movie star

When Emma signs up for a audition for the biggest movie of the year will she get what she bargains for when Niall is the main boy character.


6. Punch-up

When we arrived at home Niall brought me into ours bedroom and closed and locked the door. He started to kiss down my neck stopping at my boobs, he then continued down my stomach giving me a few hickeys. He then stopped and looked at me for approval which I quickly gave to him, Niall give me more I moaned. Niall simply said ok and continued kissing me. I think you know where this is going.


Sorry lovelies I'm only thirteen and I don't want to write about sex sorry again and sorry for not updating in a while it's nearing the end of the school year and it have had a lot of ads enemy's due lately sorry again.

When I awoke form my slumber it was some time around 11. Niall wake up its 11! Shit you're joking me I have to go in a half and hour! Ok then get up. With that I pushed him out of bed and he rushed off to the shower. While Niall was in the shower I put of some make up and headed down stairs. When I reached the bottom of the stair I laid eyes and three boys with massive grins on their faces. They all asked in unison if I enjoys last night. What how- I was cut off by Zayn saying Emma you were like screaming Niall's name half the night. I hope you enjoyed your self because I lost a lot of sleep last night. Niall then ran down stairs and said hello everyone. Then he gave us all weird looks. What's up? He asked, we were just talking about last night and all the fun you two had. Niall's cheeks turned a deep red. All the boys started laugh. I changed the topic asking where's Harry? Not sure sorry love Liam replied. Ok well you guys got to go or your going to be late. Now shoo!

While the boys were gone I decided to go shopping with the money Niall gave me. I hoped in the car and when to Niall's favourite restaurant Nandos. When I got there I asked the waiter to reserve a table for two. The lovely waiter said ok and asked me where I would like to sit tonight. I told him somewhere towards the Back of the restaurant because Niall didn't want to get harassed by the paps. I then when to the nearest shopping mall and headed to vallygirl. I bought a hot mini dress and a couple shirts and a pair of washed black skinny jeans. I headed home to get ready to surprise Niall. I reapplied my make up and then got into my mini dress and then headed down stairs and wrote a note for Niall. Then I got in my car and then headed to Nandos.

Niall's POV

When I got home I headed to the kitchen to get something to eat. I saw a note on the counter it soda go to Nandos now!

love Emma.

I listened to what the note said and headed off to Nando's. While I was driving I was thinking about why Emma wanted me to go to Nando's. I figured that she just wanted to go out for dinner and have some alone time with me. I went along with it and when I arrived at Nando's I looked around for Emma I finally saw her and the WAITER! I rushed over to her and the waiter. But all of the sudden the waiter leaned in towards her and started kissing her! That did it I saw her struggling to get away from the sly waiter so I ran over to them and pulled the waiter of her and then started yelling at him. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING TO MY GIRL! I yelled at him. The waiter looked sheepishly at me and then walked away quickly. I asked Emma if she was ok and then we ordered our meals. We both decided to get the peri-peri chicken. The waiter came back with our meals and I gave him a stay-the-hell-away-from-her look and he left. But no before he bent down and quickly looked at Emma's arse. That's it I screamed and then punched him on the face and grabbed some take home food boxes. While I was stuffing the food into the boxes Emma look horrified and started crying. Stupid I thought to myself before going over to her and giving her a bear hug and rubbing her back. She stopped crying and started to help me put the food into the boxes. Once we were done putting the good into the boxes I grabbed her hand and we left.

We were driving around town hopelessly when I suggested let's go home and have a movie night. I then quickly added just us and she started smiling, oh how I loved her perfect smile.

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