The Stairs to Avalon

Aluna has just had to leave her life in London, her friends, her school and the city she loved to move to the sleepy town of Glastonbury. Lonely and bored Aluna discovers the town is more than just an alternative town full of myth but the link between our world and another realm. But what will she discover in the mystical realm of Avalon?


1. Prologue

The cold mists swirled through the air like spirits performing a long forgotten dance. As she closed her eyes Viviane could feel them whispering to her, guiding her forward, towards the lake. Cool starlight glimmered on the icy surface of the lake, the dark waters rippled as pure white blossoms fell from the trees above. Viviane came ever closer to waters edge, the dark velvet edge of her dress mingling with fallen blossom and tangled, ebony-black tree roots. 

Viviane hesitated a moment at the edge of the lake, its icy waters lapping around her ankles, soaking her fine dress.

"What will I see?" she whispered, seemingly to no one.

"The tides of change are coming in, a child has been born." replied a voice out of nowhere.

"And what is this to me?" Viviane replied coolly.

"She is special. She is the one who will lead us out of ruin and decay. She will bring Avalon out of the darkness." said the voice, its regal tone dancing on the breeze.

"That isn't possible," Viviane replied, doubtful yet intrigued, "The men of Earth have grown ignorant of our presence. They have grown blind to world beyond them. This child cannot help us."

"You seem doubtful, my lady. Come to the lake and see for yourself." advised the spirit voice. Viviane stepped gracefully into the black waters of the lake till she was up to her waist. Her raven black hair floated around her and her deep purple gown now hung limp, heavy with water. She closed her piercing green eyes gently before whispering,

"Waters of the lake, portal into yonder world, show me the realm below our feet, find me what is it I seek." 

Suddenly the lake lit up with radiant white light. The light was concentrated to the center of the lake and was intense anyone but Viviane would have been blinded. But Viviane's  eyes lit up, reflecting the bright light back into the lake. A smile crept onto her face, these days it was rare for her to get an opportunity to use her magic. The light swallowed up the darkness of the lake, draining it of blackness, till it too faded away leaving the water as clear as glass.

Viviane looked down to the bottom of the crystal clear lake. There was no lake bed beneath the water here, not fish, no plants or life to be seen at all. No sand, no sediment, no ground. Just a window. A great, round window looking down on the Earth below. 

Viviane could see everything, the stars, the clouds, the dark sky. It was nighttime there and darkness wrapped around the world like a blanket. Viviane used to love looking down on them, on their world. Mankind used to fascinate her. But it had been a long time since she looked. 

"What do you see, my lady?" said the spirit voice.

"Nimue, I grow tired  of looking down on these people. They've become wrapped in themselves, in fighting wars, in gaining power. It makes me weary to see them constantly struggling against themselves." Viviane sighed.

"There is still some good left here," Nimue, the spirit voice replied, "You just have to look harder. The child I spoke of, she's on an island, on the Northern side of their world."

"The realm from whence Arthur came many years ago?"

"Yes. In their capital, London. Surely you can sense her."

"I do. I can see her now."

Far below Viviane and the lake, below the stars, the clouds and darkness lay a little baby girl, sleeping soundly in a hospital cot. The harsh lights and hurried noises of the maternity ward didn't wake her. Her mother leaned over her cot, singing softly to herself. She turned to her baby daughter,

"Aluna, Aluna," the baby stirred in her cot to the sound of her name, "Aluna baby, wake up."

The baby turned round and gurgled happily, opening her striking violet eyes.

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