Taking You For Granted

Oliver had always been around, and so he would always be around... Just, as a friend. That's all he was, she swore to herself. But, when something terrible happens she's forced to take a new look at her longest standing, never changing relationship.


18. stop the world and melt with you

There was still daylight in the sky, so Carolyn, Hedy and Will decided to go ahead and drive home that evening instead of the next day. Carla waited until the judge left to give us a bottle of champagne.

"I was maybe a year older than you both when I married my late husband," she told us. "And someone gave us a bottle of champagne and I deeply appreciated that blessed soul. I was so nervous."

"I didn't know you were ever married," I said as I examined the label on the bottle in my hands.

She nodded, "Henry Evans was about the only person on the face of this planet that I could stand being around for more than ten minutes."

"Evans?" Oli asked.

"Yeah," she smiled. "Your teacher was my brother-in-law. That's how we know each other. Anyway, don't let my sad story keep you. Have a goodnight."

She shut the door to her house behind us, a glass of red wine in her hand.

Oli took my hand and led me to the guest house as the sun set behind us.

I sat on the bed, but he went to the kitchen.

"Are you hungry?" He asked as he removed two plates from the cabinet.

"No," I answered simply.

"Oh," he said and put the plates back. "Did you want me to pour the champagne?"

"If you want to," I replied.

I heard more shuffling, clanking, a loud POP and, "Ow!"

I hurried to the kitchen and found Oli rubbing his forehead, laughing as champagne foamed and spilled from the bottle.

"You could have put your eye out," I frowned as I rubbed my thumb over his eyebrow.

He shooed away my fretful hands and poured the champagne into two water glasses.

I took mine and sipped from it as I sat back down in the foot of the bed. He stood by the kitchen counter and watched me as he drank from his.

"Am I scary now that I'm your wife?" I asked, halfway hurt by the distance.

He shook his head.

"I'm just so used to having to... draw a line with my actions toward you. I'm not really sure how to proceed," he admitted. "I keep expecting my mom to walk in here and tell us not to do anything stupid."

I laughed and he took a step closer.

"We're going to have to find our own place," I smiled. "Narrow the chances of that happening to nonexistent."

He nodded, took another sip of his champagne, and came just a bit closer.

It struck me that he was possibly more nervous than I was.

I stood from the bed and tipped back my glass to finish it off, my head spinning for a moment before I sat it on the floor and walked straight to him. He took another sip and placed his glass on the counter. I placed my hands on his chest and stood on my toes to kiss him. His hands found my waist.

"You are so beautiful, Juniper Galaviz," he said quietly.

My heart skipped a beat. His voice wrapped around my name so lovingly.

"You're only saying that because Hedy dolled me up," I brushed the compliment aside.

He pulled a bobby pin from my hair, "I'm really not. You've always been beautiful."

He pulled another pin from my hair and kissed my temple. I leaned into the touch.

He suddenly huffed, sounding annoyed, "How many of these things are there?"

I laughed. "A few."

I made quick work of pulling the rest free from my hair and dropping them onto the counter. I unwrapped the hair-tie from the end of my braid and laid it beside the pins.

"Better?" I asked as I shook the plaits loose from my hair.

He cupped my chin in his hand and brought my lips back to his in a tender kiss.

I pulled on his tie to loosen it. He smiled against my lips, his hands joining mine to pull the tie completely off. I undid the top few buttons of his shirt.

"You act like you've never seen me shirtless," he teased.

"Shut up," I blushed.

"I don't blame you," he laughed. "I've been told that I'm attractive."

I sighed, dropping my hands.

"You're ridiculous," I told him.

"I know," he smiled. "I couldn't resist."

"Is this what married life is going to be like with you?" I asked.

"Would you have it any other way?"

I shook my head.

He was still stalling.

I went back to unbuttoning his shirt, untucking it from his pants when I reached the bottom. He had a white tank top on underneath. Of course he did.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, pulling myself onto my tip toes so that I could get closer and reach his neck with my lips, thinking back on how nice his lips had felt on my neck when we were in his treehouse.

He sucked in a breath and his hands found my back, pressing me against him to support me and keep me there.

He walked us towards the bed. I turned us so that he could sit down on the foot of the bed.

I pushed his shirt off of his shoulders and pulled his tank top up so that it followed shortly after. I took in his chest for a moment. He watched me curiously.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" He asked.

"Why wouldn't I?" I asked.

That seemed to switch something in his head. Like, he was now allowed to enjoy himself, too, and it dawned on me that he'd been waiting for something. Like he was waiting for me to freak out. Like I'd freaked out before when we'd made out on the couch. Like I sometimes zoned out while we kissed.

But, that hadn't happened tonight. It hadn't happened in a few weeks. It definitely hadn't happened since our trip to Marfa.

I was completely comfortable with Oliver. I trusted him. I knew he wouldn't hurt me. I knew that if I gave of myself, he'd give just as much of himself. More of himself if he could.

I wasn't afraid, but he was afraid for me.

The thought almost made me want to cry, but I didn't.

More than anything, I wanted him to know how much I trusted him.

I stepped closer to him, my knees against his. I lifted his hand from the bed and brought it to the hem of my skirt. He smiled at me. A devious smile that could melt ice in a tundra.

I woke up in the morning to his arms tight around my waist, his chest pressed against my back. I turned in his arms and kissed him awake.

His eyes opened slowly.

"Good morning," he said through a sleepy grin.

"Good morning," I replied and kissed him again.

"Are you ready to face the world?" He asked.

I shook my head, "I just want to stay in bed with you."

"That can be arranged," he winked.

We managed to delay leaving the guest house until noon. Carla greeted us with a pot of coffee and meals from Whataburger.

"I hope you newlyweds got a little bit of rest," she said. "Trial starts tomorrow. We have some work ahead of us."

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