New girl.

Ryan and Chaz bring their new best friend Lex with them on vacation to Atlanta for the summer to visit Justin Bieber. But what happens when Justin and Lex start to fall for eachother? Will it work out? Read to find out ;)


11. What do i do?

Lex's POV

I just stood there looking at the door. What do I do? Do I leave? or stay? UGGGHH. I ran my hands through my hair.  Okay I'm going to just go see if I can hear what they are saying.
I went to the door and peeked through the crack. They were just standing there talking. But I cant hear what they are saying. I just kept watching them talk. Then my heart broke. They were kissing. I couldn't move. I turned around and started running. I didn't even know I could run that fast. I ran till I could find an exit and I ran to the bus. When I got to the bus I felt the hot tears on my face.

Lex- What do I do?

Great now im talking to myself. Wait maybe pattie can help me. I ran out of our bus and across the the adults.

Lex- Pattie? are you here?

Pattie- Yeah! Im in the kitchen.

I walked into the little kitchen and pattie took one look at me then engulfed me in a hug.

Pattie- Honey whats wrong?

Lex- J-J-Justin...

Pattie- Oh my gosh, what did he do?

She rubbed my back and I just looked at her with teary eyes.

Lex- Selena came back a-and they kissed..

Pattie- Im so sorry honey.

Lex- Pattie, what do I do?

Pattie- I wish I knew, for now do you want to stay in here?

Lex- Yes, please. Thank you so much. But please don't tell Justin im here. I just cant talk to him right now.

Pattie- Of course honey.  You could stay in the first room on the left. That room is empty.

Lex- Thank you so much.

I walked to the little room and went in and locked the door. I flung myself on the bed and cried till I had no more tears left to cry. I thought he loved me...


Justins POV-

I was really nervous. Me and Selena made our way to my dressing room. Now we were just standing there in front of each other.

Selena- Justy, I miss you.

Justin- No you don't! and don't call me Justy!

Selena- But I really do! I realize now that I really love you.

Justin- No. I loved you so much and you just broke my heart! You were never actually with me. You were cheating on me.

Selena- I know. and I cant even explain to you how much I am sorry for that.

Justin- Your not sorry. Why are you even trying?

Selena- Justy, I want to get back together. Please?

Justin- No, I hav-

Then she smashed her lips against mine. I couldn't pull away for like 15 seconds. No Justin. PULL AWAY! Finally, I pulled away and backed up from Selena.

Justin- NO! Selena I have a girlfriend!

Selena- But Justy I love you. and I know you love me back.

Justin- No I don't. Not anymore. I love Lex.

Selena- You know you love me. and when you and your little whore break up don't come crying back to me.

She stormed out of my dressing room. Fuck, what do I do. Do I tell Lex she kissed me? Fuck, fuck fuck. What do I dooooo?
Okay, Im just going to go tell Lex. She needs to know.
I looked at the time. Shit, now I only have 20 minutes before the rest of rehearsal then the show is 30 minutes after that.
I ran out of the dressing room.

Justin- LEX?

Where did she go? Why didn't she wait for me? I ran out to the food table where I knew I would find Chaz or Ryan.

Justin- Ry!! Have you seen Lex?

Ry- No, she was with you last time I saw.

Justin- Fuck, Okay could she be with Chaz?

Ry- No, he's in the bathroom.

Justin- Okay, thanks bro.

Ryan just shoved another cookie in his mouth and I ran off to the bus. I pushed the door open.

Justin- LEX? LEX?

Where is she? Where else is there to look? She could be in moms bus, but I don't know why? Or I could've just missed her in the stadium. UGH. Well I go look in moms bus for now.
I sprinted across to the other bus and yanked the door open.

Justin- MOM?

Pattie- In the kitchen!

Justin- Have you seen Lex?

Pattie- Um, no. But Justin...Shes really hurt.

Justin- WHAT? WHY?

Pattie- because she saw you kissing Selena. Justin I thought I taught you better. Especially because that's what Selena did to you.

Justin- No, mom, I cant believe you would actually think I would cheat on her. I cant believe she would think I would actually cheat on her.

Pattie- Justin, she said she saw you kissing her.

Justin- Mom. She kissed me! I pushed her off me. I came to tell Lex that. Weather she saw it or not.

Pattie- Oh im sorry I doubted you honey.

Justin- Its okay. But I know you know where she is.

Pattie- Shes in the extra room but she told me not to tell you she is here. so...

Justin- Its okay. Thank you mom.


Justin- UGh. Great. Hello?

Scooter- Justin Get back here RIGHT NOW!

Justin- No I need to talk to lex! I screwed up!

Scooter- Right now you need to get back here or you want have a career.

Justin- Okay fine. Ill be there in 2 minutes.

Scooter- HURRRY!

I shoved the phone back in my pocket.

Justin- Mom! Scooter said I need to be on stage in 2 minutes. Please make sure lex is in her seat for the concert. I have a surprise.



Im so sorry I didn't update and this chapter is so short. Ill try and update as soon as possible! Thank you guys love you! don't forget to like!!

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