The Stairs to Avalon

Aluna has just had to leave her life in London, her friends, her school and the city she loved to move to the sleepy town of Glastonbury. Lonely and bored Aluna discovers the town is more than just an alternative town full of myth but the link between our world and another realm. But what will she discover in the mystical realm of Avalon?


3. Beneath the Hollowed Hill

We arrived at the house around teatime. As much as I hated the idea of moving away from London, I I couldn't help being intrigued. The house was beautiful, much older than even the London house, which I knew was a couple of hundred years old. The entrance hall was a little cramped but the living spaces were large enough. I could sense the place was full of nooks and crannies,and corners and secrets that I desperately wanted to explore. But I was weary from the journey and decided instead to go and find my room.

"Where's my room going to be?"

"You choose, just leave the one to the left of the stairs,that's ours." said Mum. Dad walked into the hall stretching his arms above his head.

"So what do you think? It's great isn't it. So much history, and the countryside is beautiful to." he said, beaming.

"It's a little cramped." I said.

"Oh it's just as big as the London house, they're just built in different styles. And I think you'll find this place just as interesting. Glastonbury's full of history. We're gonna have to go sightseeing soon, and get to know the place."

"Not quite yet Harold, com help me direct the movers." Mum chuckled, pulling him away. I sighed, at least they were happy even if I wasn't to thrilled. I wanted to give this place a chance but some how I hated it, as if it was the house's fault that I had to move away. It wasn't really, my father was a historian and the firm he worked for in London wanted him to go and work in Glastonbury to study ancient peoples and Celtic heritage or something, I had never paid to much attention to his work. 

I started climbing up the staircase, it creaked under my feet. This place was old alright, I thought to myself. Beams lined the ceilings, oak panels lined a few of the walls and the old windows creaked from the wind outside. I quickly took a peak in my parents bedroom. It was large but the low ceiling made it dark. I was glad they had chosen this room, as grand as it was it couldn't help being gloomy and oppressive.

As I walked down the narrow creaking corridor, I peaked in the other three bedrooms. Two of them were much like my parents but smaller, but at the end of the hall I came across a little spiral staircase, climbing straight up into the roof. I went up and found the third room. It was probably the lightest room in the whole house, the rafters and beams were all exposed, giving a beautiful effect and skylights dotted the ceiling. The high pitched roof gave it an appearance of spaciousness and grandeur but it was and awkward shape. I knew this had to be my room. 

I sat down in the middle of the long attic room, imagining where my furniture would go. I felt the old wood planks and looked out of the skylights up to the clouds. From here I could see the little roofs of the town lay out before me, and then into the hills in the distance. One great hill stood proudly above the town, the tor. I knew little about it, just that it had a ruin at the top, which from this point of view seemed to pierce the grey sky and reached out to the clouds beyond.

I made a mental note to research the tor, as well as the rest of town. School didn't start till next September, so I had the whole summer here. I needed some way to kill time, and I was starting to take an interest. This room seemed to have me under a spell.

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