Incompatible love *complete*

Inspired by Romeo and Juliet's legendary love.
*One Direction not famous*


7. Forever and always

After spending two days in hospital I could finally get back home. My ribs were still aching but I was able to walk. I spent two days alone; my parents went only a few hours and Sameerah didn’t come back. When I woke up the day after she came; she wasn’t by my side anymore.

My parents were at work and couldn’t drive me back home so I took the bus. Before leaving I wanted to see Louis but he was sleeping. I don’t know when I would see him; I have been told he was too weak to leave. I hope he will be alright.

As I was in the bus, my phone rang and I had to find it quickly to not disturb the others passengers. I looked at the screen but I didn’t know the number. Nevertheless I answered but didn’t talk.

“She is gone.” That’s all I heard; he didn’t add any other words but waited for me to reply.

“Liam?” I muttered; I had recognized his voice straight away. He didn’t answer; I only heard him sobbing. What happened?

“Liam; what did you say? Who’s gone? Explain yourself!” I yelled nervously without caring about not being alone.

“Sameerah. Because of you,” he whispered; anger in his voice. And he hung up.

What did he just say? She’s gone? It can’t mean...

The bus stopped and I quickly stepped off. I tried to walk as fast as I could toward my house but every step I was walking was hurting and I couldn’t breathe properly because of my broken ribs. I finally reached the front door, out of breath. I leaned against the wall, sweating.

I looked down and noticed a small sheet of paper. I kneeled down, wincing, and took it. Then, I unfolded it and started to read.


Dear Harry,

I know Liam will call you before you find my letter but I couldn’t pass away without saying you farewell. I blamed myself too much for what happened and I know I’m right for doing this; if I wasn’t here nothing would have happened.

Don’t cry; I won’t be gone for long. We’ll see each other soon and then, we’ll stay together forever.



I didn’t get half the letter. How is she going to come back if she’s gone?

Tears streamed down my face as I held the letter; I was unable not to cry.

“Sameerah...” I whispered.

I heard footsteps behind but I didn’t turn around.

“Harry...” she said in my ear; I could feel her breath against my skin. I was about to turn my head to see her; I couldn’t believe she was behind me. But I felt something bite my neck. I closed my eyes and wait.

A while later, I stood up and slowly turned to see her. Her skin was whiter than ever and some of her teeth were covered with blood. She moved closer and whispered, “We’ll stay together.” I nodded and pressed my lips against her; kissing her with passion.

“Forever and always,” I replied.



The end


A.N : @Sameerah_Styles, I hope you liked the story I wrote for you. I made the end as you asked me to.

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