Hearts Content

A group of friends find themselves stuck in difficult situations that drag some friendships or even relationships apart and for others become closer. Which direction will they chose?


7. Sleepover

Eliza's P.O.V

"Snap! I win!" Louis shouts, he picks up the pile and shoves it in my face. We laugh hysterically together.

"Yeah right, you sore loser!" I smartly comment, Louis has been losing the whole way through the game. He's the worst at this game, but he's cute when he's angry.

My eyes start to become heavy and I find myself tired. But I know Louis would kill me if I went to sleep now, Wednesday nights are game nights. We have to stay up all night.

"I know your jealous you lost, so I'll give you time to cool off. I'm going to have a shower." He comments winking.

He leaves me alone in the wide space of room as I hear the sound if the shower taps turning on. I fall back onto the double bed tiredly. Sorry Louis, I'm definitely falling asleep tonight.


Louis P.O.V

As I walk out of the bathroom with dripping hair, I peer over to the bed to find Eliza asleep. Damn, I knew she couldn't stay up all night. She'll pay for it in the morning.

I scoop her up from the bed and put her delicate body underneath the donna covers. Her face looked so sweet, I just wanted to snuggle up next to her. I take off my t shirt hastily, for it was getting hot. I jump into the bed next to her, I whisper into her ear. "So much for an all nighter."


Eliza's P.O.V

I open my eyes slowly, all is but a blur. My eyes flutter until I see clear again. I feel circular motions on my back, Louis was tickling my back. I smile as he thinks I'm asleep, my body was facing away from his and there was at least more then a metre between us.

"I'm sorry I fell asleep last night." I mumble nearly getting the words out. His hand quickly reacts and pulls away quickly.

"Sorry." He said almost like he had been caught doing something bad.

"No, I liked it." I grin. I feel his hand tickle my back again. I start to move in closer to his warm body, that's when I realise he has no top on. I twitch at first, but suddenly rest comfortably on his chest. His arms wrapped around my thighs and he pulled me even closer.

"Cold, isn't it?" Louis whispered sweetly rhythmically in my ears. I turn around to see his face staring at me, he starts playing with my hair, I smile while I close my eyelids again.

"I like it when you do that."


Louis P.O.V

Eliza decided to make pancakes for breakfast, she was a horrible cook but I would never tell her. So I just sat back and watched her enjoying herself.

She squeezes the maple syrup all over the pancake and placed in front of me, it smelt delicious. I reach over the island bench for sugar, I pour at least 2 tablespoons on covering it like a mountain. After finishing it quickly, I looked up to her surprised, it actually tastes amazing. "That tasted amazing El." I say as I place the plate and cutlery in the dishwasher.

"So, you fell asleep last night." I say grumpily. She looks at me apologetically.

"Sorry." She frowns.

"It's fine, but your going to have to pay for it." I smirk. She crosses her arms in a snooty way.

"Oh yeah, and how am I going to?" She asks confused.

I walk across the room to where she is and gaze at her lips, not knowing how she is going to respond. I grab her by the waist and pull her closer. "This is how." I peck her on the lips lightly wanting more but not wanting to freak her out. She looks at me stunned at first, but quickly replies by pulling me back with a passionate long meaningful kiss. My mouth traced hers up and down, my tongue trying to find a entrance into her mouth. Finally she led me down her throat, exploring her mouth, her lips taste like sweet honey. She pulls my hair groaning. I keep going to pull away, but I can't seem to do it, she makes me weak, which somehow makes me strong.

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