"Get a life"

Vivian, a 16 year old teenager, who was born in a single parent family. Her only family member is her Mother who is really sick, hospitalized for 3 months. She needs to go out to look for a job when she caught sight of a mob of fans outside a 5 star hotel. She managed to push past the crowd only to see 5 boys who caught her sight. Is she going to see them again? Living in a life of drama, she needs to go to school and get pointed at and bullied not much bullying but an exceptional number of times. With her two besties, Chelsea and Abby, they help her get through her hardships in her life. Struggling to get money and at the same time doing well for her classes, will she be able to do it?



Dear to whoever is reading this,

I'm sorry but I do not want to post anymore Movellas and just leave my 1st chapter as it is. If you want, you could continue helping me write the story and remember to tell me the link of your movella. I hope it would be really awesome unlike mine. Shitty as hell. I also don't know how to delete a Movella cause Im new here. 

Thanks for reading my first chapter. Love you.

Lots Of Love,

Cheryl xx

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