movie star

When Emma signs up for a audition for the biggest movie of the year will she get what she bargains for when Niall is the main boy character.


3. Shopping

Ok Niall got that all cleared up. Great. What was that you were saying about a shopping trip? Let's go now is what I was saying! Ok! When we got to the shopping centre Niall took me to almost every shop in the mall and I swore that he made me try on ever dress in every shop. When we were finished he had picked me out about 6 dresses and about 10 tshirts as well as a handful of pants. Ok I have surprise for you Emma come on let's go! But first I have to put on this you. With that Niall pulled out a blindfold and put it onto me. Niall where are you taking me! Just wait and see! Ok? After about five minutes of him dragging me along with him we finally arrived at the nearest donut king. Ok you can take off the blindfold now. NIALL I LOVE YOU THIS IS MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE MALL! I instantly ran up to him and gave him a massive bear hug. Good I'm glad you like it. What? Would you like the lady asked Niall he looked at me. There was like ever. Donut in the planet there and I found myself just staring at them all wishing that I could start devouring them all. In the end I went for a jam donut with cream icing and icing sugar. Mmm that was so good Niall thank you!  No no anything for M'lady. What? Did he just call me M'lady? Yeah yeah he did because he is blushing. Um Emma could I ask you something? Sure Niall of course ask away! I saw him slowly turn his head so that he was facing me and mumbled something but I couldn't understand him. Niall sorry but I couldn't understand you. Um I said would you like to come to dinner with me tonight? Oh um I'm sorry Niall but I have a date with Harry tonight but how's tomorrow sound? Ok tomorrow's great! Ok then tomorrow it is! Im confused did Niall just ask me on a date? I feel really bad because Harry is taking me out tonight. Before I could think about anything else Niall interrupted my thoughts. Emma are you ready to go? Um yeah let's go. While we were walking back to his car for some reason I couldn't stop thinking abut Niall I mean he is cute and nice and he has a really nice body! But the question on my mind was which one do I like more Harry or Niall?



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