BoyxBoy Bromance Oneshots

This is basically a few one chapter short stories about the bromances in One direction <3 x


2. Car Crash (Larry)

I was the more experienced driver out of the two of us, so I was driving at the time, which I guess is why I blame myself for it. Still to this day I’m convinced that it was me that did it. They all tell me it was an accident and I know that it wasn’t a deliberate act, but my whole life is laden with guilt. It makes me feel ashamed, that it’s my fault, my fault that the band ceased to exist, my fault that we can no longer be, my fault that we aren’t the same as before and never will be again. It pains me enormously that I can still remember that day too, that I can remember it exactly, all the tiny details, every single evil second of it. It’s engraved deep into my mind and nothing I do can make me forget, not even medicine or psychiatrists, and I long so badly for a clean slate, it’s my one wish in life, to get amnesia somehow. Not really what one would wish for, not like someone might wish for fame or wealth, or a certain gift at Christmas, or to marry a particular celebrity or something.

We were sat in my old Aston Martin, just driving along. I absolutely loved that car, almost as much as I loved Harry. We’d been singing our hearts out to my favourite song Look After You, by The Fray.  We’d just finished at the studio, and we were driving home, to get ready for a date. We were due to start our tour the next day, and we were going out on a romantic date to celebrate. I couldn’t wait and inside I was ecstatic. Harry had planned the date this time, we took it in turns, and I loved Harry’s dates. They were always so brilliant, and he would always make me feel really rich and posh and famous, and I loved that about him, he always made sure that we had a great time, no matter where we went, even if it was as crappy as going to the chippy and eating it sat on some crummy bench in a random, vandalised park, sharing a brolly in the pouring rain, wearing hoodies and getting drenched to the skin, he always made our dates so magical.

Love was a truly amazing thing with Harry. Yeah, there have been other guys and other girls, but none of them were quite like Harry, he was the one and he knew it too, and all the time we spent together, even before we were together, gave me a breath taking electric feeling.

 I was a good driver, and I liked to think that I was the best in the group, as I’d passed my driving test first... Thinking about it now, it’s probably because I was the oldest, but I always was the one to drive a car in a music video, and we did have a lot of videos with cars, even in Kiss You, I was sat in the driver’s seat. I don’t drive much, or if I do I don’t take passengers, out of the fear of the same thing happening again, because it would be an unthinkably tragic thing to have to go through all over again.

The road was pretty clear, and it was a straight-ish country road that I was driving along, and I wasn’t giving all my attention to the road as I know I should have been doing, but I kept getting distracted by the gorgeous man who I was sat next to. His perfect curls, he hasn’t even put that much effort into styling, yet they’re arranged perfectly on his head, his amazing accent, with its own dry tone- God I could’ve listened to that boy talk forever, his slim fit designer shirt, skinny jeans, blazer and bow tie made him look so dapper, so mature, so stylish and he wasn’t even trying. Those piercing, emerald green eyes, those oh-so-cute dimples. His tattoos as well, I knew every single one of them.

I used to think about him like this all the time, thing about all his best bits, and think about why I loved him so much, and I’d always thought that was the right thing to do, but that time, I was too deep in thought. That was the worst thing I could have ever possibly done. The car spun round, three hundred and sixty degrees spin, and then a lorry came down the road, too and ploughed into the back of us.

I remember exactly how I felt then, my life went cold, I was still conscious, but Harry sat next to me, eyes shut, looking so peaceful, despite the smashed glass which covered him, and the blood which trickled down his face. “HHHHAAAAARRRRRYYYYYYYY!!!” I screamed, and I could hear the fear, the longing, the shock, the self hatred and the love in my voice. I’d seen all that medical emergency crap on TV, so I knew well enough not to start moving, or to try and move him. All I did was reach out and grab his hand. It was cold and it felt lifeless... but I could feel a pulse! All I could pray for was that he might have survived. That’s all I wanted.

 I was going to shut my eyes, but I’d got a fragment of glass in them, when Harry smashed through the window.  Tears trickled down my face, and I managed to clear the shard of glass from my eye, just as the ambulance, police and fire-fighters arrived. Blue flashing lights filled my vision, and everything became a bit of a blur then. I was deafened by the screams or sirens, and I think I heard some police officer yelling for someone to shut the road off. Then there was a paramedic, pretty girl, who told me that she was going to give me something to make me go to sleep.

After that, it’s hazy, until I woke up in hospital a week later... yep, a week. Hell of a long time, to sleep for, but I was in a coma. So when I woke up, I can remember seeing a nurse instantly, who yelled for a doctor to come. She wouldn’t answer me if I asked her if Harry was okay, and I seem to remember her dodging the question a lot. Doctors huddled around me, checking that I was okay, medically wise.

Inside though, I wasn’t okay at all. I needed to know if Harry was okay, it was urgent that I found out, essential. When the doctors had finished fussing, they told me that I was okay, but I should get a bit of rest in hospital, so they could check on my progress. When all but one of the doctors had left, I decided to ask him about Harry. His reply knocked me sideways, like I couldn’t imagine. “Erm... Mr. Tomlinson, it’s difficult to tell you this, and I’m not really sure how to tell you exactly, but... Harry’s been paralysed from the waist down. He’s undergone brain surgery and survived with no brain defects caused, but he will be spending the remainder of his life in a wheel chair.”  What probably made it worse for me, was that he put little emotion into this snide little speech of his, and offered no sympathy, he just said it straight and then left the room, leaving me alone, feeling guilty as hell. But I had to see Harry.

I got up from my bed and I was determined to find him. I strolled through the crummy hospital, searching most of the wards, bar the paediatric and the maternity ward, and I couldn’t see him, until I came to the private wards. Of course he would be in a private ward; he was a serious case after all. I looked through the door window of the first room and there he was, surrounded by Liam, Niall and Zayn. At the time I was annoyed that he was receiving more attention than me, but now I can see how selfish that was of me.

I pushed the door open and I can immediately remember how they scowled at me. “Hey guys...” I’d said quietly, my voice shaking and I knew very well that they’d heard me loud and clear, but they didn’t answer me, and their glares burned my skin.  In silence, I walked over to where Harry lay. His eyes were open and I knew that he was conscious, but he lay there quite motionless, and pale, with an evident lack of energy. He looked gorgeous then, more gorgeous than ever before. He was scared, and parts of his face still stained red from blood, and they’d had to shave his hair off to perform the brain surgery, showing prominent stitches over parts of his scalp, but to me he looked even more beautiful than the first time I’d seen him.

I touched his face gently, not wanting to hurt him at all, and trying to comfort him, but the response was unexpected. “Don’t” he croaked. “Wh... What?” I was so damned confused. “You heard what he said, don’t touch him” Liam snarled at me. I took my hand away carefully.  “What have I done?” I asked it carefully, and it was an innocent enough question, but the answer was yelled at me viciously by Zayn, with a bitter tone threaded through his voice. “WHAT DID YOU DO? YOU NEARLY KILLED OUR BEST MATE, AND HE’S TOLD US HOW IT WENT, HOW YOU JUST COULDN’T STAY FOCUSED ON THE ROAD! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU MAN? HE CAN NEVER WALK AGAIN!”

Then the tears ran down my face, and the room went blurry. Niall just sat there, on a chair in the corner, for the whole time and I knew that he hated it. Zayn stood there threateningly with a confrontational look about him, and Liam just stood there, with his head hung, staring at the floor, which was clearly more interesting than anything else which was going on. I think it was me who made the decision that the band was over. Well not entirely, I think we all knew it,  but I was the one who first mentioned it there and then. I knew that inside everyone was considering it, even Niall who hated our arguments.

“Guys, I can’t do this anymore. It may seem cowardly and you may thing that it’s the wrong thing for me to do, but I’m leaving the band. I don’t want to, but what else is there to do? I can’t face the paparazzi and I don’t think Harry’s in a fit state to either. Our motto’s been ‘one band, one dream, One Direction’ right? Well we’ve lived that dream and we’ve lived the band lifestyle and it’s been phenomenal, and I’ll remember this for the remainder of my life, but I think it’s time to call an end to it. I’m sorry guys, but I have to go.” Tears streamed down my face and it stung so much, but there wasn’t an alternative really... I kissed Harry for the last time, gently on the cheek and then I left.

After that, I started drinking, and heavily. Niall still spoke to me and for a while he did make a considerable effort, but he gave up when I started being antisocial, just grunting at whatever he said, or being rude, deliberately ignoring texts and calls and Facebook and tweets. All I know was that when it was announced by management, the fans were as distraught as I was, and I do regret it now, and I miss Harry and I miss the boys and I miss being able to live my life. I don’t work now; I live off benefits, and the remainder of my riches from being famous.  It’s sad and unfortunate and we’re never going to get back together, not like Take That did or anything. As to the other boys, Harry lives in a care home, as he just can’t cope alone. Liam joined The Wanted, and Zayn hated him for it, so they fell out big time and as far as I know, Liam’s still successful. Zayn got married to Perrie and they kinda had a happily ever after thing, and Zayn had a solo career thing going for a while... I’m not sure where he’s at with that. As for Niall... he got a chat show with James Cordon and that went well and he does presenting and stuff now...

Life never goes to plan... but that’s just how it is.

Author's note-

Oh my gosh guys, crying writing this, it's horrible and it tore my heart up, but I hope you... well I'm not gunna say like it, but I hope you apreciated that I wrote it... It's so emotional but there it is.

Love you,

Nouis Toran xxx

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