All That Matters

It's just a game to him. To her it's much more. To her it's love, not yet, but we all know she's going to let him in. Maybe wen she sees how he treats his nerdy brother, or when he's just plain sexy. What ever it is, harry always gets what he wants. And right now. Harry wants her.


5. Vacations

"Wanna go to the gym with me?" Jack offered, I nodded. "Sure." I mumbled, Grabbing my gym bag and following him out to his car. "So. Are you dating that harry kid?" Jack asked, I rolled my eyes. "Absolutely not." I stated, "but I don't know. I kinda like him." I stated, "but I kissed his brother and was a complete bitch today." "I don't want to know this stuff!" He joked. "I'm leaving Friday and won't be back for two weeks, I'm going on a trip with some friends." "Oh. Ok. But isn't tomorrow Friday?" I asked, jack nodded. "I'll leave you a few hundred for shopping and stuff." He stated, I smiled and nodded. "And by shopping and stuff we mean vodka and clothes?" I joked, he laughed and stopped the car outside the gym. After I got changed I walked out of the change rooms and straight to an open treadmill next to jack. "Am I allowed to have people over?" I asked, he laughed. "Fine. Don't trash my house, ok?" He ordered, I giggled. "Yay." I cheered, "Maybe buy new gym clothes." He joked, gesturing to mine. "Maybe less showy ones?" He teased. I laughed. "These are cute. You never know who you'll see at the gym." I laughed. Glancing forward to see harry smirking at me, "see." I joked, jack sighed. "This is why I want you to get a shirt that covers more than just your.... Chest and long pants. not ones that barely even cover your ass." He mumbled awkwardly. I laughed again and started running faster. After a few minutes I stepped off, "Jack. Ill be back. I have to go fix my hair." I mumbled, jack gave me a disapproving look. "B. I'm not going to look sweaty and gross in front of a cute guy." I mumbled, walking to the girls change room and whipped the sweat off my face, and fixing my hair. When I walked out i bumped into harry. "Did you actually go fix your hair for me?" He asked, I blushed deeply and fake scoffed. "No." I lied, he chuckled, "And you said you didn't like me." He mumbled, I rolled my eyes. "I don't." I lied again. He laughed. "That's a hot outfit." He mumbled, biting his lip and glancing at my chest. I laughed as he pushed me backwards into the girls change room, pressing me against the lockers and kissing me. I moaned into his mouth, and he chuckled, pulling away. "You about that life?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. I laughed and was about to kiss him again, but the door opened and jack came bursting in. Grabbing harry by his collar and dragging him away from me. "Don't fucking touch her." Jack snapped, I rolled my eyes. "Jacky. Stop." I ordered, jack let go of harry and pointed to me. "We're going home." He stated. "Bye!" I hugged jack again before getting out of his car at school. "That harry guy isn't coming over while I'm gone." He snapped, kissing my cheek. "Ok. Love you." I replied, "moneys on the counter." he stated and hugged me again. "I'll text you." "Ok thanks cuz." I mumbled, jumping out of the car. I saw Harry giving marcel a hard time about something and walked over to them. "Hey." I smiled at both of them, marcel smiled at me and harry didn't even notice me. "Like i said. She's mine. All the girls with big tits are mine. Deal with it." Harry snapped, I rolled my eyes and glanced at marcel. "How are you? You didn't get a ride with us yesterday, I was kinda disappointed." Marcel grinned sheepishly, I laughed. "Common marce." Harry mumbled, dragging him away. I frowned and walked up to my other friends, smiling at them and joining the conversation. I glanced over my shoulder to see harry bite his lip while checking me out. When our eye met he quickly dropped his gaze and turned away. I smiled at harry from across the cafeteria he glanced up and saw me but he ignored me again. Ugh. What the fuck. "What's that all about?" Brenda asked, I rolled my eyes. "I don't even know, yesterday he was pushing me against a gym locker and making out with me, and today he's acting as if I don't exist!" I whined. She giggled, "You slut." She teased, I laughed. "Wanna see me make his straight pissed?" I asked, glancing at marcel, who's at the table right next to his. Harry's always at the popular table, and marcel usually eats with the loners. But today Marcel's at the semi popular wanna be hipster table, an he's not even dressed like him self. He's wearing jeans, a black button up shirt and his glasses. He looks good. "What are you gonna do?" She asked, looking confused. "Watch." I ordered, walking over to marcel and taking the spot next to him. "You look so hot today." I whispered, marcel blushed and straightened his shirt. I glanced casually to Harry's table to see him looking at us, marcel followed my gaze to harry. "You like him don't you." He mumbled, I rolled my eyes. "Absolutely not." I lied, marcel frowned. "Yes you do. That's the only reason your nice to me, to impress him. Your popular, you can be a bitch if you want to." He ranted, I bit my lip. "I'm not a bitch... I'm nice to you because I think your cute, why do you think I kissed you? Why do you think I want you to kiss me right now?" I asked, he glanced up at me with fake confusion. "You want me to kiss you?" He asked, I nodded, he leaned towards me and pressed his lips to mine, jamming his tongue into my mouth. EW. I closed my yes and let him explore my mouth, than slowly pushed him away. Forcing myself to blush. He chuckled. "Fuck. I just remember that I promised my friend I would walk her to subway. Sorry. Ill see you after school though. Ok?" I lied, he nodded, smiling at me, looking dazed. I giggled and walked over to Brenda. "What. The. Fuck. Was that!?" She laughed, I blushed, "Look at harry." I mumbled, she glanced at him and we started walking, when she stopped looking at him I looked at him. His face is bright red, he's shooting daggers at marcel with a glare. "See?" I giggled. "Hey." I smiled, walking up to harry in the halls. He kept walking. "Harry! What the hell!?" I yelled, he smirked and turned to me, "Like I said. by the end of this week ill have you begging for me to talk to you. But, I don't know if I will." He paused, "it's the end of the week, And I don't know about talking to you love. I really doesn't help you by making out with my little brother. But nice try babe." He chuckled, I felt my jaw drop. "What the hell." I mumbled, a tall buff looking guy walked past us and paused, "Is everything ok here?" He asked, I nodded. "Are you sure?" "Ye, Thanks." I mumbled, he frowned but walked away. "Sorry. But that's life." Harry whispered, I closed my eyes, "So you were just fucking with me." I mumbled, finally coming to the realization. "Yep." He brushed past me and I closed my eyes. How in the fuck did I fall for him. "Hey harry?" I called as he walked away. "Yes?" He asked, "Tell marcel I say hi," I muttered, walking away. I heard him chuckle slightly as I walked away. I have a plan, ill just make harry think I was using him for marcel, which will make him want me more. Boys always want what they cant have.
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