Harry And Louis' Fall Out

Eleanor has recently left Louis. Long after the boys were shooting their new album cover and Harry spots an amazing girl and deeply falls in love with her. The boys and this girl meet up and it turns out to be Eleanor! Harry and Louis fall out badly!


3. Harry's point of view

Our director told us to face left. My eyes focused on a tall brunette tanned girl. "Wow." I thought. "Like her do you?" Zayn elbowed me. I looked down and laughed. Maybe that's why I was laughing on the cover. "Okay folkes, thanks for your time we can head back now." Our director said while he flicked through our pictures. I chased after this amazing lady.

"Hi." I said. She turned to me and scanned me... Especially my hair. "Sorry, having a bad hair day today." I told her cheekily.  She laughed and turnerd her head.

"You really remind me of someone, dude." 

"Oh, is that good?" She laughed again. 

"Here." She passed her phone to me. "Put your number into my phone, so I can call you tonight." She orderd. I dialed my number in for her and passed her phone back. She took it of me, "I'm Eleanor." She said. Of corse I didn't remember her. It was 2 years since Louis was dating her. "Harry." I said to her. 

I ran back to the boys and barged through the secruity guards guarding us. "You gotta date?" Zayn asked. "Nah. Just gave her my number!" I yelled happily! Zayn and the boys cheered! Liam passed me a pint of beer and I snatched it off him gulping it down my throat. "So, you gonna meet up?" Liam noselly asked. I shruged my shoulders.

"Hopefully." I wonderd.

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