Since he could speak, Jennifer's little brother, Daniel, has claimed to see angels. Jennifer and her mum have come to accept that Daniel was mentally ill, but when Jennifer sees an angel, Caelo, who claims to be Daniel's guardian, will she ever believe that again? And when Daniel is in danger, will Jennifer and Caelo be able to save him?


2. Angel-boy

That night, Jennifer tossed and turned in her sleep. She was having the same nightmare again and again; Daniel in a cage, in some sort of fiery hell, alone. Crying. She felt like there was someone watching her. Suddenly, she woke up, and bolted upright. There was someone sitting on the chest at the end of her bed. She could only make out the silhouette. She reached over to the lamp on her beside locker, and flicked it on. She aimed the light at the figure. It was a teenage boy, with his back to her. He had shaggy golden blond hair, which fell right to the nape of his neck. Jennifer's jaw dropped. On his back, spreading from the centre, were two feathery wings, hanging down by his sides. The boy stood, his wings spreading out from his shoulders as he rose, almost touching the walls of Jennifer's room. The looked so soft, so stunningly white. They must have been five foot out from his body on each side. She could see each feather, overlapping in perfect lines across the surface. The boy turned to her. He looked her straight in the eye. He had piercing blue eyes that seemed to shift and move. 
"Jennifer?" he said. He was expressionless. 
"W-who are you?" Jennifer said. She was stunned by his presence. He seemed entirely normal, yet, what was the word, heavenly
"My name is Caelo," he said. She tossed the name around in her mind.  Kyle-o? she thought. Then it hit her. He was Kyle, the angel Daniel spoke about. 
"Are you an," Jennifer started. "An angel?" 
"Save your compliments for later," he said, smiling. "Your brother is in danger and I can't save him alone."
"But you're an angel! What use am I to you?" Jennifer exclaimed. An angel, asking for her help. This night kept getting crazier.
"Your brother has an ability. It runs in your family, to have heavenly abilities. Your brother has a more prominent one, yes, but you have a hidden one. A lot of heavenly abilities are like that. Unless you know of them, or are in a dire situation, you won't know you have them," Caelo said. Suddenly, he had a dagger in his hand. Jennifer jumped. "Don't worry, I don't murder mortals often," he said. "It's an angel perk. I can make my blade appear and disappear from existence at will." Caelo put his left hand out in front of him, and made a cut across his palm with his dagger. "Put your hand on mine," he said sternly.
"Ew, no," Jennifer said, making a face at the thick, red blood on his palm. 
"Just do what I say, I'm proving a point here," he said, sounding slightly exasperated. Jennifer lay her palm flat on top of his. "Now," he said. "Imagine the palm of my hand with no wound." Jennifer obliged. A white light calm from her palm. Jennifer went to take her hand away, but Caelo grabbed her wrist. "Don't worry," he said. "Just give it a second." The light faded, and when Jennifer took her hand away, Caelo's palm was healed. Her jaw dropped. "Now," Caelo said. "You can do much more than this, but this is all I'm proving. Your brother is in danger and I need your help to save him."
"What's wrong?" Jennifer said.
"Your heavenly gifts are amazing, but Daniel's are so much more. They're rare, occurring once every thousand years. People have killed over such gifted children. The demons, they've taken Daniel. To hell. And I need your help to save him," Caelo said. 
"Okay, okay, I'll help you. What do you need?" she said.
"First," he said, extending his hand towards her. "Take this." As he spoke, another dagger materialized in his hand. Jennifer took it cautiously. "Second, I need you to trust me completely. What I say, you do." Jennifer nodded. "Third," he said, adjusting his shirtsleeves. "Try to have fun. I know your brother's in mortal danger but, as you humans say, YOLO."
"I have one rule," Jennifer said.
"What?" he asked.
"Never say YOLO again."
"Agreed," Caelo said. "And by the way, you can call me Kyle."
"You better not call me Jenni," she replied.
"Whatever you say, Jenni," he said, smiling cockily and walking over to the window. 
"Wait, did you come in my window?" Jennifer puzzled. 
"No, I came down the chimney," Kyle said deadpan-ly. He pushed up the sash window extended his hand to Jennifer. "Ladies first."
"Age before beauty," Jennifer smiled. Grudingly, Kyle climbed out the window, and Jennifer followed after.
"So, where to?" Jennifer said. 
"How about the nearest holy sanctum?" Kyle suggested.
"You mean church, right?" Jennifer asked. 
"Yes, a church. Hallowed ground is a start, and I can contact my brothers from there," Kyle said. "Where is the nearest church?" 
"Down the road," Jennifer said.
"Well, down the road it is."

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