Incompatible love *complete*

Inspired by Romeo and Juliet's legendary love.
*One Direction not famous*


2. The conversation

I paced in the corridor, wondering how I was going to see Sameerah while avoiding her brother. I could feel Louis’ stare on me; he had sat against the wall and hadn’t told a single word. I had to see her; I had to be close to her. I need to hear her voice again; I need to look at her eyes again; I need to touch her soft skin again. I need her.

I turned abruptly to look at Louis; I needed his help. But he didn’t notice me because he was watching curiously through the window in front of him.

“What are doing?” I asked him, a bit annoyed. He didn’t answer but pointed out two figures standing outside. I recognized the dress straight away. I give Louis a last look and rushed outside; the two figures seemed to be talking and I needed to hear their conversation. But I wasn’t fast enough and Louis grabbed my arm, pulling me back. I thought he would try to prevent me from going there but he just said,

“Try to be discreet for once!” And he released me. I nodded and rushed outside. I hid behind a tree not too close for being seen but not too far either to be able to hear.

“You’re mental!” A voice I didn’t know yell.

“No, I’m not! I am in love, that’s different!” Sameerah’s voice answered angrily.

“The limit between foolishness and love is slim, you know,” the other one retorted. “You know perfectly you can’t love him!”

“Yes, I know. But I can’t help it; I keep thinking about him,” Sameerah replied dreamily. “I didn’t believe in love at first sight but I feel mesmerized since I saw his eyes; since his hand touched mine. How I wished this while would never end. But I couldn’t stare at him for hours; it would have been creepy!” She carried on. Hearing her speech brought a huge smile to my face.

“But... Did you think about your brother’s reaction if ever he found out you love Harry?” she asked Sameerah, a little frightened.

The latter sighed loudly, “He will not find out. And I don’t care about what he thinks; he can hate Harry as much as he wants but I love him and there’s nothing he can do against that!”

“Does it mean...” But Sameerah interrupted her abruptly, “Yes, it means I will see Harry even if Liam don’t like him. I need him by my side; I need his hand in mine again; I need to feel his look on me again! I don’t want to live without him!” I had never felt so happy.

“Go and look for him, please! I have to see him; I have to talk to him!” Sameerah begged her friend. She didn’t answer but I heard her walk away, leaving her alone. I waited a short while before moving closer to her; her friend was gone and she wouldn’t come back as she would not find me in the ballroom. I saw Sameerah sitting on a bench with her back to me. I walked quietly toward her and put a kiss on her shoulder. She jumped and turned around with a scared look on her face. But fear turned to happiness on her face as she recognized me. She stood up and moved toward me.

I took her hand in mine and pulled her closer; our forehead touching each other’s.

“How long have you been here? Have you heard me?” she whispered anxiously.

“Long enough to know that I love you in the same way you love me,” I whispered as well, smiling wide.

“I don’t want to be away from you!” I nodded and pressed my lips against hers, wishing to have her by my side forever and always.

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