All That Matters

It's just a game to him. To her it's much more. To her it's love, not yet, but we all know she's going to let him in. Maybe wen she sees how he treats his nerdy brother, or when he's just plain sexy. What ever it is, harry always gets what he wants. And right now. Harry wants her.


4. Kissing him yet loving you

"Oh my god. Is that a hicky!?" Brenda yelled, I frowned,
"Shhh. Yes. Of corse it's a hicky." I stated, she looked really confused.
"Who? Your single?" Anna muttered, frowning slightly.
"Um. Harry." I stated, all of their jaws dropped. "He dragged me around and ended up having a good time. Than we made out for awhile." I stated, they all laughed as I told my short story, 
"Gettin it in!" Nick teased in a deep voice, I laughed.
"Absolutely not." I stated, "you guys shoulda seen jack doe. It was bad, he freaked out and told me He's not watching after me when I get pregnant from whoring around." I laughed, Brenda laughed.
"Such a slut." She joked, putting a Hand up in my face. "Speaking of sluts." She mumbled, I turned to see harry walk past us, not even looking at me.
"He's actually a really nice guy." I stated, smiling at him, he looked at me and nodded.
"Ya. Seems like a real peach." Dara joked, I rolled me eyes at him and laughed.
"What ever, he is really sweet when he wants to be. Lets go get baked." I muttered, fake smiling.
"Sounds good to me." Nick stated, putting an arm around my shoulders as we started walking.


"Hey." Harry mumbled, walking up to me after school.
"Hi." I smiled, looking over his shoulder and seeing marcel smile at me while walking over to us.
"Look at him! He such a nerd!" 
"I hope uglys not contagious!" People yelled at him, his smile disappeared and I frowned, brushing past harry who didn't seem to notice anything. I walked up to marcel and kissed him.
"Hey babe." I mumbled, loud enough for them all to here. Im popular enough for this to shock them all, including marcel. 
"What the hell?"
"Isn't that maybry?" 
"Why is she with him?"
"Maybe he's cooler than we thought..." 
Marcel smiled at this and the tears threatening to spill over his eye lashes disappeared, I took his hand in mine and walked us to Harry's car. Sliding into the back seats with him.
"T-thanks." Marcel stuttered, I laughed.
"It's not a big deal." I replied, he hugged me tightly and harry growled slightly under his breath. Marcel laughed,
"No. It's a huge deal maybry, you basically just ending my being bullied." He whispered, hugging me still, harry started driving and I can tell he's pissed, his hands are clenching the wheel so tightly the knuckles are white.
"Harry? Can you just drop me at my house please? I'm tired." I asked, harry nodded a sharp nod and drove to my house, pulling into the drive way and stopping the car. 
"Here." He snapped, I smiled at him and turned to marcel. Putting my lips close to his ear.
"Are you going to let me kiss you goodbye?" I asked in my sexiest voice, marcel coughed slightly and nodded, I laughed and straddled him. Pressing my lips to his an putting his hands on my ass, I felt him start to get hard beneath me.
"that's enough." Harry snapped, I giggled, and got off marcel, winking at harry as I got out of the car.


"Your such a slut." Harry snapped, glaring at me while we stood by his car after school.
"Harry. Look at your brother." I ordered, pointing to him being surrounded by a bunch of people, them all smiling along with him. "I helped him harry." I stated, harry growled under his breath again.
"I don't get why you had to get him hard to do that!" He yelled, I rolled my eyes and looked at harry.
"Harold. I don't like your brother, ok?" I stated, not making eye contact. I don't like marcel but I wouldn't hesitate to kiss him again.
"But you like me?" He asked, I bit my lip.
"Not exactly." I lied, nick held up his hand and waved, making me giggle and wave back.
"Text me sexy!" He yelled as he walked away, I giggled and pulled out my phone. Sending him a quick text.
"So you don't like me, or my brother, but you like him?" Harry asked, I rolled my eyes.
"I don't like him, he's just a friend." I mumbled, leaning against the side of Harry's car.
"But you don't like me?" He asked, I rolled my eyes. 
"I'm actually going to walk home." I mumbled, grabbing my bag off the ground.
"Suit yourself." Harry snapped, "eh marcel! Lets go!" He yelled.

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