks cool. His name is Harry. she falls in love with him, but her new roommate is also in love with him.... Drama will definately happen, but how is Alex going to handle her new college-life?


1. A Little To Late - Chapter 1

~~"Alex!" My mom yelled.

"What now?"

"Someone is here to say goodbye to you."

I was about to leave for college, so all my friends came to say goodbye to me. I'm going to miss them. But at least i'm going to make some new friends. I hope.
My mom didn't like my friends, because all my friends are a little... Like.. I dont know.. I think, its because they goes to parties and drinks, and she does not like that very much. I drink too, but she doesn't know...

"Are you ready?" My mom asked, I nodded.

After I said goodbye to my littlesister, my mom drove me to the college. The college was about 3 hours away in car.

When we arrived at the college the principal went over to say hi, and to show my us around. I was a bit nervous to meet my roommate. I hoped she would be a little like my bestfriend, Natalie.

"Here is your room" the principal said.

Excited to see my new room, my mom and I stepped inside to take a look. The room was not that big, there were two small beds, two desks, and one closet for sharing.

"This is nice, right Alexandre?" my mom asked and put a hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah... its fine." I replied. I hoped for a bigger room, but its okay. "So where is my roommate?"

"She's at the library." The princepal said.

My mom smiled when she heard that. She is probably happy about the fact, that my roommate could be someone who liked to study.

I was very nervous to meet my roommate.

"Your roommate is very sweet, I think you two would be very good friends." She said.

I just faked a smile, and walked into the room.

"Uhm.. Sorry for interrupting but shouldn't you introduce me?" A guy said to the principal, while smilling to me.

He had tattoos all over his body, and a piercing in his lip. He also had a very cute smile.

"Yes sorry," the principal said, "This is Harold. He's also a student here."

"Harry" He interrupted her.

"He is going to be in your class" the principal continued.

"Hey Harold" I laughed.
He looked nice. Maybe he could be one of my new friends.

"Soo... What kind of music do you like?" I asked.

"Uhm.. Do you know the rockband Roarx?"

"Yeah sure" i lied. He looked suprised. Oh No what have I done? I dont who Roarx is.

"Really?" He said "so are you going to the concert this friday?"

"No, i didn't get any tickets" I said, " who are you going with?"

"With my girlfriend, Stacy."

"Oh... Okay." I looked down.

"Nice to meet you.... whats your name?"

"Alex" I answered.

"Nice to meet you Alex" he said and walked out of the room.

I looked at my mom.

"So mom. Shouldn't you go now?"

"Yes, you are right, I just dont want to say goodbye to my little baby!"

Oh god, can't she just go?
Why does she always make a big deal out of everything...

"Bye mom"

"Bye sweetie, im going to miss you" she said. She walked out and closed the door. After she closed the door, a girl came in.

"Hey" I said' "who are you?"

"Hi, I'm Emma, your roommate"


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