All That Matters

It's just a game to him. To her it's much more. To her it's love, not yet, but we all know she's going to let him in. Maybe wen she sees how he treats his nerdy brother, or when he's just plain sexy. What ever it is, harry always gets what he wants. And right now. Harry wants her.


3. Our date

"May? Someone's here for you!" My cousin jack yelled, I frowned in confusion and paused breaking bad. Getting off my bed and walking to my door, opening it and walking down stairs to the front door. Jack gave me a weird look and gestured to harry who's standing In the doorway with a smug smirk on his face.
"Um. What the hell are you doing here?" I snapped, jack sighed. I live with my cousin because my family moved to Canada and I didn't want to.
"May. Don't be rude." Jack ordered, half sarcastically. He patted my back and nodded at harry, walking away, harry gave him a glare.
"Who's that?" Harry snapped, I rolled my eyes.
"My cousin. What do you want?" I hissed, harry grinned.
"Lets go." Before I could protest harry yanked on my arm, dragging me out of my house and slamming the door behind me.
"Yo! Bitch!" I yelled, smacking his hand off my arm. "I'll go out with you. Just dont touch me." I snapped,
"feisty." He teased, grabbing the small off my back and pulling me to him so my body's pressed against his. "We're going for dinner." He stated, "and than a movie." He added, I bit my lip and looked at his. Damn. As much as he scares me, he is so sexy. "Like the view babe?" He asked, I rolled my eyes.
"Not a quarter as much as you, and I said dont touch me." I stated.
"Ha. Common. Lets go." Harry hissed, dragging me towards his car. I'm not going to lie, he's really attractive, And I'm not, so I'm not sure why he likes me. But ok. I slipped into the car and pulled out my phone as harry walked around to his side. 

To: jacky 
I hate you. <3

I am so mad at jack for making me even talk to harry, god.
"Who are you texting?" Harry asked, I rolled my eyes and glanced at him.
"Is it really your business?" I snapped,
"You cousin said to be nice, so be nice." Harry muttered.
"He's not the boss of me." I lied, jack is the only person than can boss me around. "And I'm texting him." I stated, running a hand through my hair. Harrys phone went off and he frowned while reading the text, pursing his lips.
"We have to go to my house." Harry stated, starting the car.
"Um. Not having sex. Sorry not sorry." I snapped, rolling my eyes.
"My brothers getting bullied so were taking him with us." Harry said it like it was obvious.
"On our date?" I asked, harry grinned.
"This is a date?" He replied cockily. I blushed madly and turned to look out of the window. I stayed silent until we arrived at what I'm assuming is his house.
"So I'll be right back. Don't be a bitch." Harry stated, warning me. I rolled my eyes as nodded, harry glared and walked out. 

"Maybry, this is marcel, marcel, this is maybry." Harry smiled when he got back, I looked at his brother and smiled. Marcel's cute, looks so much like harry, but more innocent. 
"H-hi." Marcel stuttered, I smiled, 
"Wanna sit in the front?" I offered, harry chuckled.
"Babe. It's fine." He mumbled, marcel chuckled and slid into the back seat. Harry glanced into the back and grinned. "Isn't she hot?" Harry laughed, I blushed and turned away.


"I had a lot of fun with you tonight." I murmured, "it's really sweet how you are with marcel." 
"See? I'm not a bad guy." Harry said in a serious voice.
"I wouldn't go that far. You called my friend a fag." I muttered, harry sighed and grabbed my lower back, pulling me towards him for the second time tonight. He leaned forward and pressed his soft pink lips to mine, normally I wouldn't kiss back but he's been really sweet towards his brother, even though he still objectifies me, I just think it's cute. 
I bit his bottom lip as I pulled away, normally I wouldn't, but this kiss wasn't a romantic kiss, or a sweet kiss, it was a desperate, sweaty, sexy kiss. Harry groaned in protest when I took a step away, I giggled.
"If my cousin saw that he's going to freak." I mumbeled, harry stepped towards me again.
"Lets give him something to really be mad about."

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