movie star

When Emma signs up for a audition for the biggest movie of the year will she get what she bargains for when Niall is the main boy character.


4. Dinner???

When we got home or well to Niall's home. I went straight up to my bedroom and thought about Niall's question, I really needed to figure out who I liked because at the moment I felt confused about this whole thing and I needed time to work this out. I ended up calling Liam se in gas he's the most sencibale out of the boys so I called him. Hey Emma what's up? Oh hi Liam I was just calling to get something off my chest. Do you reckon you could pop around to Niall's place in a half and hour? Um yeah sure. Are you ok Emma you don't sound so sure about something. Yeah Liam I'm fine. Just like I said I need to get something off my chest. Ok bye Emma see you in a little while! Bye Liam! After I called Liam I instantly feel a little bit better. While I was waiting for Liam I decided to get into the shower seeing as I was still in my PJ's. While I was in the shower I counldn't stop thinking about Niall I mean did I like him as a friend or did I have a crush on him. While Harry is such a charmer and it feels like he is always flirting with someone regardless of whether he was in a relationship with someone else. I guess I just didn't want to get hurt by him. Niall seems like a person who wouldn't be flirty with someone else than his crush. After my shower I decided to apply a little bit of makeup. As if on cue Liam knocked on the door. I rushed off to get it but Niall had beat me to him. Liam what are you doing here? Um well Emma called me asking if I could come and talk to her about something. Oh ok I just go and get her. As soon as I heard that Niall was going to go and get me I rushed up stairs and quietly closed the door and grabbed my phone. Emma? Niall sati poking his head through the door. He looked so cute. No wait Emma don't think that you don't even know if you like him yet! Yes Niall? Um Liam is here and he said that you called him asking to come so you could talk. Is everything alright? When he said that I felt like my heart melted, concern plastered on his face. Um yeah Niall I'm fine I'm just a little bit confused that's all. Send him up please. Wait before I go get Liam I need to do something. Um o... but I was cut off by Niall slamming his lips into mine and his tongue asking for entry  and me granting it. Wait was I kissing back? Yes yes I was but oh what the hell. The kiss finished within about 10 seconds. And then Niall left to get Liam while I quickly fixed up my lipstick. I quickly got back on my phone and looked at twitter. Within 1 day I had like a million followers. Liam suddenly burst through the door smiling. What? Oh nothing I heard about your little kiss. What he told you! Yes Liam said in a matter-of-fact voice. Ok well I need to tell you something right NOW!!! Ok ok  sit and let's talk. Ok well Harry asked me on a date yesterday and then today when Niall and I went to the mall today Niall asked me on a day and I don't know which one I like as a friend and which one I would like to go dates with? And so I need your help. Ok well if you want a long term relationship go for Niall if you want a short term relationship go for Harry, but I think you should know that Niall really likes you. As for Harry he only wants you for sex. [~{ ok thanks so much Liam I'm going to cancel my date with Harry thank you much and with that I ran up to Liam and gave him a bear hug. No no it's fine I'm going to go talk to Niall. Ok I'm going to talk to Harry. After that talk I felt the best I have all week. Hi Harry. Hi babe. Don't call me babe ok and I can't come to dinner ok bye. And with that I hung up.

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