BoyxBoy Bromance Oneshots

This is basically a few one chapter short stories about the bromances in One direction <3 x


1. The Night club (Nouis)

Niall's P.O.V

All I can see is people, people everywhere, and I hate that, it sets my Claustrophobia off. The lingering smell of sweat and alcohol fill the air and it's a vile smell. Flashing, multicoloured lights are ever present and the floor vibrates because of the ridiculously loud music. The DJ can't spin decks to save his life and he has a rubbish taste in songs. I know that Zayn (DJ Malik) could do a far better job of it. I slowly step further into the over excited crowd, and a random man suddenly knocked me over. This is one of the reasons that I absoloutely hate going to night clubs, this is a nightmare! I promised lou that i would meet him here though,  and I've got to keep my promises. I got up quickly, to avoid being trodden on, and the drunk man who shoved me over shuffled over to me and spoke in my a little too loudly.

"I-mm sorry-y ma-a-ate" he slurred drunkenly.

I nodded, hoping he'd leave soon, then decided it would be best if I went to a less crowded part of the club. Maybe I would be able to find Lou there. I shoved through the crowd and found an empty table in the corner of the club. By this point I was close to tears :'c (poor Nialler) .

I leant against a table, with a strong feeling of lost hope, wishing for one of the boys to come and cheer me up. They would always try to cheer me up, by talking in an Irish accent or taking me away from here, to Nandos or something. That was one of the things I loved about Nandos, not just the food, but the calm and welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant, and the way that you weren't constantly being mobbed by the press or random crazed fans.

After about 5 mins of waiting, my eyes were at last drawn to who I was looking for, Louis the Tommo Tomlinson! He was walking over to me, with his beautifully styled hair, perfect features, amazing fashion sense, great body, amazing green eyes ... WAIT! What am I saying? I can't be like that! No! Stupid me...

I turned away and looked at the wall, and this managed to somehow satifsfy me. I felt a presence behind me, and I slowly turend around to see Lou, and Jesus was he drunk. He had a beer in his hand and stains on his perfectly striped top from where he had dribbled when taking shots, but it was still beautiful. Wait no! Niall, concerntrate you can't be saying that! I thought to myself, whilst still staring at Louis.

Louis' P.O.V.

I know that I'm stupidly drunk, but you can't blame me for it. I just came out to El, and I can't be with her anymore. She got so damn angry with me too, like I've never seen her before. I guess I do love her, and she's gorgeous, but I just can't date her anymore, not when he's there, always there, so stunning. The Irish beauty that is Niall Horan. 

I've always fancied him really, but I've been to scared to admit it to myself, especially when Harry introduced me to El, and I suppose she helped to take my mind off Niall. I remember when we were formed as a band, hearing his fragile voice, full of passionate tones, with his Irish side flowing through it perfectly. I loved watching his audition too, he was so cheeky and so charming and it just made me grin, inside and out!

So when I saw him standing there staring at the wall, the drunk side of me said 'go to him and confess your love to him, and then everything would be perfect' but another voice with a strong, comanding tone said 'no, wait .. maybe that is not such a good idea' but I was too drunk to think straight, so I just stood there behind him, until he noticed I was there. The beer glass in my hand was gently and slowly slipping from my limp grasp, but I didnt really care, and my top was sticky, you know, the uncomfortable sticky, but I didnt care, all I cared about was that beautiful creature standing infront of me.

He turned around and I started to get a hummingbird heartbeat, and that was from something as simple as seeing his beautiful features, but something about them made me stop and think, through my clouded, drunk conscience. He looked timid, as if he was scared of his surroundings and I watched as a single tear slipped from his eye, and slowly trickled down his beautiful pale cheeks. That's what broke me, seeing him in an environment which made him feel irritated and uncomfortable, and I felt a little as if it was my fault, as I had told him to meet me there. I didnt know what to do as I was ludicrously drunk, so i tried to smile, in hope of cheering him up a little, but it turned out to be a terrifying cheshire cat stlye grin, I could that tell from the expression on his face, way to go Lou boy ...

As I wondered what to do, urging my mind to try and think straight, there was a loud crashing sound, as glass shattered on the floor and beer went everywhere. My reactions were slow, but when I realised that I'd dropped my glass of beer over the floor, I decided that I really didn't want to stick around for much longer, and I can tell that Niall doesn't particullarly either. In a split second, and with little thought, I grabbed his hand, determined to get us out of there. Niall was a bit confused but I stumbled on through the crowded nightclub regardless.

Nialls P.O.V

We stood there for around 3 minutes just staring at each other, when suddlenly Louis' beer glass slipped from his grip. It made me jump as it was quite unexpected, and quite loud too. I felt Louis sloppily grab onto my hand.  There was an almost heroic seeming hint of determination about his face as he turned around and this made me chuckle, as Louis was about to attempt to drag me out of here. He stumbled around and slugishy pulled me in a direction which I guess he probably randomly chose, it turned out to be nowehere near where we were supposed to be going, so thats when I decided it would be a sensible idea to take control.

"Right loubear, I'm going to get you out of here." I  said into his ear so hopefully he could hear, but he completely forgot what we were meant to be doing and he heard the song 'Get lucky' on the dj stand and thats when he decided that we were going to dance. I was petrified, but he dragged me into the middle of the dancefloor and grabbed both my hands and he started to jump up and down.I hated every second of this, but I enjoyed watching Louis 'dance'. He then started to slur the lyrics of the song.

" we-e-e-re up a-a-a-ll ni-i-i-ight to-o-o-o ge-e-e-t lu-u-u-ucky-y-y-y-!" he said in my ear, i suddenly froze and decided that we had to get out of here.

I knew that I had to take control as soon as possible, otherwise I might have to dance and he would probably set me up with some random girl. "Lou, we've gotta go, remember?" I encouraged carefully. I grabbed him from behind, pushing him towards the exit by his shoulders. Once I'd managed to get outside, I felt the air cold, and stars filled the sky, as if someone had shaken glitter over it. The air was fresh, and I shivered a little. Louis wrapped his arm around me awkwardly, and drunkenly.

I decided that I had to get him to a hotel for the night. "Louis, we can't take you back to the tour bus looking like that, Management will flip out at you. I'm gonna get us booked into a hotel, we'll get a twin room."

Louis P.O.V

Niall led me to a big building, I don't know what it was because I wasn't listening. I eventually realised it was a hotel. Niall led me in to the front desk and said something to the old man who was serving. The uniform he had on was minging!

Niall saw me standing there awkwardly, so said  "I'm going to be a while so go over to that sofa." He spoke with sympathetic, yet tired eyes. I shuffled over to the sofa and completely misjudged my 'fall' on to the sofa and landed with a thud on the floor. This sent me into uncontrolable fits of giggles, and that's when i saw Niall looking at me with sympathetic but joking eyes . I got myself together and placed myself more gently on the sofa and sank in, Niall returned to filling in forms for the hotel rooms and I just sat and watched.

"Right, that's all done then." He said. He held one strong, yet soft and beautiful hands out to me. "Do you want a hand getting up Louis?" He asked me. It was a kind offer, so I accepted it greatfully. I eventually got stood up, and he led me to a lift. He prodded the button for out floor, and I leant on him, using him to support me. He smelt so nice, the scent of his favourite cologne Armani Mania. I loved that scent, it smelt so good, and it suited him. 

We eventually reached our floor, and I fell out of the lift. Niall dragged me away from the lift and he helped me stand up. He supported me all the way to our room, walking with me. we reached our hotel room, and I started wretching. I knew I was going to throw up. Niall moved quickly, shoving me iinto the bathroom. He held my quiff out of the way, and rubbed my back as I puked in the toilet. It wasn't at all pleasant, but with Niall there looking after me, I felt so much better. He wiped my face, and then sat me down on the bed. I felt terrible, but alot better than i was at the club.

I felt the bed sink down next to me indicating that there was somebody there, I looked and I saw two big bluegrey orbs staring right back at me, I felt like the only person in the world and I could get lost in his eyes so easily as they contained so many different shades.

I couldnt help myself but I spoke "erm Niall, there has been something I've been meaning to say for quite a while..." I shyly slurred, but not as bad as before.

"Me too" he responded, my heart beat quickened.

"Well erm ... since the day I first met you, I have always had  a massive crush on you and in the past few days I haven't been able to contain it.  That is why I invited you to the night club" I say slowly, trying my hardest not to sound too drunk.

Niall was silent and just stared at me, the made me really worried, and a single tear slid down my cheek as I looked down.

I felt a  figner at the bottom of my chin lift my head up and a pair of warm buttery lips met mine and I felt like I was on cloud nine, Niall pulled away and said

"me too boo bear, me too"

As he said that he rested his head on my shoudler and we collasped onto the bed and we instantly fell asleep in each others embrace.

A/N Thanks guys this is my first one of the collection and i hope you really enjoy it, pelase comment any ideas that you have as i am runnign a competition for one of the following ideas say, which bromance and what the plot of the oneshot should be, thanks xxx


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