movie star

When Emma signs up for a audition for the biggest movie of the year will she get what she bargains for when Niall is the main boy character.


1. The Audition

Emma's P.O.V.

Emma get up NOW you have your audition in 20 mins so get up. OMG come on Dad ever since Ma died your so mean all the time. Your grounded for a month and get up right now or I'll make it 2 months. Go stuff your self I'll walk to my audition and when I'm rich and famous I ain't givin you and your fat ass a fuckin penny you think you can treat me like shit and fuck me up every night well I ain't putting up with it anymore good bye Richard I don't ever want to see you ever again. (door slams)

All the way to the audition I couldn't stop thinking about Richard and how great it felt to finally get it out. When I finally got to the studio a bumped into someones chest I looked up and I see this perfect smile. Sorry. No no I'm sorry wait I swear I've seen you somewhere before. Yeah about that I'm Niall from one direction. OMG that's where I've seen you before your plastered on my walls along with Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn. I don't what to sound rude or nosy but how are you auditioning for? um I'm actually not auditioning this movie is about my band and I so of course I play myself Niall. Here come with me. As we walked I was thinking to myself why didn't I dress myself up more I mean I'm standing in front of Niall from 1D and god knows why he's  taking me. Hey guys come here and met Emma. Hi Emma I'm Zayn. Hi I'm Louis and I'm Liam. Ok well then hello Zayn, Louis and Liam. Am I missing anyone? Wait what was that moving in the corner. We all turn and face the dark shadow. Well hello their beautiful my names Harry and yours is? Um hello Harry my names Emma. 

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