Hearts Content

A group of friends find themselves stuck in difficult situations that drag some friendships or even relationships apart and for others become closer. Which direction will they chose?


8. Pancake Palour

Avery's P.O.V

I run up to Taylor and Liam, "hey guys, wait up!" I finally catch up to the two of them. They turn around, and smile once they see me.

"Hey Avery, you coming to Pancake Parlour?" Taylor asks hopeful. I nod.

"Hey I'll be inside guys, I'll just go order for us." Liam comments. He kisses Taylor on the cheek before entering into the building.

Taylor quickly turns back around and grins at me. "So. You and Harry!" She jumps excitedly. "I'm so happy for you guys!" I start blushing, I feel like the luckiest girl on earth. "Is he coming today?" I smile at her excitement, it's so sweet she cares so much. As I'm about to answer, someone's hands cover my eyes.

"Guess who?" Someone whispers into my ears. I automatically know who it is, that sweet voice I have heard since I was five. I pull down his hands and turn towards him.

"Hey babe." I peck him lightly on his lips. He grins.

"You girls coming inside?" He asks pulling my hand to the entrance. Taylor just walks behind us pulling funny faces, pointing from Harry to me. She then makes a love heart shape with her hand looking through at it to Harry and I holding hands. I giggle.

We spot Liam and Lucy sitting at one of the booths and someone else I couldn't quite figure out. I squeeze in next to Liam, and then looked up at the random in front of me and realised who it was. I spilt Liam's drink all over the table.

"What is he doing here?" I questioned Lucy angrily. Zayn Malik was sitting right in front of me, next to Lucy. Zayn is the school jerk. He is just a player, and way to 'cool' for our group. What is he doing here? Why would Lucy invite such douche?

"Do you guys know Zayn? I thought I would invite him." Lucy says happily like she didn't even realise I was angry. But looking at each of us with assurance

I look over to Liam and find him death staring Zayn. Taylor coughs awkwardly. "I'll just go get something to wipe up the spilt coke." She walks away and comes back with a handful of napkins.

Louis, Eliza and Niall appear through the entrance and search for us. I wave my hand at Eliza, she looks like she's been crying, her face is all red and puffy. As the boys come towards the group, Eliza leaves to go to the bathroom, I get up and follow, as well as Lucy.

"Eliza, what's wrong?" Lucy and I ask in sync kicking at the cubicle door. We could hear her sniffling, she finally unlocks the door, all though she was smiling she looked terrible.

"Nothing, I'm good." She quivers. I chuckle.

"Yeah, you're fine." I say sarcastically.

"Just Louis and I had a fight." She sniffles. Lucy and I look at one another. This must be bad, Louis and Eliza NEVER fight, I mean NEVER.

"Do you want to tell us?" Lucy asks uncertain. Eliza splashes her face with the tap water from the bathroom sink.

"In time." Was all she said, I nudged Lucy to indicate that we should give her sometime to think, whatever was going on was obviously pretty bad.

When we came back to our seats. Harry hugged me. "I ordered you Syrup Physco, is that ok sweetie?" Harry asked as cute as ever.

"My favourite." You smile widely.

It was nice to be back all in our group again, besides Zayn anyway. But after a few conversations he didn't seem as bad as I thought he was. I wonder how Lucy and Zayn know each other?

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