movie star

When Emma signs up for a audition for the biggest movie of the year will she get what she bargains for when Niall is the main boy character.


2. The Date

Well hello there beautiful my names Harry and yours is. I could feel myself blush. I had to keep reminding myself that Harry Styles just said that I was beautiful. Um hello Harry my names Emma. The next words to come out of his mesmerising face were unbelievable. Alright than now that we know each other we should all swap numbers and get filming. First to come up and swap numbers with me was Niall surprisingly enough but I could tell that it was bugging Harry that Niall beat him to me again I could feel myself burning red. Right before Harry and I could swap numbers the director said places everyone and we were forced to wait. And action I couldn't believe that I was in a movie with Harry Styles I mean he is the hottest guy in One Direction and I had to pinch myself just to be sure that I wasn't dreaming.

After the longest time ever filming we were finished so Harry could have my number and hopefully text me. As soon as we were finished swapping numbers Harry asked me the most ridiculous question ever. Emma would you like to go to dinner tonight with me? Of course  I would Harry! Ok I'll pick you up at 6 and dress in something fancy. With he was gone and it was just me and Niall. But after Harry left I realised  something that I had nowhere to go with Richard pissed at me and my ma and grandparent dead I had nowhere. I called out for Harry but he was gone. Emma is everything alright you look puzzled and upset. That did it abefore I could stop them I had tears rolling down my face and Niall asked me once again if everything was alright. Niall I don't  want to tell you this but I have to I have nowhere to go. Why? So I tell him the whole story from the start when my ma died in a car crash, to the finish with Richard using me for sexual pleasure. Oh Emma I'm so sorry here come with me I'm taking you home right away. But N-Niall I have a date with Harry tonight and no clothes, money no nothing. It alright we will go shopping and get you some clothes and you will live with me for the time being and we will find you a job and everything will get better I promise. And with that we left the building and headed home.

when we got to Niall's place it looked like a mansion it was the biggest house I had ever seen it seemed to have 3 levels and about 7 bedrooms with 2 living rooms a massive home theatre and the most massive kitchen in the whole world. I could get used to this. That's good because here is your bedroom and personal bathroom. Oh yeah I have to text Harry that I'm staying with you so that he knows where to pick me up from. Ok see you in 10 ok then we'll go find you some clothes other than the ones your wearing.

H (Harry) E (Emma) 

E hey Harry just to let you know that I'm staying with Niall.

H ok then but why?

E um I had nowhere to go and so Niall offered to have me come and stay with him.

H why didn't you just ask me? I would have been happy to have you come and live with me!  

E well I did try but you were already gone and I didn't what to disturb you that's all

H ok babe I'll see you at six at Niall's place

E when did we agree that you could call me babe and see you then

H just then babe and gtg so I'll see you soon 

E bye not if I see you first




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