BoyxBoy Bromance Oneshots

This is basically a few one chapter short stories about the bromances in One direction <3 x


3. Surfer Boys (Lilo)

Liam's POV

I love surfing, I wish I could do it proffessionally, but that's pretty much impossible to do when you live in Wolverhampton, in Britain, and have college to go to so at the moment it stays as one of my hobbies and I get to the beach when I can, so I travel to beaches on public transport at the weekends if I can afford it. I go as far as Devon, Cornwall and Wales to catch the best waves, but it's still not enough. I have to go all on my own, unless in the summer one of my sisters Roo or Nicola decides to go, sometimes with a big gang of girls in their cliche or some boyfriend or another. So I don't get to surf much, and when I do, it isn't great quality, so last summer mum and dad treated me, Nicola and Ruth to a trip to Australia, so I could surf and they could mess around on the beach and whatever. I surfed every day, from sunrise, on into the night.

We'd planned the trip for two weeks, and the first week went alright, we had a lot of fun and I surfed so much, I went through about three packs of board wax in the first week and it cost me loads! (for those of you who don't surf/bodyboard, that's A LOT!!!) But the second week, I met this boy, and he was an amazing surfer! I haven't been able to get him out of my mind since and it's like a year later! He was only two years older than me, but we got on really well! He was from up north somewhere, Yorkshire way, I think it was Doncaster or something, but he was stunning! I've never felt like that over a boy before, but he was truly gorgeous with his naturally tanned skin, his wavy brown hair and his beautiful greeny blue eyes, just like the colour of the sea, and he was an awesome surfer!

I've come out since then and I even had a boyfriend since then, called Dan, he played the guitar brilliantly, but we had a really messy breakup and it didn't go well. This year, mum and dad have decided that as our surfing trip (or holiday as they call it) went so well last year, we're going to do the same for our holiday this year! I can't wait, it's going to be fantastic! I haven't travelled to the beach for weeks, I'm saving up for a new longie wetsuit to stop any surf rash, as it can leave some nasty scarring, and some board glue along with a new leash as mine went last time I went surfing, I was so pissed off! I can't wait to go back to Australia!

Louis' POV

Surfing's one of my many different hobbies (like singing, acting and playing the keyboard) but it has to be said that surfing is deffinately one of my favourites. Apparenately it's quite expensive, but my dad is Johnny Tomlinson, company exec. for a huge film making company in America, so the price doesn't matter to me all that much. There's nothing more that I love than flying over to Australia or Hawaii or South Africa and catching some waves, well other than boys, I've always loved boys and always been open about it, and everyone I know is fine with it, and if they aren't, then they have the ever terrifying threat of one of my dad's bodyguards.

I think Australia is my favourite place to surf, probably because the waves are phenominiall (whoops, typo there... ;D ) and we have a house over there, so it's just more practical for us, but I think the main reason is that last year I met a babe called Liam, and he was gorgeous. He could surf too! He was so kind and funny and so fit. He was really toned and muscular with brown wavy hair and chocolate eyes and an amazing six pack.

I've decided that I'm going back to Australia this year, Dad's taking mum to the USA for the summer, my sisters are probably having a baby sitter or hanging out with their friends or something... I don't know, I think Fizzy said something about them possibbley hanging out at our place in the maldeves, and I really don't want to tag along with them, so I think I'll go and hang out on my own in Australia and just surf all the time, buy some new surf gear and just hang round in board shorts or wetsuits, I'll probably find a nice boyfriend too, someone really fit with nice hair that I can run my fingers through and gorgeous eyes that I can stare into as we sit and watch sundown.

two weeks later...

Liam's POV

We arrived at our cottage yesterday afternoon, but the flight exhausted me, so I slept for the rest of the afternoon and through the night. Jet lag gone, and my bodyclock adjusted to australian times, I had a large bacon buttie this morning for energy and I left the house with everyone asleep. At the beach I pulled my brand new longie wetsuit on and waxed my board for grip. It was about 9 am and the beach was practically empty which was perfect. I put my ankle leash on and sprinted down to the water's edge quick as a flash! I'm a brilliant runner, my coach thinks I could go pro one day, but I still have my heart set on sufing!

I paddle hard, going deep enough in the sea to catch some good waves. I like to think as I surf, because surfing does give you enough space and freedom to have time to think to yourself and just be one with the water. I guess I've changed a lot since last year, I've come out and I've got some nice stubble, and my hair isn't all floppy! I prefer it at least, I think it suits me, my new look. I wonder if I will ever see Louis again, the boy from last year, he was just so perferct and to see him again would be absoloutley magical!

I focus on surfing, and on finding the perfect waves, dumping waves or spilling waves are just what I need (types of waves) and I keep my eye out. I'm getting better and better and I do love trying out new tricks, and I try out new tricks or practise my old tricks every time I can get air off a wave (jump basically). The sun shines warmly and I embrace it, for it's not something we get enough of back in Britain. My eyes sting a little because of the salt water, but it's not that bad and it's all part of the surfing experience anyway!

Louis' POV

I've already been here for a week, and I don't plan on going home anytime soon, Australia's good enough for me! I decide to head to the beach this morning, It's half nine at the moment and the beach is only ten minutes walk away, so by the time I've got everything and i've got onto the beach and put my wetsuit on and waxed my board, I should get into the water for about 10 am and get in a few hours surf before lunch.

I walk down to the beach and sit down on a rock, with my board on my lap, I take the board sock off and wax my board carefully... mmmm the wax is vanilla scented! when I finish waxing my board I take a gentle jog down to the water watching all the surfers, but one in particular catched my eye, God he can surf! He's fairly tall, and manly looking with a longie black, grey and red wetsuit. He changes direction and I get a glimpse of his face. Oh my gosh! It's Liam! He's changed, and damn he looks sexy!

He falls off his board and I smile to myself. I have decided that I have to go over there and see him again! He looks even more gorgeous than before and I need to go and see him. I wade into the water, and it's lovely and warm, not like the sea in the UK, that's bloody freezing, even in the middle of a heatwave! When I get in deep enough, I start to paddle in towards him, I can't wait to see him again! He hasn't spotted me get, but I'm still watching him! He gets air and pulls off a brilliant trick. He falls in again and I paddle harder, I want to surprise him!

Liam's POV

I'm having a brilliant time surfing, I've been at it for about an hour and a half now, and it's been great, my tricks are getting better and better and more and more complex as I go. I fall off every now and again, especially if I loose concentration, but that doesn't matter too much to me, it's actually quite fun, you get splashed by the waves and sometimes flipped around a bit and it feels good! whoops, there I go again, I've lost my balance, classic mistake. I tumble head first into the water, causing a big splash, and getting drenched. I reach an arm out and grab my board first, and then I use my board to steady myself and get my head above the water. I gasp breaths of air and wipe the salty water from my eyes.

I jump back onto my board, sitting on it, mounting it as if someone would mount a horse,facing the nose of the boad, wiht the nose facing out to sea. Then I spot a brilliant wave, and the thing about surfing is when you see a wave, you just know if it will be a good one, and this one will be. I lie down on my front on  my surf board and paddle hard with my hands towards the wave. The wave aproaches and quick as I can I turn around and I simultaneously mount the board and the wave. I'm facing the wave and I turn round to face the shore. I balance carefully, get my speed up and ride up the top of the wave and get air. I do a nose grab followed by a tail grab, I did a 360 and landed on the wave carefully, and just when I thought I'd got my balance I fell in the water, flipping over as the wave carried my body roughly. I took a quick breath before it plunged my under water.

I grabbed my ankle , found the leash with my hand and pulled the leash, bringing the surfboard towards me. I grabbed onto it as it floated in the water above me and hauled myself  to the surface, taking breaths. I grabbed onto my board and used it as a buyancy aid. I paddled round  so that i spun round to face the shore, so that I could get my barings.

I looked around and suddenly I saw someone lay on a surfboard paddling towards me. He looked perfect, and suddenly I realised who it was, oh my gosh, it was Louis, the surfer babe boy from last year, and he looked even more perfect than he had done last year. His hair was longer and floppyer, he had a load of tatoos on his arms and he was even fitter than before with the same gorgeous dazling eyes. "Louis? I didn't think I'd ever see you again" I blurted, completely shocked. "Well, here I am again" He grinned at me, oh my gosh, that grin!

"Liam, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since last summer! You've just been stuck in my mind constantly, I mean I've dated loads of boys since then, but you've been stuck in my mind ever since we met last summer. I mean you were unforgetable and you're just so gorgeous." He said, which shocked me too much. "What? are you kidding me?" I said without time to think about my tone or my response or anything. "Ooh God, you're a straight boy aren't you? Damn it, I should have checked first, I am so sorry" He said looking a little on the distressed side. "No, don't apoligise, I was just a little shocked because I've felt the exact same way about you for the whole year. I'm just suprised that you feel exactly the same as I do." I explained. "Well, that's why they call it love" He smiled. I leant forwards and we shared the most magical kiss ever. "I knew this would be the best holiday ever, I could just sense it" He smiled at me.

We surfed for the rest of the day and told my mum about us that afternoon. She was so happy for me and that evening Louis took me out for an amazing date and I stayed round his after. This holiday was going to be brilliant, I could just feel it in my bones.


Author's Note-

Hey guys, I don't know where to start, okay I'm sorry this story is illustrated more than i normally would illustrate a story but I couldn't help it, there were just so many perfect pictures that went with this story.

I chose to do this story because I don't think that Lilo is celebrated anywhere near enough and they are just so gorgeous, especially when you put the two of them together. I was inspired by their two Australia surfing trips and thier combined love for surfing, so there's a littlw bit of surfing stuff in there, now I know not everyone is a surfer, so I've tried to explain all that I can, but I'm sorry if I got any surfery details wrong, as my background actually lies in bodyboarding and not surfing, but the two sports are pretty close anyway, so it's not like I have no knowledge whatsoever. If there's any surfy stuff I haven't explained properly and you want to know what it means, what it is or what it does, then just comment asking me, I'll awnser any questions I can and find out the awnser if I don't know. I don't even mind if the questions are about surfing or bodyboarding even, but unrelated to the fanfic, I'm happy to awnser! xD

Thank you so much for reading this and anything else of mine you've read

love you all, Nouis Toran xxx

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