BoyxBoy Bromance Oneshots

This is basically a few one chapter short stories about the bromances in One direction <3 x


4. HIs Knee (Nosh)

Niall's POV

Pain seized my knee and it felt as if I was being stabbed, just as if someone had taken a dagger out and rammed it into my knee, a mess of tendons, bone, muscle and cartalidge. Damn! If it felt this bad when I was sat down, hell knows how it would feel when I had to get up and walk off stage at the end! We were on the last song, of the final gig in our tour, and it happened to be Alive! My solo came up, and I sang it, knowing the words off by heart! Thousands of teens and pre-teens squeeled, screamed, cheered, sung, cried and nearly fainted simultaneously. It probably sounds like I'm bragging, but it happens to the whole band, and it is pretty much 24/7! That's directioners for you, we're their boys and they're our girls!

My knee throbs, and I'm starting to get a 'can't wait' feeling about my knee opp. in the US, but right now, what I really need are some pain killers, preferably laughing gas (that stuff's brilliant!) and a wheel chair to get me off this stage at the end! Zayn sung the last note, and the fans all screamed louder than before! I didn't actually think it was possible, they must have like practise sessions or something! *ahem...*  ;)

Josh's POV

I crashed my cymbol for the end of Alive and Zayn sung his final note, whilst all the directioners did their very best at deffening us! It was the end of the show, which brough with it the end of an incredibly long tour with over one hundred dates! Man, the whole thing had been brilliant and it had been an honour to work with these boys, but I was bloody exhausted! Louis had the last word "I want to thank everbody here today, including the boys, the band and of course all of you, are amazing fans! WE LOVE YOU DIRECTIONERS!" His broad Yorkshire accent painted a smile onto everybody's faces and the crowd continued to scream!

The boys all got up to leave, apart from Niall who clutched his knee. He tapped Liam on the shoulder and said something to him that I couldn't point out, but he pointed to his knee, and Liam gave him a piggy back off stage. Aww, poor Niall, his knee was hurting, I hate seeing that gorgeous, innocent Irish boy in pain, but I do feel a pang of jelousy that it is Liam who gets to give Niall a piggy back off stage and not me!  The fans then all start screaming their heads off for Niam. HA HA BULL!!! as if Niam is actually a real thing! As cute as the fans may think it is, Liam is like the straightest guy I know!

Dan comes over and gives me a friendly slap on the back and tells me to stop daydreaming about whatever the hell is on my mind and get backstage. I always get changed into something more casual and then wait until the crowd has gone and the stadium is empty, before I go back on stage to take my drum kit off.

Niall's POV

Liam gives me a piggyback off the stage and I am so damn greatful because my knee is providing me with blinding pain, and all of a sudden the fans go bezzerk for a so called 'Niam moment'. Yes, the bromances are funny, but after a while it get's annoying and obsessive and it provokes homophobic comments which I hate! I mean just because I haven't come out yet and I've only ever dated girls, does not mean I am straight, and it infuriates me that people just naturally assume I'm straight.

The lads ask me if I want to go to some party in London afterwards, but I decline as my knee kills and to be quite frank I'm exhausted, and I'm not really in the mood anyway. Besides, the trouble with parties, is that at the moment i'm looking for a boyfriend and all the fit boys at parties are either taken, far too camp, straight or too drunk/high to have a proper, decent conversation with me.

Li drops me off in my dressing room, and I sit on the sofa. I take two paracetamol with some fancy bottled water that was aparenately sourced from some foreign mountain somewhere... I don't know why I had to have such posh water, I'd just been given it by my PA. I don't really intend on rushing to get dressed, I have all the time that I need anyway, so I'll just go at my own pace.

I decide that I should put some music on, and I settle for The Script, which always reminds me of home, I mean if you're gonna listen to music, why not a brilliant Irish band? Talk You Down blares from my phone, and I decide to get changed. For a laugh, we'd decided that for this tour we would go back to signature outfits for the last song of each gig. It felt a bit wierd and it bought back so many memories and it installed a new lease of life in all of us, but the fans absoloutely loved it.

I kicked my navy blue supras off, and took my chinos off, going as carefully as I could to cause minimum knee disturbance. I pulled a white, stretchy support bandage over my knee, and I pulled on a pair of grey jog bottoms in place of my chinos. I swapped my red polo for a vest with the American flag on it, and I put a pair of black converse on over some trainer socks. I'd nicked the converse of Liam, so they were a tad big, but I didn't mind that much. I pushed my quiff down and I pushed a snap back down onto my head.

Josh's POV

I get changed into a burgandy coloured beanie, navy blue shorts that are made from sweat pant matterial, a pain of black vans and a plain white top with a charcoal grey hoodie over the top. I jog out onto towards the stage, about to go onto stage to pack my drum kit up, so I could put it on my van and take it home, but I saw Niall, a little infront of me, limping towards the stage.

"Niall, what you up to?" I asked with a smile on my face. He turned round and blushed. "I was just gonna go and sit on the stage and relax for a bit. I like looking at the empty stadium, cause it makes me proud to know that about an hour ago it was full of people... It sounds really stupid I know, but..." I cut him off "It doesn't sound stupid Ni, I know exactly what you mean. I was just on my way to the stage any way, to sort my drum kit out, do you want a piggy back to the stage?" I offered. Niall looked so relieved, "Yes please, If you don't mind that is" he awnsered.

I walked over to him and stood infront of him and he jumped onto my back, holding on to my shoulders and in a way I kinda felt privalidged, it was a brilliant feeling! Despite all the Nandos, he isn't actually that heavy y'know! I carried him out to the stage and I helped him to sit down on the edge of the stage, directly in the middle.

I made a start on my drum kit and about half an hour later I'd loaded it all onto the back of a van that I'd hired from a local car hire place in London, and then I went back onto the stage to see Niall. I sat down next to him. "How's your knee Niall?" I asked out of interest. "It still hurts, but the pain's easing off, cause the paracetamol's kicking in." He said. "Well, at least it's getting better!" I replied. He turned to look at me, and he had a small smile on his face.

"What is it?" I grinned. "Nothing!!" He smirked. "Nialler, what's on your mind?" I asked, my face turning serious. "I...I just... do you know you have gorgeous eyes? sorry... I didn't mean to... I..." He stuttered. I looked into his gorgeous eyes, ocean blue mixed with whisps of bottle glass green and stormy sky grey. They were stunning, I could stare into those all day long too! "You have beautiful eyes too" I told him with a smile. Then I changed my tone to ask him a question. "Niall, do you fancy me?" I asked with confidence.

Niall's POV

"Niall, do you fancy me?" He asked, with so much confidence in his voice, just as if he was asking me a normal everyday question, like whether I wanted a bar of chocolate or something. He looked so perfect, sat there next to me with his hair shades of blonde and brown, died just like mine was. I had no idea how to awnser and in truth, his confidence was a tad intimidating. "Erm... I guess I do, yeah, but... sorry if that was the wrong awnser or anything..." He cut me off, before I could say anything else with a kiss.

That kiss was the most magical thing that has ever happened to me, I felt a spark and it was as if all my best dreams ever were coming true all in this moment. This kiss with Josh was the best thing that I had ever experienced in my whole life; better then getting a number one song, better then derby county winning a cup final, better then playing the guitar, better then being best man at Greg's wedding, better then flirting with Katy Perry, damn I would even go as far as saying it was better then Nandos!

"I love you Niall" He says to me with a gorgeous little smile playing on his face. "Will you be my boyfriend Niall, and go out with me, and do all of that mushy stuff that couples are obliged to do?" He smiled. I didn't even have to think about my awnser, he was too perfect for me to consider otherwise. "Certainly Joshy, as long as our first date is in Nandos, and we go tonight, I insist on paying!" "Sure!" He grinned, and I couldn't wait to spend the rest of the night with him!

author's note-

dunno what to say really, hope you all liked it... i guess this is a get well soon pressie for our baby Nialler, I know how it is to have your knee in constant pain every day, and still have to carry on walking, and existing, so well done Niall, and I wish you a speedy and sucsessful recovery from your operation

love you Niall,

Love you readers

love from Nouis Toranxxx

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