Harry And Louis' Fall Out

Eleanor has recently left Louis. Long after the boys were shooting their new album cover and Harry spots an amazing girl and deeply falls in love with her. The boys and this girl meet up and it turns out to be Eleanor! Harry and Louis fall out badly!


2. 2 Years Later (Louis point of view)

I was watching TV in the lounge when Harry walked in. I was destracted by the way he folded his arms and watched me. The news flashed up and I turned to him. "Yeah?" I asked suspiosly. "We have photo shoots today. We are shooting our new album cover." Harry announced. I turned the volume down on the TV. "What times this?" I replied. 

" 2:00." Harry declared. I started up at the clock and it said 12:00. I quickly ran upstairs into my room.

I fetched the come of the side and started to come through my luggy hair. I opend the sloppy pale hair jel and began spiked the side of my hair to make it flow well. Once I was done I opend my wardroube and searched for my denim jacket. I pulled it down carefully and slipped it over my T-shirt which I slept in. 

I raced downstairs into the shoe cupboard, at this point it was 1:30 so I quickly slipped them on. Me and the boys started walking with our director to a road. "Beer?" Niall asked holding a large green pint of fizzy beer. "No thanks." I refused. That shot gaspes to the boys. Zayn turned to me . " We thought you were over Eleanor." I nodded. " How come your not having a beer then?" Zayn added. "I'm not thirsty." I said carmly. 

Once we were there our Director told us to walk on the road. He took photos which flickerd in our faces making us blink. "Dude!" Harry shouted, rubbing his eyes. We laughed at him.


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