"Get a life"

Vivian, a 16 year old teenager, who was born in a single parent family. Her only family member is her Mother who is really sick, hospitalized for 3 months. She needs to go out to look for a job when she caught sight of a mob of fans outside a 5 star hotel. She managed to push past the crowd only to see 5 boys who caught her sight. Is she going to see them again? Living in a life of drama, she needs to go to school and get pointed at and bullied not much bullying but an exceptional number of times. With her two besties, Chelsea and Abby, they help her get through her hardships in her life. Struggling to get money and at the same time doing well for her classes, will she be able to do it?


1. Suprises

*5 years ago*


Vivien's POV

What the fuck is wrong with me? I thought as I looked at myself on the mirror. Tanned skin, weird eyebrows, oily hair... Am I a normal person????? Niall, my best friend, noticed me looking in the mirror and frowning at myself spoke out, "You look alright Vivian." He smiled sweetly at me. I looked at raising my voice a little, "But, I'm so weird, how can I not care?!" He stood up and cupped my face into his hand. My eyes widened. My heart beats faster. I froze. "You look absolutely perfect." He smiled and looked into my brown eyes. "Okay, okay..." I said stuttering. He snickered. Why am I acting so weirdly? I thought as I shook the feeling out of my head. Brr. That was weird.

"Are you coming?" Niall looked at me, worried.

"Yeah, coming." Still in that shock.

Niall's POV

I walked up front expecting Vivien to be beside me by now. I turned my head looking at her still looking shaken. Maybe I was a little too harsh on her? I thought wickedly. So weak. I snickered.

"Are you coming?" I looked at her trying not to burst out laughing.

"Yeah, coming." She smiled a little.

Hmm... She is not usually like this.

-Lunch Time-

Vivien's POV

I'm stilled pissed at the earlier incident this morning. I thought as I folded my arms. I was determined to get back at him.

"Vivien?" He was behind me.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ASDFGHJKL?!?!!?!?1/DQRG24" I shrieked as I jumped. The people in the cafeteria stopped doing the things they were doing before and turned to look at me.

"NIALL!!!" I whispered-yelled at him. "What was that for?" As I sat down awkwardly.

"HAHAHA. I heard the news about your Mom. How was she?"

"She is fine, still hospitalized-" Then I realized. "BASTARD. Don't change the fucking subject." I glared at him.

"Okay, just take a chill pill girl" He said coolly.

"Spill, why'd you did that?"

"I just wanted to surprise you" He shrugged.

"Uh huh?" I urged.


"About this morning?" I said looking away from him.

"I was trying to make you feel better about yourself, you have self-esteem issues girl... and also to hurry up..." He playfully stuck his tongue out.

"Ugh, boys."

"What were you thinking? I was into you?" He looked at my with his sexy blue eyes... Wait, WHAT WAS I THINKING.

I stared at him, wide eyed, for what seemed forever and he broke the silence by waving his hands in front of my face."Vivien?" I blinked out of my thoughts.

I quickly excused myself to the bathroom.

I splashed water on myself.

Why do I have that tingling sensation in my whole body? Why am I so shocked at him being touching my face/hands/arms (etc)? It not like our first time... Wait... Do I have feelings for him?


(A/N) I know these are annoying. This is my first movella. I hope I won't get negative comments. I might be doing each chapter everyday if  I'm allowed to use the laptop. If I'm busy, I would maybe update each week. Thanks for reading. Lots of love, Cheryl.

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