New girl.

Ryan and Chaz bring their new best friend Lex with them on vacation to Atlanta for the summer to visit Justin Bieber. But what happens when Justin and Lex start to fall for eachother? Will it work out? Read to find out ;)


15. You've got a keeper.

Lex's POV

Justin- How about we play a game?

Lex- Oh gosh, I'm scared... what game?

Justin smirked and rubbed circles on the small of my back as we were cuddled together in the small bunk.

Justin- 20 questions?

Thank god. I didn't know what to think when he said playing a game. But I defiantly got a little nervous.

Lex- Hmm, okay.

Justin- Okay, Ill go first, but you need to remember we have to answer every question truly. You swear?

Lex- Yeah, Yeah I swear. Lets get to playing.

Justin's lips pecked mine slowly and softy before he looked like he was contemplating on what to ask me first.

Justin- Okay. Question one, have you ever been drunk before?

I giggled and looked into Justins eyes.

Lex- Yepp. Now my turn, were those rumors true about you smoking weed with Za and Twist?

Justins face flashed with regret and he nodded and looked down at our bodies which a piece of paper couldn't even fit in between.

Lex- Babe, don't look sad I really don't care.

Justin looked surprised which l hope led him to his next question.

Justin- question 2 have you ever smoked weed before?

Lex- mmmmhmm.

Justin- Wow, didn't expect that. Why did you do it?

Lex- Hey, hey, no questions out of turn. Now my next question, why did you smoke weed?

Justin- Well, question Steeler, it was because I get really stressed with work and all and it is just fun. I don't see what is so bad about it. What about you why'd you do it?

Lex- Well, as I told you I didn't have the best life here in Vegas so whenever I would be pissed off or something I would just smoke a bowl and yeah...

Justin- Do you still do it?

Lex- I mean, Im not saying I wouldn't... I like doing it. Its very relaxing.

Justin didn't reply to me, maybe he stopped and doesn't like it anymore. Or what if he thinks its gross if girls do it. Okay im just gonna go for it...

Lex- Where are Za and Twist right now?

Justin- I don't know why?

Lex- You should call em up and we should all hang out, you know smoke a bowl or 2.

Now my heart was beating out of my chest. fuck, why isn't he saying anything.

Justin- how?

Lex- How what?

great. what the fuck does that mean...

Justin-How did I get the coolest girlfriend on the face of the earth.

as he said this I literally felt like a 1000 pound weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Lex- well, what can I say...

I then laughed uncontrollably and Justin stared into my eyes and kissed my lips barely.

Justin- They are never going to believe me... but ill call them right now.

Justin snatched his phone off the ground where is was laying and pulled up the contact that said "Twist" and hit call.

I am actually really excited I haven't been able to smoke in a long time because I never found a dealer I Stratford.

Justin- Twist my man, what's up?

Twist- Waddup JB?

Justin- so I was wondering when you and Za are going to come visit me while im on tour?

Twist- Depends, where you at?

Justin- Were in vegas right now leaving tonight to LA.

Twist- Well, isn't it our lucky day, me and Za are in LA right now.

Justin laughed and I could tell he really likes hanging out with these guys considering the cheeky smile on his face.

Justin- well I don't know if you heard but I got me a lady.

Twist- How much is she getting paid?

Twist chuckled a loud raspy laugh and I just rolled my eyes but Justin looked a little mad at his comment.

Justin- Naw, man. I really like her and I think you will to considering she is the one who told me to call you guys.

Twist- What? Im confused. why would she tell you to call us. Did she tell you we can only chill with you one more time then never again like bitch face.

Justin- Nope, she said she wants to smoke a bowl with us. Completely her idea. I stopped because Selena told me she didn't like it.

Twist- Well fuck me sideways, you've got a keeper.

Justin- Yep, I know. Well text me the address you guys want to meet up at and we'll go from there.

Twist- Aight bro, deuces.

Justin hung up the phone and looked at me.

Justin- You are the best thing that's ever happened to me. You know that?

Lex- Well, I know that now.

I smiled and could feel the blood rush to my cheeks.

Justin- I love you baby.

Lex- I love you Justy.

RATED R******

His lips pressed against mine and I pushed back forcefully. His tongue slid between my lips and I granted him entrance. I slid my hands underneath his shirt feeling his amazing abs before sliding my hands down to his pants and unbuttoning them. He tugged at the bottom of my shirt and I lifted my arms as we broke the kiss for less than a second to pull my shirt over my head. I started pushing his pants down as pulled his shirt off and fumbled with the back of my bra while we were still in our heated make out session. His pants were halfway down his legs as he pulled my bra off me started rubbing my body all over. Tugging at my pants now to pull them down. But I couldn't wait anymore I broke the kiss and pulled my pants and underware down at the same time as I looked to him and pointed at his boxers

Lex- Take them off.

I demanded him and he just smirked and listened to me.

Lex- and grab a condom and meet me on the couch.

I laughed and ran to the couch as he grabbed a blue and silver packet and and ran after me on the couch. He fumbled on top of me while my hands slid down his body grasping his length. He put his teeth to my earlobe and whispered

Justin- You are so demanding. I love it.

He kissed down my neck to my jaw sucking behind my ear and all around it. I will defiantly have a hickey there. by now my hand was pumping fast and I could feel his hardness on my leg. he kissed me and I could feel a moan from the back of his throat vibrate through my mouth.

Lex- Justin. I want you. Now.

before I could even finish the word Now. Justin slipped himself inside me.

Justin- Wait baby, the condom.

Justin pulled out and I groaned with displeasure as he slipped the condom on himself and pushed himself into me over and over again.

Lex- Jussstin!

Justin- I love you baby.

Justin slid his hand down my body rubbing my sensitive spot in circular motions which sent me over the edge I started clawing at his back with my left hand while I pulled his hair with my right and I counted to ten before we both climaxed and he fell on top of me.

Justin- Wow, that was the best sex I have ever had. seriously...

Lex- I know same.

Justin looked into my eyes and kissed my forehead.

Justin- I love you lex. and if it were up to me this would've been way more romantic instead of on my tour bus couch but that was the best and I love you so much words cant even describe.

Lex- I love you too way more than anything.

Justin got up off of me and threw away the condom and motioned me to come back into the bunk. I got up and got into the bunk with him, laying on top of him.

Justin- Go to sleep baby. when we wake up tomorrow we will be in LA.

Lex- I love you.

Justin- I love you too.



Hey guys!!! Do you guys like Rated R material because if you don't please tell me!!!But if you do tell me also!!! love you guys! The more comments and likes I get the faster I will update! xxx

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