Hearts Content

A group of friends find themselves stuck in difficult situations that drag some friendships or even relationships apart and for others become closer. Which direction will they chose?


5. Sketches

"Hold still." Zayn said soothingly.

I giggle.

"Ok, ok!" I whisper.

Zayn had his sketch pad placed on his knees exactly like the other day. But this time he was sketching a person. A familiar face. Delicate hazel eyes, soft, wispy brown hair, oval face, round nose and the same dimples above her smile. Me.

"I look better in your sketches then I do ever." I compliment, peering over the drawing.

"Please, you should see you through my eyes. This sketch is nothing compared to your perfection." He hides his face into the paper slightly.

Wow. Zayn Malik giving me a compliment. Way to go Lucy.

"So." He coughs awkwardly.

"You can have this now. But may I know your name first so I can write it to you." He asks.

"You know what, I like "love" it's catchy." I say while interrupting his frown with a humongous hug.

"You have an amazing talent Mr Malik."

"Well some think different." He says disappointed.

"Well don't listen to them, cause they suck."

He smiles.

"Do you wanna wag today?" He grins. And this time I do too.

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