Incompatible love *complete*

Inspired by Romeo and Juliet's legendary love.
*One Direction not famous*


3. Help

I woke up and all the happiness of the night before filled me. I stared at the ceiling feeling happier than ever but sad the evening was over as well. We had stayed out of the building the whole night to avoid her brother. We hadn’t took part of the party but it has been better; just the two of us together. I wished it could be like that every day; I wished we could stay together forever but the night came to an end and we had to leave. I need to find a way to see her again; I need someone to help me to work it out. And I know you can help me.

I got out of bed quickly and rushed downstairs. I ran into the kitchen where I found him, drinking his coffee while reading a newspaper. He looked up at me surprised.

“No need to run; I didn’t eat everything, you know,” Simon chuckled. I nodded, laughing lightly.

He put his coffee on the table and said, “I want to know what happened last night! I heard you sing loudly in the shower when it was about 4 in the morning; I hope you have a really good explanation for having waked me up.” He winked and I sat in front of him, excited at the mere thought of him helping me.

“I can’t explain it; I don’t have words for it,” I told him, thinking of Sameerah.

“I have one for you: love. That’s what happened to you!” I nodded happily.

He stood up and put his newspaper away before sitting back. He crossed his arm on his chest and looked at me with a smile on his face.

“I met her eyes and I got overwhelmed; that’s all I’m able to explain. Then, I spent the most wonderful evening ever with her; just sitting on a bench and staring at the starry sky.”

“Why did you dance? It was the prom after all!” Simon interrupted me, surprised. I sighed and explained him what the problem was, “She is Liam’s sister. We couldn’t go into the ballroom; if we did he would have seen us and you know what would have happened next.” He nodded slightly.

“Why does he hate you already?”

“Because of something stupid,” I muttered,” When we were in primary school we used to be best friends but everything went wrong because of a girl.” Simon sighed loudly and I carried on, “He was in love with her but he didn’t want to ask her out face to face; so he asked me to go and tell her. I did so but it appeared she didn’t love him but me. We went out together and Liam got mad against me; I had never seen him so angry. And he hates me ever since; as a matter of fact, I’m a kind of his bully.”

“That guy really need to grow up; primary school was years ago!” Simon exclaimed, exasperated. He looked at me more seriously.

“I presume you need my help, am I right?” he asked me smiling weakly. I nodded, “I want to see her but I don’t know how to do so without her brother finding it out.” Tears formed in my eyes as I started to imagine Liam’s reaction if he ever find out; it would be awful.

Simon thought for a short while. I knew he would find something; he is one of the cleverest guys I know. I’m glad he is my step-father; he is not the kind of step-father one hates, I wish he was my real father.

He put his hand on my forearm and a huge smile appeared on his face as he told me, “All she needs to see you is a cover. Send her a text and say to her she has to tell her brother that she is going at a friend’s. She just has to find an excuse; tell her friend about it and then, she comes here instead. Liam won’t know it is false and he will let her go!” He winked at me and waited for me to reply.

“That’s... That’s brilliant! Thanks Simon!” I exclaimed, standing up and hugging him tightly. He laughed gently while hugging me back.

“You’re welcome!”

I walked out of the kitchen to go back to my room but Simon called me back.

“Yes?” I asked him, wondering what he was going to tell me.

“I think you should get dressed before she comes,” he said, pointing me out. I looked down and noticed I only was wearing my boxers.

“Yes, you’re right; it would be better!” I yelled, running to my bedroom, excited.

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