All That Matters

It's just a game to him. To her it's much more. To her it's love, not yet, but we all know she's going to let him in. Maybe wen she sees how he treats his nerdy brother, or when he's just plain sexy. What ever it is, harry always gets what he wants. And right now. Harry wants her.


2. Not ok

I can't focus on anything, harry keeps walking by the classroom door and it's starting to scare me.
"Excuse me," the teacher stopped him on his fourth time walking past. 
"Yes?" Harry looked past her and gave me a small grin.
"Is there something you need from this room?" The teacher asked, obviously impatient. 
"Ya, I was meant to get maybry for the office." He stated, the teacher turned to quiet the classes oooohhhhs as i bit my lip and gathered my stuff.


"Can you not?" I hissed when harry put his hand on my shoulder. 
"Just talk to me." He ordered. For some reason I stopped walking and turned to him. "I'm sorry, ok? My friends are ass holes." He stated, 
"Your the ass hole harry." I hissed, he laughed. 
"How do you know my name babe? Someone wants me. Doesn't she?" He teased, I glared. 
"No. My boyfriend told me who you are." I lied, he laughed.
"Your boyfriend eh?" Harry asked unconvinced.
"Ya. My boyfriend. Now if you won't mind, I'm off." I stated, about to walk away when harry pushed me against the wall and leaned over me. 
"I could make you scream louder than he can. I promise you, by the end of this week ill have you begging for me to talk to you. But, I don't know if I will." He laughed, smashing his lips into mine, I forced myself to stay still and not kiss back or close my eyes or anything. After a second he pulled away and left.


"You don't even have a belly! Not kidding.." Anna trailed off on her rant and I smile at her,
"What?" I asked, she's got a worried look. 
"Turn around," I peered around the corner of the brick wall I'm leaning against to see harry like a foot away from me, smiling.
"She's right you know, you don't have a belly." He mumbled, I took a deep inhale off the pipe I'm holding and held the smoke in for a minute. Blowing it towards him. Brenda Dara Anna nick and Denver all moved to stand infront of him. Forming a barrier between me and him, "where's your boyfriend?" Harry chuckled, he knows I don't have  boyfriend, he's basically taunting me. Nick raised his hand slightly. I glanced at him an tried to hide my shock.
"That would be me and I don't appreciate you bugging my girl man." He lied, I smiled and him.
"Lets be a little more welcoming, aren't stoners meant to be super chill?" harry asked, Brenda laughed sarcastically.
"Ya. We are, but not towards dumbasses like you." She snapped.
"But I've got something for maybry." He mumbled, shoving past Brenda. He handed me a dime bag. "Here, best pot you could buy.  See? Not a bad guy." He murmered, "and its really cute that your friend would pretend to be Your boyfriend." he laughed, walking away. I glanced at the bag and opened it, smelling it to see that yes, it's amazing shit. 


I haven't been this high in forever, I laughed as I walked through the halls of school during my spare class, baked out of my mind.
"Hey." I saw the familiar curls bouncing around the corner. "Where's my kiss babe? I got you pot didn't I?" He asked, I rolled my eyes and brushed past him but he grabbed my arm. 
"You wanna not?" I hissed, glancing around the halls to see my friend Ben approaching us. "Harry! Your too funny!"  I fake laughed, Ben swung and arm over my shoulders.
"Hey sexy." He mumbled, I laughed loudly.
"How's your boyfriend?" I bugged him, he's gay and I set him up with a guy from a different school.
"Fantastic!" Ben smiled happily, after harry gave me the pot I texted Ben and ranted about it. "Harry? Can you let go of her. Now." He sounds so calm. 
"Only if you promise to go out with me tonight." He bargained, I rolled my eyes.
"Benny boo. I think harry wants a date." I joked, Ben laughed.
"Sorry b. I'm taken." Ben laughed, I giggled.
"I'm not a fag. Sorry. Maybry. Go out with me tonight." Harry snapped, My jaw dropped.
"Tacky!" Ben snapped, I laughed and kissed bens cheek.
"Oh harry. Now Ben has a better chance of getting a date than you." I laughed, we turned and walked away, when I glance back he was glaring at me.

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