Hearts Content

A group of friends find themselves stuck in difficult situations that drag some friendships or even relationships apart and for others become closer. Which direction will they chose?


9. Love Triangle

Avery's P.O.V

After the Pancake Parlour, I caught up to Eliza before she left. "Hey you want to come to mine tonight?" I ask because I hate seeing her sad. She smiles.

"Sure!" She states. "I'll just cancel Louis." She starts pressing letters into her phone. I bite my lip and push her hand away from the phone.

"Are you sure? If it's too much trouble-" "no it's fine, I think I need to have some space from him for a while." She says calmly.

As we get into my car, I look at her curiously. "So, what's with Louis and you?" I ask impolitely, but she didn't mind.

"Well, we kissed." She sighed. I scream, this was so unexpected! "And you weren't planning on telling me this!? Oh my gosh Eli, that's adorable! Why are you crying then?" I ask impatient.

"Because, it was a mistake. I don't know what came over me. Louis is my best friend, not my boyfriend, so I stopped him." She said ashamed. I pat her back.

"Hey, it's ok. Does Louis know your not into him?" I ask uncertain.

"That's the thing I-I am into him." I look at her confused and then suddenly burst out laughing.

"Nice one, Eliza.-" "no seriously, I don't know what to do. Please help me Avery, I've never felt like this about Louis."

I was speechless. "But, I thought you liked Niall?"

"Well, I still do. But I also like Louis, i don't know, my feelings are all over the place at the moment." She sniffles.

"Hey, let's just go home watch a billion chick flicks and don't talk about boys the whole entire time. Deal?" I offer my hand, she shakes it.

"Sounds good."


"Robbie is a goddess." Eliza drooled over the tv, we both giggle. We were snuggled into a pastel pink blanket on the lounge couch, eating popcorn, watching 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging'. It was just what I felt like actually.

Suddenly my mother walks into the kitchen with groceries. She shivers as she pulls her gloves and beanie off and stands by the heater.

"Hi mum."

"Oh girls, it's freezing out there. I can't even feel my ears or toes anymore."

I pull the curtain open and find it snowing outside.

"How are you Eli, haven't seen you in a while now dear." My mum asks Eliza.

She smiles wide. "Sorry, we've been so busy moving into our new house I've basically lived in my room all semester moving stuff in. But I'm pretty great, how about you?"

"Great thanks precious. Oh that reminds me, Avery you haven't cleaned your room. How are your guests going to like that?" I look at her confused.

"It's only Eliza over tonight mum." I assure her.

"Oh, I just saw Niall down town. I invited him over, was that ok?" I wide eye her.

I turn over and see Eliza fake smiling awkwardly.

"Great." She mouthed sarcastically.

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