A StarKid Fantasy

An idle fantasy of mine about a fledgling group, Team BritKid: A StarKid Experience, and the opening night of StarKid's first UK Tour. You can probably tell that my favourite StarKid is Brian Rosenthal from this... Enjoy!
(One shot)
Foot-note/ Disclaimer-
None of the characters belong to me, and those that are not members of Team StarKid are based on real people, so do not count as OCs.
Please do not take any of the infromation supplied by this story as true as this was written for entertainment purposes and they may not facts.
This is a fantasy (Imaginary story) so may be a little weird in places...!


2. Author's Note and Acknowledgments

Well,if you're reading this,  I would just like to say thank you to those who inspired and helped me:

~ First and most obviously, to Team StarKid, who are the inspiration for story. You guys have opened up a new part of my life, and I wouldn't be without it. (I don't think that they'll ever read this, but if they do I just want to say:

"I hope I didn't get the characterisation too wrong!")

~ Secondly to my cousin who read this first and gave me the courage to upload it, and to my friends who let me enthuse (or fangirl, if you prefer) about StarKid almost non-stop!

~ Thirdly, thank you to Half Term break for giving me the time to perfect this and publish it. I love school but I really needed this holiday!

~ And finally, to all of those who are reading this- you took time out of your day to read my idle fantasy! If you want to leave a review that's fine with me! Also, if you are reading this because you know and love StarKid like I do, then great- yay, you are totally awesome!- but if the whole concept is alien (bugs) to you, then I definitely recommend you go and watch any of their online musicals (A Very Potter Musical, Holy Musical B@man or Starsip would be a great place to start). Trust me you won't regret it!

If you like my writing style, then be sure to check out my AVPM and Harry Potter crossover novel 'Flowers and Snakes'. I sadly haven't been able to publish it yet because my computer is acting weird, but it should be up soon!


Yours Raven-clawsome-ly


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