movie star

When Emma signs up for a audition for the biggest movie of the year will she get what she bargains for when Niall is the main boy character.


7. Movie Night

Niall's POV

When we got to our place I went off to go and get the food for us while Emma went to go pick us out a movie. I put in the popcorn in the microwave and them started daydreaming about all the different kinds of food that I could bring out for us when I saw Emma rush into the kitchen she said something I think but I could hear he so I went on day dreaming. I assume that she pulled out the popcorn because I smelt this bad smell. So I Moved into the home theatre room and sat down on the couch. Aaaaarrrrrgggggg!!!! I screamed, Emma literally fell to the floor holding her stomach while laughing. "That was so not funny" I said while laugh to my self for being so stupid. She simply tried to talk but couldn't manage not to so she kinda ended up mumbling something. Mage continued to laugh which just made me laugh harder, we both ended up in laughing fits. At one point Emma was smacking the ground trying her hardest to stop laughing, which just made me laugh harder.

After we had both calmed down we went on with our idea of the movie night. Of course she decided on paranormal activity 4 (which by the way is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen). We sat down on the sofa and started cuddling as the movie started. Half way throughout the movie I could feel Emma's heart pounding against my chest and she started shaking wildly. I calmly asked her if she was okay. She said that she was fine but in some parts she was going to put her head into my chest.

Once paranormal activity was finished I chose another movie, I announced that we were going to watch and old favourite footloose. We started the movie and almost all the sudden the atmospheres changed from frightened to happy and jumpy almost. When footloose ended we decided to go to bed.

As we climbed into bed I thought to myself what a great night I had just me and my girlfriend relaxing and watching movie but I couldn't fogey all the cuddling that happened tonight. I just wanted to pause this moment and never leave it, it was just that great. Of course my thoughts were interrupted by Emma whining about how cold the bed was or something along the lines of that. I ended up cuddling with her. Eventually we both fell asleep dreaming happy thoughts.

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