Since he could speak, Jennifer's little brother, Daniel, has claimed to see angels. Jennifer and her mum have come to accept that Daniel was mentally ill, but when Jennifer sees an angel, Caelo, who claims to be Daniel's guardian, will she ever believe that again? And when Daniel is in danger, will Jennifer and Caelo be able to save him?


1. Daniel

Jennifer looked lovingly at her little brother as he lay sleeping in his bed. Daniel was only six, yet he was locked up in this awful place, taken from his mother and sister. They were allowed visit, of course, but they wanted him home again. Since Daniel was two or three, he had claimed to see angels. The angels, he had told them, were young, all around sixteen years old, and they wore white shirts, black ties and waistcoats, and suit pants, with shiny black shoes, and broad, white wings coming from the middle of their backs. He said they looked normal, but also heavenly. He would draw them in crude crayon drawings, and talk to them. Jennifer and her mother tried to keep it secret, but they couldn't. After two years, they decided to bring him to the doctor, and when Daniel never stopped talking about the angels, he was taken to a child's mental ward. Jennifer knew it wasn't fair. Daniel wasn't crazy, or dangerous, or anything like that. He was a normal little boy. A smart, well behaved, polite little boy. Daniel stirred in his bed.
"Jenni?" he murmured. He opened his eyes and looked groggily at her from his bed. Jennifer smiled, and sat down on the edge of his bed.
"Yeah, hun?" Jennifer said quietly. Daniel propped himself up, leaning against the headboard of his wooden bed. 
"Kyle is here," Daniel said, smiling. Kyle was the name of one of the angels. Daniel mentioned him a lot. He seemed to be keeping Daniel safe, in Daniel's mind. Jennifer always humoured Daniel, and asked him about the angels when he spoke about them.
"Where is he, Danny? I can't see him," she said, looking around the room. They were alone in the little bare room, with just the bed, the chair, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers. Daniel pointed to the end of the bed.
"There," he said. Jennifer stared at the foot of the bed, and she could have sworn she saw the air shimmer, and she caught a glimpse of a face. "He says you look pretty," Daniel said. 
"How kind of him," Jennifer said. She felt uncomfortable when Daniel spoke about the angel, as if it was something taboo. She turned to Daniel. "Danny, Jenni has to go. Mummy will be over later. See you tomorrow, little bro, alright?" Daniel hugged her tightly and smiled. 
"Alright. Bye Jenni!" he said, as Jennifer walked out the door. She walked down the decorated corridor, painted with children's characters and flowers and rainbows. Faux happiness, she thought. No child could ever be truly happy here. On the way out, she passed the receptionist. 
"How's Danny today?" she asked. She was a pleasant, rotund, middle-aged lady, and she always asked how Danny was. 
"He's the same," Jennifer said, holding back her feelings. "Still with the angels."
"Ah," the receptionist said. Jennifer walked out into the parking lot, and hopped on the bus home. When she arrived home, as usual, her mother asked how Danny was. 
"He's the same," Jennifer replied. Same as always. Jennifer went upstairs, making her way towards her own room. She stopped outside Danny's door. There was still a doorsign with "Danny" written on it on the door. She gently pushed open the door, and went in, against her better judgement. His room had been left the same since the day he left. All his toys in their boxes, his drawings on the magnetic board, his bedclothes thrown all over the place. Jennifer sat down on his bed and picked up one of the stuffed toys laying on the bed. She hugged it tight. It smelt of Danny, even after so long without him. "Someday," she whispered. "Someday we'll get you home, Danny."

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