Dancing Alone (One Direction Fan Fiction)

16 year old Lacey Harris has just moved to a new school. She finds herself entangled in the grip of the "Bad Boys" and can't escape. That is, until she is wrangled out by Niall and Liam. Will she choose to stay with them or go back to her troublesome ways? Will her decision leave her dancing alone?


2. Little things

Lacey's P.O.V.

When the bell rang to signal the end of math Zayn asked me what class I had next. "Music," I replied while checking my timetable.

"Good," he said with a slight smirk. "So do Louis and I. You can come with us."

Louis chuckled from deep within his chest and smirked at Harry, who looked a little disappointed.

I stood up and Louis grabbed one of my hands and Zayn the other. I tried to pull them out but they just tightened their grip.

"Why are you holding my hands?" I asked them angrily.

"No need to get your panties in a twist, princess," Louis said mockingly. "We just want to look after you."

By this point we were in the middle of the hallway. Harry had walked in the opposite direction and everyone was in a rush. Everyone pushed each other out the way but no one came near Louis or Zayn.

"You don't need to look after me. I'm not an infant!" I said relentlessly trying to get my hands out of their grip, to no avail.

We arrived at the class after a lot of struggling and they both let go of my hands as we walked to the back of the classroom.

The teacher told the class to get into their groups and to practise in the small booths at the back of the classroom.

Inside the sound proof booths I could see everyone either playing instruments or singing into microphones.

I didn't know what to do so I went up to the teacher.

"Hi you must be Lacey the new girl?" She said kindly. "I'm Miss Innes. Just choose a group and see if you can join in with them ok?"

I nodded shyly and turned around to look at all the booths. I had decided on a pair of girls. One had brown hair the other, red. I started heading towards their booth when Louis popped his head out of the second to last booth and almost shouted, "Lacey, come in here!" I turned around and walked toward him. As I entered the booth Zayn patted the chair beside him and picked up a guitar. Louis also picked up a guitar and they started singing Little Things by Ed Sheeran. Their voices were amazing. It was as if angels had taken over their bodies and sang with voices as smooth as butter. When they finished I just sat there mesmerised by their song.

"Earth to Lacey!" Zayn said waving his hands in my face. "Did you like it?"

"It was amazing," I said in awe.

"Thanks," they said. "Do you know the song?" Louis asked me.

"Yeah, I love Ed Sheeran." I said still in complete shock as to how good the song was.

"Good, cause now you have to sing it with us!" Zayn said with a smirk.

"Wait, what?!" I said snapping back into reality.

"You heard me," Zayn said with another smirk.

"B-but I c-can't sing," I stuttered.

"Well you have to," Louis replied smugly. "Now Zayn and I are gonna sing like we did before and your gonna try a harmony, ok?"

I nodded slightly and stood up facing the wall.

"What are you doing?" Zayn said with a chuckle.

I turned around to face them and said "Well I can't sing facing you cause I don't want to see your expressions." With that, I spun back around to face the wall and waited for the first chords to start...

After the song had finished I sat back down in my chair and looked at the ground.

Zayns P.O.V.

She sat back down and looked at the floor. What did she mean she couldn't sing? She's amazing! And not just her singing. Everything about her was amazing. It took everything in me not to take her up in my arms and never let go. I wanted this girl with everything I had, and I ALWAYS get what I want.

Louis P.O.V.

She sat back down and looked at the floor. What the hell had just happened. Her voice was perfect. I wanted this girl so bad. Everything about her turns me on, but by the way Zayn was looking at her I could tell he wanted her too and Zayn always gets the girl. But no, not this time. This time I get the girl.

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