Hearts Content

A group of friends find themselves stuck in difficult situations that drag some friendships or even relationships apart and for others become closer. Which direction will they chose?


2. Waltz with me

Avery's P.O.V

"Have a great day at school sweetie, love you!" I jump out of the car embarrassed. "Yes mum, I love you too." I whisper and roll my eyes. "Oh before I go, you're going home with Gemma, she's a lovely girl. I've got a big meeting this afternoon so I can't take you home." I sigh, having to drive home in the same car as Harry would be my dream but I'm awkward.

Drama is first, I find Niall on my right. "Hey Niallsa! What's up?" I ask him grinning.

"Uh- you know just the usual, eating and more eating." I giggle.

"You know you get sent to detention if you eat during class." He shrugs. "Ah well, it's worth it. If I get to spend anytime of the day with my true love I'll take it." He says winking.

He's such a weirdo, but he's my weirdo.

"Let me guess, Drama first?" He asks. "You know me too well" I say nudging him in the ribs. My red hair flys in a direction and hits someone in the face.

"Oh hay, Eliza!" I said. I hear her choke painfully.

"Let me breathe woman!" Niall and I laugh.

"Sorry." I pull away my hair from her face. As she looks up she looks towards Niall's direction and her expressions change. She's turned as red as a tomato. Niall wouldn't suspect anything because he's as dope as a sloth or a donkey. But I definitely know what's going on here.

"Um, I've got to get to class but I'll catch up with you guys at break?" I say awkwardly. There's no rush for me to leave but I want to give them some "alone time". I laugh evilly in my mind while walking away. Eliza's going to kill me later.

"Today class, we are learning the prospects of dance. Waltz in particular, and to do that I need each one of the boys to assign with a girl partner as the couple."

All the popular boys rush over to all the popular girls not wanting to have been put with any of the geeks or emos.

No one walks to me for ages. I'm starting to think I really am unloved.

That is until, I see Secil the biggest nerd who wears high shorts that make his legs look terribly chubby with fluro overalls and picks his nose and squishes it underneath the desk. Nobody, I mean no one would want to ever have to dance with him. But of course he is walking straight up to me.

Suddenly someone runs through the door panting, out of breath. "Harry Styles, what are you doing being here so late!" Mrs Cavanor asks angry. "I'm sorry I woke up late." The teacher looks at him strangely. "Well, we've just partnered up with people for waltz for the end of the year 12 graduation night, if you may choose one g-" "I'll be with Avery!" He waves and smiles at me.

My heart skips a beat as his hand slides around my waist. De Ja vu much. "Might sound stupid, but I had a dream that we danced together last night." He whispered in my ear. My eyes widen. "Are you serious! Me too!" You say shocked.

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