Dancing Alone (One Direction Fan Fiction)

16 year old Lacey Harris has just moved to a new school. She finds herself entangled in the grip of the "Bad Boys" and can't escape. That is, until she is wrangled out by Niall and Liam. Will she choose to stay with them or go back to her troublesome ways? Will her decision leave her dancing alone?


6. Liam

Lacey's P.O.V

Rummaging through my locker, I start to fret, hoping I didn't leave my biology textbook at home again. Pushing all my books and papers aside, I look for my textbook. It's not anywhere. I step back a bit trying to see up into the top shelf, with no luck.

I jump, trying to reach into the top shelf of my locker while in the air. Nothing. I jump again, this time knocking something hard inside. Just as I was about to jump again, I felt strong hands grab my waist and pull me gently back into the arms of Zayn.

"Need help with that?" He says as he releases me from his grip.

"Yes please," I say, looking down, ashamed of my height.

He reaches into the top shelf of my locker and pulls out my textbook.

"Thanks," I say just as the bell to signal second period rang.

"Anytime," he says with a wink.

I turn around and head off towards my class. Walking through the classroom door I scan rows faces for Niall. I see him and smile. As I get nearer to him I notice that an unfamiliar boy, with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, was occupying the seat I was sat in last lesson. I navigate to a seat in the front row instead.

"Lacey, sit here," Niall says as he gets the second row to shuffle down a seat.

"Ok," I smile. I put my books down on the desk as the teacher entered the classroom.

"Alright class," She said brightly. "Sit down now. Our exam is tomorrow so I'm giving you all this lesson to study or revise quietly in a small group."

I take my textbook out of my bag and start reading chapter 7. Nothing made any sense.

I lean over to Niall and say "Do you and your friend want to study with me? I have no idea what any of this means."

"Sure. I'll ask," Niall said. He leant over and whispered to the other boy.

I scooted my chair to the side of Niall's desk, as did Niall's handsome friend.

"I'm Liam, by the way," said the boy.

"Lacey," I whispered back with a smile.

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