Harry And Louis' Fall Out

Eleanor has recently left Louis. Long after the boys were shooting their new album cover and Harry spots an amazing girl and deeply falls in love with her. The boys and this girl meet up and it turns out to be Eleanor! Harry and Louis fall out badly!


1. Louis point of view. 2011

Eleanor recently left me because she thought it wasan't working out and she didn't feel the love so last month she packed her bags and left. Support of the boys have helped. Last night they came over with beer and a Chineaze takeaway. I refused to eat and drink incase I forget about Eleanor. I didn't wan't to though because I wanted her back.

That night I sat on my bed and turned to my night stand. I saw a picture with a wooden frame and me and Eleanor standing on the beach together. I rested my hand into my head. "I'll never get her back," I thought. I tugged the thin quilt over my body and let my head sink in to the soft pillow. I found myself glancing and the ceiling while my brain flickerd with memories of Eleanor.  Not long after I fell asleep tossing and turning over my bed. 

A stroke of light peered thorugh my blind casting shadows of cars going by. I opend one eye slowly and yawned. "Morning already?" I questioned myself. I rubbed my eyes and sat up. I peeped through my blind watching the busy town. I flopped onto my back then launched myself out of bed.  I stood up and reached for my slippers next to my bed. My phone flashed - One new message. I scrolled down to messages and the person who texted me was Lucy. She's my friend who I used to work with in Smiths Toys Super Store. It said: Only just found out about the breakup! I'm so sorry Louis.  I switched my phone of while a tear streamed down my face. 


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