Dancing Alone (One Direction Fan Fiction)

16 year old Lacey Harris has just moved to a new school. She finds herself entangled in the grip of the "Bad Boys" and can't escape. That is, until she is wrangled out by Niall and Liam. Will she choose to stay with them or go back to her troublesome ways? Will her decision leave her dancing alone?


5. Jenna

Lacey's P.O.V

Oh my god!! What am I going to do?! I have blood drenched underwear and the back of my pants have a blood on them too. I used toilet paper to try to wipe it off but had no luck. I sat on the toilet for a bit and wondered how I would ever get out of there. Then, the door to the bathroom opened. Thank god!

"Urm, I don't know who you are and I'm sorry I have to meet you this way but I just had my, urm period and there's blood everywhere." I called out to the person also in the bathroom.

"Oh my gosh! Are you ok?" She called back over my stall.

"Urm, not really there's blood everywhere and I don't know what to do." I said as a tear rolled down my cheek.

"Do you have any spare pants here?" The mystery girl called back with, concern written all through her voice.

"No," I said with a sob.

"Wait, I think I still have my gym shorts in my locker. And I always keep a spare pair of underwear in there too. This is really awkward but would you mind getting them for me?" I said with a sudden feeling of hope.

"Sure what's your locker number?" She said cheerfully.

"Um, locker number 74 and my combo is 0, 22, 6." I said slowly making sure that was right.

"Ok, I'll be right back she called while opening the door.

I'm saved. I wonder what I'm going to say to the boys when they ask me what took so long...


I walked over to table in the centre of the room where Harry, Louis and Zayn were sat at.

"They're your friends?" the girl said with concern and confusion written all over her face.

"Yea, I was afraid you'd say that," I said slightly disappointed. "You don't have to stay with me if you don't want too."

"I want to," she said with a smile.

"What took you so long, Princess?" Louis said with a grin. "You've been in there nearly 20 minutes."

"Yea, and who've you got there?" Zayn said sounding confused.

"Well, to answer both your questions, the reason I took so long was because, well, I guess you could say I had a little accident and Jenna here, helped me." I said gesturing towards the girl.

"Hahaha what kind of accident?" Zayn asked.

"Um, the girl kind," I said quietly pulling out the chair next to Harry.

Zayn looked slightly embarrassed for asking and I felt kind of embarrassed to tell him. He looked down and started picking at his fries.

"You can sit down if you want, Jenna," I said patting the chair beside me.

She pulled out the empty chair beside me and sat down.

Harry's P.O.V

I hadn't said anything since Lacey and Jenna arrived. I didn't want to say something stupid like Zayn and embarrass myself and her. And I love the way she invited Jenna to sit with her and didn't ask Zayn. That'll really piss him off.

"You've been awfully quiet, Harry," Lacey said breaking the silence.

"Yea, urm, just thinking about my, urm, english exam that I have next lesson," I said trying to think of an excuse.

"Oh, well good luck," she said with a wink.

I think my stomach just released a million butterflies. She winked at me. She was the most adorable person. I want her to be mine. I want to be able to cuddle her from behind, I want to be able to snuggle up next to her on the couch, I want to be able to feel her beautiful pink lips on mine. I just want her.

Jenna's P.O.V

Wow. I can't believe someone like Lacey is friends with these guys. From what I've seen, they're complete opposites.

All of a sudden my stomach growled and everyone laughed. I felt a blush crawl up my cheeks.

"Well, I'm getting pretty hungry," Lacey said and stood up. "I'm going to get some lunch. Do you wanna come Jenna?"

"Yea, sure!" I said, glad to get away from the strange boys.

We both walked to the back of the line for the canteen and stood in silence.

"Why do you hang out with them?" I said out of the blue.

"What?" Lacey said, clearly confused.

"Why do you hang out with them?" I repeated. "You know, Zayn, Louis and Harry?"

"Well, I didn't really choose. They volunteered to be my buddies for the week. I've only known them for a day and a half, but I think they're pretty cool. You should hang out with us more," she said with a smile.

You know what, I think I just will...

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