Hearts Content

A group of friends find themselves stuck in difficult situations that drag some friendships or even relationships apart and for others become closer. Which direction will they chose?


6. Truth or dare?

Eliza P.O.V

"So, were pretending to date, right?" Louis asks confused.

"Yep, pretty much." I mumble with my mouth full of salt and vinegar chips.

Louis and I sat on top of the skate ramp at the skate park. We always meet up here on a Wednesday. It was Louis turn to bring all the food. He brought obviously, salt and vinegar chips (knowing it was my favourite). Skittles, Big M's and cookie dough. Louis has a strange addiction to it.

"Ok, I can feel my fat rolling over my other roll of fat. I should probably stop eating now." I say playing with my tummy, squishing it in odd shapes. He stares at me weirdly. Then smiles anyway.

"You're a weird kid you know. Why am I even friends with you?" He says laughing.

"Because, you realised you couldn't live without me." I say winking at him.

He rolls his eyes. "Sure sure, if that's what makes you happy." He adds. "So, truth or dare?" He asks in a girly voice clapping at thinking of such a great game.

"Um, truth." I say grinning. He frowns.

"No fair, I already know everything about you." He admits. It was true, Louis did know everything about me. There wasn't one thing I could tell him that he wouldn't know already. "Fine." I furrow my eyebrows. "Ugh. Dare." I dare myself. Hah.

"Mwahahaha!" He laughs evilly. He looks around the skate park mysteriously.

"Ok, we have a dare." He smirks. "See that guy over there, tall blondy?" He asks me grinning. I nod. This isn't going to be fun.

"Go over to him, and talk to him until you can get his number. Then tomorrow you have to ring him up and ask him on a date." He says laughing while finishing off the last skittles. I smack my hand at his face, causing him to choke on them. He glares at me while I walk towards the attractive blonde haired boy.


As he hands me his number, we smile at each other. "Well I better go now, later skater." I say winking.

"The names Brandon." He says back grinning.

"Eliza." I say back.

As I walk back to Louis, his face expression is priceless. He sits there applauding me. "Who knew, Eliza has flirting skills." He says nudging me in the arm. I push him away playfully.

"Ok, let's go before he thinks you're my boyfriend." I comment.

"Well, I am aren't I." He winks.

"Only at school." I say slipping my hand out of his, somehow he had slid it into mine. Cheeky boy.

We walk back in silence. Which was strange. I think about yesterday's awkward kiss with Louis, I can't help but blush. That was my first kiss ever. Honestly, it was amazing. Even though it was, Louis. Ever since that damn kiss I've been fairly awkward around him. I try so hard to act normal, but something about this boy is making my stomach fill with butterflies.

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