A StarKid Fantasy

An idle fantasy of mine about a fledgling group, Team BritKid: A StarKid Experience, and the opening night of StarKid's first UK Tour. You can probably tell that my favourite StarKid is Brian Rosenthal from this... Enjoy!
(One shot)
Foot-note/ Disclaimer-
None of the characters belong to me, and those that are not members of Team StarKid are based on real people, so do not count as OCs.
Please do not take any of the infromation supplied by this story as true as this was written for entertainment purposes and they may not facts.
This is a fantasy (Imaginary story) so may be a little weird in places...!


1. Meet & Greets, Concerts and Invitations

I pressed my palms to my chest in an attempt to calm my rapidly palpitating heart. We were waiting at the doors to enter the backstage area at the concert hall where later this evening team StarKid themselves would be performing as part of their UK Tour. I felt kinda proud of this fact, as I was one of the reasons they were here in the first place. As the founder and head of Team BritKid: A StarKid Experience, I had personally petitioned them to come to Britain for their fans across the pond. After ten emails, hundreds of Facebook messages, and countless Tweets, I had succeeded and here they were. Naturally, they wanted to meet the army of BritKids. And so here we were. I was wearing my BritKid T-shirt with pride (something I had asked all the members to do) with dark jeans, a blue Team StarKid hoodie and black and white converse. My UK edition StarKid sunnies were perched on top of my head helping to control my freshly-washed and frizzy hair, and my brown leather satchel, containing my Scrap and Song Book, and various other items for the Team to sign, was slung over my shoulder. This was gonna be Totally Awesome.


“Stop freaking out, Ella!” My cousin Louise and Lieutenant gripped my arm just above my elbow. I realised that all my muscles- not that there were many of them- were tensed. All my work over the past year had finally come to fruition. There were thirty members of BritKid here, and we had come from all over the country. We had invited my other cousin Emily to the concert and meet and greet, but as she wasn’t a huge StarKid fan, and not a full time member of BritKid, she had declined the latter and agreed to meet us at the beginning of the show.

“Sorry,” I turned to her and smile. “Just nervous I guess.”

“Hey don’t be. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you, and let’s face it. They wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t pestered them. You’ve made StarKid fans all over Britain happy, and this is your reward! Plus you’ll get to meet your Brosenthal...!” She nudged my ribcage as I ducked my head and blushed, attracting the attention of Nell and Sophia. The other two original members joined out little group, and joined Louise in jibing me.

“Okay, enough already!” I laughed. “Soooo... Who are you all looking forward to meeting most then? You all know my answer!”

Nell pushed her glasses further up her nose and pushed her short blonde hair away from her face.

“Oh, I don’t know. Probably Joey, or Joe, or Brian Holden. To be honest I don’t have a favourite. I’m more likely to be the weirdo singing in the corner by myself!”

“Yeah me too.” Louise added. “I’m not in love with any of the StarKids, just the whole idea of StarKid in general. I just want to meet them!”

We laughed good-heartedly and I checked my watch. They were letting us in for the afternoon before watching the whole show from the VIP box at the front of the stage. We still had ten minutes to go until we were let in. I suppose they were all eating lunch or putting their faces on or something.

Sophia cleared her throat, a sure sign that she was ready to confess who her StarKid crush was. We looked at her expectantly.

“Well, I’ve always had a soft spot for Ron in AVPM you know, so I’m looking forward to meeting Joey. Like, I’m not IN LOVE with him-“

“Yeah right, and I’m Joe Walker!” Nell half laughed, half gasped. But before Sophia could protest, the single green door to the backstage area opens. We all spun around and rushed forward. I was crushed by fans all around, but they all seemed to let me through, letting me push my way to the front, with my friends and my cousin at my shoulder. I tugged the hem of my custom BritKid shirt and glanced up nervously. A tall man in a white shirt and jeans stood in the doorway. Without having to say a word, he stepped aside and led us down a narrow hallway. It was cramped and someone- hi Louise! - Kept treading on my heels and making me trip awkwardly.

After what seemed like an age, the hallway opened up into a large rehearsal space with a low stage at the far end, and a refreshment table running along the whole length. It was cluttered with large platters piled high with all kinds of food, and pitchers of fizzy drinks and booze. And there, in the middle of performing a number from A Very Potter Musical, were Team StarKid themselves. This tour group was exactly the same as the one that had done their last American tour, and I was glad- it included all my favourite people!

In formation, they were just finishing the medley of ‘Gotta get back to Hogwarts’. I grabbed Louise’s arm and ran forward just as Dylan finished singing and we burst into song with them:

“Back to Witches and Wizards and Magical Beasts

To Goblins and Ghosts and to Magical Feasts

It’s all that I love and all that I need

At Hogwarts, Hogwarts”

By this time the rest of the BritKids had joined us and we all sang, Americans and Brits, the final few lines. I jumped into the air with both the Brians at “Ravenclaw”, which made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and giddy. In fact I got an idea in my head, and yelled at the end:

“Man, I’m glad we’re here!”

Thankfully, everyone laughed and cheered at my antics. Brian Holden stepped forward away from the main group who were and ran his eyes over us, as if he was judging us on something. Then he smiled and ran a hand through his short hair.

“Thank you for coming, Team BritKid, and especially to Ella, for making all of this happen! Welcome!”

 “Thank you Team StarKid for being an awesome inspiration. We wouldn’t be formed if not for you guys!” I said back, hearing BritKid cheer at my back and StarKid cheer before me. Part of me wasn’t computing what was happening, but I was thoroughly enjoying it. “Now, let’s mingle!”

All thirty members of my team rushed forward and formed a swarm around... the snack bar, leaving a pile of bags and coats on the floor. Typical teenagers. They squabbled over who got what and screamed until I whistled and shouted:

“Hey! You can get food anytime. We’re here to see these guys!” I gestured to the performers who had all doubled over laughing at us. All except Lauren who had joined my crew and was giving it all she had to claim a plate of pizza.


“It’s really good to be here, thank you so much for inviting us!” I was gushing to Brian Holden who had a plastic cup of Diet Cola in one hand and a Red Vine in the other. He had sought me out almost immediately and we started chatting. He was easy to be around.

“Oh it’s nothing, really. If it weren’t for you guys we wouldn’t have come to the UK to do a tour, so really we should be thanking you guys.” He laughed, noshing on his Vine. I took a bite of my Wagon wheel and savoured the taste. All the snacks had been imported from the U.S.A. to make the StarKids feel like they were at home.

“No seriously.” I looked at him directly in the eye and tried not to laugh. “Meeting you guys has been like my dream for the past year. I still can’t believe I’m here!”

“Hey, just out of interest, if you had to perform any StarKid song with the team, which would it be?” he asked, and I wondered if this was foreshadowing anything.

“Um, well I’d love to do Harry’s part from Missing You just because It would be cool to do a duet with Rosenthal, but I also love Not Alone and No Way because they’re really inspirational.” I couldn’t take it anymore- I cracked and laughed. Holden laughed too. It was fun.

Suddenly, a long fingered hand gently placed itself on my shoulder. I snapped my eyes open and whipped my head around to look at its owner. I knew it wasn’t any of my crew because we had recently done a random measure-your-hand challenge, and none our hands were that big- probably because we were all teenage girls.

I nearly died. Brian Rosenthal had his hand on my shoulder!

“Hey guys! What are we laughing ‘bout?”

I was too stiff to answer, but thankfully Holden wasn’t.

“Aw, Brian, it’s nothing. Silly stuff, Y’know? Besides, that’s just a clever way to get into our conversation. We all know you just wanna talk to this little star here!” He clapped his hand on my other shoulder, and I laughed slightly.

“You know me too well Brian!” Brian laughed back. “So what if I want to know more about this diamond? We all do!”

This. Wasn’t. Happening. It couldn’t be, could it? Brian Rosenthal, my guilty celebrity crush, was dying to know more about me. It was like role reversal!

Anyway, Holden was just about to make another smart-alec reply, but I caught Louise waving at him from the other side of the room with her friends. They were probably gossiping about various StarKid’s behinds, knowing them...

“Holden!” She yelled. I don’t care what she says, she definitely has a little crush on him- I’ve seen the photo evidence on her computer.

“Well, that’s my cue to leave. I have some fans to entertain!” he turned and ran with his arms out to my cousin, and wrapped her in a hug before she could do anything about it. Her cheeks were definitely a shade rosier than before.

I turned to Brian.

“So, how’s London treating you?” I asked casually, trying to hide my nerves. It was crazy! I could chat and flirt with any other male StarKid member, but not the one I was actually interested in!

“Well, it’s definitely interesting.” He replied, not moving his hand from my shoulder. Surely he could feel how tense I was... “It’s not the first time I’ve been here, but it is the first time I’ve entered the city on our tour buses. I’ve not really seen much of it so far.”

I glanced at him and regretted it. His dark hair was as normal swept over his forehead and his dark eyes were gazing at me intensely. They matched mine in colour.

“Well, if you’re looking for places to see, the Tower of London is always good, but my favourites are the Natural History Museum and London Zoo. I guess that’s because I’ve always had an interest in animals. I want to be a Vet when I’m older, and I have way too many pets...”

“Oh cool! What animals do you have?”

Oh my Rowling- he was actually taking an interest in my boring, mundane life.

“Well I have a dog called Lilly, and a cat called P.C.-“

“P.C? What does that stand for?”

“Oh, pest control. See, my mum found her on the streets as a kitten, and the first thing she did was kill a clothes moth, so the name stuck.”

“Wow, that’s cute. Carry on.”

“And, yeah, I have two Guinea Pigs called Gwyneth and Bronwyn, two budgies and two tanks of fish. Plus we feed the birds and squirrels in our back garden.”

 I could literally sense him become interested at the mention of that word.

“You feed squirrels? Do they, like take stuff out of your hand?”

I shrugged and tried to act nonchalant.

“Sometimes... How long are you staying London?”

He tilted his head and scratched the back of his neck, which made him even more adorable to my eyes. I realised I was staring and quickly checked myself, trying to cover it by pouring a cup of Lemonade.

“Probably a week, maybe ten days. I personally would like to see some of the sights before we move on. I know that we’re performing at Wembley in three days time.”

I took a sip of lemonade and my eyes watered as I realised that it was way too fizzy. I coughed really unattractively. Brian bless him patted my back, but couldn’t refrain from laughing. I glared at him mockingly.

“That’s cool.” I spluttered, still trying to regain my composure. “If you want someone to show you around, I’d be happy to help out.”

He laughed again, and if my eyes didn’t fail me his cheeks reddened slightly. My own cheeks felt very hot.

“Is it me or is it really hot in here?” I asked lamely, puling my hoodie off and stuffing it into my bag. I was starting to loosen up around him, but I still felt like it was really awkward.

“Yeah, it seems to be.” He tugged the collar of his shirt adorably. “I could show you the stage if you want- there’s AirCon in there.” With just a flash of his smile I melted.

“Sounds cool.”I nodded eagerly. Was this really happening? “I would definitely love to see the set.”

“Well then, let’s go. We probably won’t be missed until the signings, and that’s not for an hour.”

I pinched myself hard, and it hurt, so I knew I was definitely not dreaming. In a daze, I watched him turn away and I followed.


The stage set really was amazing, and Brian wasn’t lying about the AirCon to get me alone... if he was doing that at all. He walked a little way in front of me, and for the first time I noticed what he was wearing.

He had his yellow StarKid sunglasses on his head like I wore my British ones. He wore knee-length shorts, due to the seasonal weather outside, which were a dark shade of khaki that complemented his shirt nicely.

“Nice Senior Year shirt,” I commented. It was true. He was wearing a Mouse Prince T-shirt which made me smile just at the thought of AJ as Gilderoy.

“Hey, thanks.” He smiled at me again. “Your guys’ shirts are cool too. Did you design them yourself?”

I looked around myself and was thankful of the cool air wafting my face.

“Uh, yeah. I designed the logo with the help of my cousin, but it was my idea to have our names on the back.”

Brian walked around me so that he could see the back of my shirt and laughed.

“Your cousin’s the one who likes Holden, huh?”

I nodded and smiled at him, loving the fact that he noticed her admiration and it wasn’t just my imagination.

“Well, it could’ve been worse...” he speculated. “She could have a crush on Jim!” The way he laughed at his own jokes. Aahh...

“Yep, you can’t get any worse than Jim!” I added, grinning. The laughter broke the tension between us.

“Hey, just out of curiosity, how old are you?” Brian asked with a sly sidelong glance.

I tilted my head and met his gaze, my eyes flashing with amusement.

“I turned seventeen last month. On the fifth...”

He raised his eyebrows comically.

“Wow, you seem so much older...” Was that a tone of regret in his voice...?

Walking over to an item of scenery that suddenly caught my attention, I called over my shoulder:

“Yeah, all my friends say that I’m really mature, even though most of them are older than me.”

The scenery prop happened to be an opened chest overflowing with fancy dress items. There was a pair of pink fairy wings, a fireman’s helmet and a fake gun- and those were just some of the things I could see on the top. I picked up the wings and held them up for Brian.

“Yeah this’ll definitely look good on you,” I teased. “The colour goes well with your eyes!”

To my delight, he closed the distance I had put between us and took the wings from my loose grip and looked down at me.

“Well I think they go better with your hair.” He smirked. And then, as if I wasn’t already in a haze, he lifted them over my head and eased them onto my shoulders. I tried not to think how close he was to me.

“There.” He smirked again with satisfaction. I rolled my eyes and ducked away from him. I pulled the wings off my back at the same time, and twirled around him. Before he could react, I had secured the wings on his shoulders. I grinned impishly.

“That’s better!” I winked at him as he turned around. “Tu es un idioto.” His eyes widened in surprise.

“You speak Spanish?” he asked as I laughed. He obviously knew what I said.

“Not really,” I answered. “But I studied it at school. I know quite a bit. Hola, Brian. Que pasas?”

“Estoy muy bien,” he grinned back at me. “Y tu?”

“Ah, estoy fantastico! Asi... cual es tu animal favorito?”

It pleased me watch him squirm as he tried to come up with the words to answer. Probably a little too much.

“Por ejemplo,” I decided to help him out a little, as smugness coloured my tone. “Mi animal favorito es la jirafa, pero me encanta todo los animals!”

“Oh! Gracias. Mi animal favorito es el Lemur...”

I almost burst out laughing.

“Especially the little baby lemur from Madagascar!” he looked a little taken aback. “Sorry, I’ve watched that documentary your friend made of you way too many times... It’s probably really creepy...”

“Well, a little, but it’s to be expected.” He laughed. “It’s cool though... I mean, I saw your comment on my video for Joe. It was sweet.”

Oh God, he saw that? Eep. I flushed bright red and met his eyes, which were once again full of amusement.

“Well, I meant it.” I stammered.

He grinned once more- I think I must have been amusing him to no end.

“Hogwarts house?” Brain asked out of the blue, picking up a Gryffindor tie (another prop) from the chest. Thankfully I wasn’t daunted.

“Ravenclaw, obviously! We’re just so totally Raven-clawesome, Y’know?”

“Same here. It’s definitely the best house.”

He looked at his watch for the first time since we had left the main group. And cursed.

“Ah, crap. We’ve been here for ages, and now we’re late for the signing!”

He ripped the wings off his shoulders and threw them back into the chest. Together we jogged back to the rehearsal space. I didn’t even flinch when he laced his fingers through mine.


“Where have you two been?” Holden demanded as we came back through the door to the stage, laughing and gasping for breath. The smile immediately melted off my face as I glanced at his tern face. However it almost reappeared as I saw Louise standing at his shoulder with a signed poster in her hand. She was so cute... Crap, I shouldn’t have said that.

“Sorry Brian, I was showing her around the set.” Brian bowed his head in embarrassment and I hung my head in a similar action.

“Uh huh.” Holden muttered unimpressed. “And this has nothing to do with the fact that your cheeks are now redder than Dylan’s bandana from Apocalyptour.” Wow, sarcasm. Well done Holden. I stifled a giggle and joined my cousin in the ranks of my crew.

“Anyway,” he continued. “Now that these two have finally joined us, we can begin the signing.”

The StarKids took their seats at the now-empty snack table and settled down for a signing session. I grabbed my satchel and brought out my AVPM Scrap and Song Book, which was the school exercise book I had handwritten all the lyrics from A Very Potter Musical in and decorated. For instance, the front cover had a picture of the cast caricatures stuck to it, and the inside flap was pasted with a blank sheet of paper I had prepared for Autographs, for occasions such as this.

We were all given Tour Posters which the StarKids were going to sign for us, and we queued up. Thankfully, all the StarKids were eager to sign my S&S book along with the poster and they all signed with messages, not just their names. I was about half way down the line with Sophia, Nell and, of course, Louise. I made small talk with each of the members as they signed my poster and book, and they all praised me for having the gumption to start up BritKid. When I looked at my items afterwards, most of the personal comments reflected this too.

Brian was one of the last in the line, and when I reached him he immediately noticed my book.

“Hey what’s this?” He asked as I handed it to him to sign.

“Oh it’s my AVPM Scrap and Song book. I handwrote all the lyrics and drew all the pictures, apart from the photos.” I replied. Part of me was insanely happy when he flicked through it and didn’t just sign it like some of the others did, although I did blush deeply when he landed on the page I had dedicated just to him, with the lyrics of his song to Joe Walker. One of them was him hanging upside down. I had taken a long time to draw that one, and it showed in the lovingly drawn contour lines. He grinned slowly and then signed his name next to it, flipped back to the front page and wrote a lengthy message that he didn’t let me see. Curiosity burned, but he just winked at me and closed the book before turning his attention to Sophia who started babbling about Seamus Finnegan.

“Read it when you get home, okay?” he told me. Damn.

All too soon, Holden drew the signing session to a close.

“Well guys, it’s an hour until the show, so we have to go and get ready. You guys can go to your booth and enjoy the pre-show entertainment.”

The large group slowly dispersed and collected their things from the pile. I, still with my three friends, was just about to turn and leave when Holden stepped forward and caught mine and Louise’s arms to stop us from going. I could have sworn she was about to pass out.

“Could you four come back after the show? We have a small proposition for you.”

I nodded avidly and the others did the same.

“Yeah, sure. Anything for you guys!” I smiled back at him.

“Awesome! Enjoy the show!”

We joined the remaining BritKid members and filed through the stage door. There were multiple gasps from all of us- including me- as we first saw our booth. It had been recently installed and ran around the front edge of the stage so that we would be sitting right under the performers. The seats behind were raised so that it didn’t impair the view the other audience members got.

“Well come on guys!” I said, and we rushed through the door. Emilia met us inside.

“Oh my God, this booth is amazing!” she gushed as we sat down.

“Yeah, it’s Totally Awesome.” I replied, and received laughs in return.


The concert was amazing. I spent most of the time standing even though the seats were really comfortable and had padded armrests. Almost every member of BritKid wanted to talk to me before the show started so I was constantly moving around, before I finally found a calm spot with my usual buddies. The performance started quickly and I had to laugh aloud- the entire cast came leaping out of the wings wearing... Kigu Onsies, just like my Red Panda one! It was ludicrous as they all depicted animals that matched their personalities exactly. Brosenthal was a ring-tailed lemur, Lauren was a monkey, and Joey was a Red Panda, like me. The show’s plotline was very intricate and the songs were excellently interwoven with it. At one point during a song, Brian got close to the edge of the stage near us, and winked at me. I wished he hadn’t. Because my cousins and friends all wiggled their eyebrows at me and I got nudged too many times to count.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t do anything but leap out of my seat and clap like a maniac at the end. My friends did exactly the same, and even Emilia stood up to applaud.

As the audience started to file out of the stadium, I yanked my friends to their feet.

“Come on guys we gotta go and see the guys backstage!” The rest of crew was exiting by the main doors at the side, so I hopped up right onto the stage and ragged them with me.

 “Oh, Emilia, you can come too. I’m sure Holden won’t mind!” she jumped up happily behind us and all five of us rushed across the stage to the door the StarKids had exited through not ten minutes before.

The set was amazing, and I had to resist the urge to run my hands over the flags hanging down from the top of the stage. We squeezed through the door and into the backstage area we had hung out in and got pressed between various members of the Team who were all celebrating a successful first evening. I got stuck between Jaime and Dylan before a strong grip caught my wrist and pulled me into a small free space. Who was it? Well who else?

Brian stood there grinning at me, still in his onesie and gripping my wrist. I couldn’t help but laugh as he pulled me into a crushing hug.

“So did you enjoy it?” he asked, obviously still on a performance high.

“Of course!” I replied laughing with him once more. “You guys were excellent, although part of me still can’t believe you’re here!”

His expression turned a little more serious as he looked at me in the eye.

“Believe it”, he whispered, and pecked me on the cheek. My blush told everything.

“Hey, Brian!” Holden yelled from by the stage, and I realised all my other friends were already with him. “Quit hogging her, we’ve gotta tell them!”

I immediately became curious as Brian dragged me over to them.

“Tell us what?” I asked, almost demanding it. “What is it Brian?!”

“You’ll find out... now!” he said back, as we joined the others. Brian’s hand was now entwined with mine, and Louise raised her eyebrows, but thankfully didn’t say anything, as we approached.

The others grinned at me, but I could tell that they had no idea what was going on.

“Well guys, this may come as a shock, but we...” Holden began and then stumbled. “Well, we wanted to ask you guys if you wanted to join us for the rest of the tour?”

My mouth hung open and the rest of my companions gaped. I couldn’t quite believe my ears. Us, lowly StarKid fans, on their first and probably only UK tour? It couldn’t be true.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

Holden laughed, and I should have seen what came next from a mile away.

“No, I actually played Lupin, but it’s nice you care.” We all cracked up, and good old Louise clapped him on the back. “Yes, yes, I made a joke. But what I’m not joking about is the offer. I mean, you’ll have to ask your parents and- oh who’re you?” He had just noticed Emilia, who stood just behind Nell’s shoulder.

“Oh, I’m Louise’s sister. I watched the show, and you guys were great.”

“Hey thanks. Do you wanna join us on tour too- a friend of BritKid is a friend of ours!” She nodded and smiled. “As I was saying, yeah you’ll have to get permission, but it’ll only be during the holidays. What do you say?”

I glanced around at my friends who all had the unspoken word in their eyes. Brian squeezed my hand and I bumped his side playfully. I knew what to say, and they’d been on my tongue for all my life.

“Yes! Oh dead-god-dammit, yes!”

All the people surrounding us cheered and I gave Holden our parents’ numbers so that he could call them in the morning. I joked with them, saying that my mum would probably want to meet them all and have them CRB checked before letting me travel with them. Thankfully, my cousins were staying with me for the summer holidays anyway so all they had to do was get their parents’ permission and my mum’s. All the while, I couldn’t stop beaming. After all, I had met my idols and agreed to go on tour with them all in the space of about six hours. To quote Twitter: #epic!


I was just about the crawl into bed that evening, with Emilia and Louise sprawled on Air Beds on my bedroom floor, when I remembered Brian’s message in my S&S Book. Pulling my satchel onto my bed, I eased the exercise book out and flipped it open. Louise immediately bobbed up at my side.

“Watcha doin’?”

“Well,” I replied, drawing out the word. “Brian wrote something in this but he told me to read it when I got home and not at the concert hall.”

Her eyes brightened and her smile turned impish. I could just see her fingers twitching to get a hold of it. And then Emilia pulled her nose out of her current book and leapt over to the bed.

“So... Can we read it?”

I raised my eyebrows.

“After me.” I half-laughed, half-snapped, and I turned my attention to the book. It took me a few seconds to scan through the numerous messages, but I managed to find Brian’s. To be honest, it wasn’t that hard. He had left a mini paragraph of thin, spidery writing in the bottom left hand corner. I didn’t even mind Louise peeking over my shoulder as I read it.


HEY! I’m a StarKid, and this is really crazy, but here’s my number (Insert number here) so call me maybe?

Okay that was really cheesy, so sorry...!

Anyway, I have to say, I genuinely enjoyed spending time with you today. It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished, but I guess that you’ve heard that multiple times, both today and on this page. I’m still up for a visit to London Zoo if you are... ;)

I’m glad you’re coming on the tour with your excitable friends- It’s definitely going to be a summer to remember!

Totally Awesome,

Brian xx


And I smiled.

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