New girl.

Ryan and Chaz bring their new best friend Lex with them on vacation to Atlanta for the summer to visit Justin Bieber. But what happens when Justin and Lex start to fall for eachother? Will it work out? Read to find out ;)


10. We have a problem.

Justin's POV

I woke up to a flashing light in my face. what the fuck. Im trying to sleep. I opened my eyes to see my mom and scooter standing by me and Lex taking pictures of us.

Justin- MOOOM!

Pattie- Im sorry honey. You guys are just so cute.

Scooter just laughed. Then Lex started stirring in her sleep and her eyes fluttered open.

Justin- Hey baby.

Lex- Hey.

She smiled sweetly and kept her head on my chest.

Justin- Kiss?

She picked her head up and smashed her lips against mine then pulled away and went back to the same place she was before.

Pattie- AWWWWW!

Justin- MOOOM!

Lex- Stop Whining you big baby.

Justin- Heeey. Im not a baby.

I pouted and stuck my bottom lip out.

Lex- You're so cute.

She kissed my lips again and I smiled.

Justin- Mom are we almost there?

Pattie- Yeah, we should be landing any minute now.

Then the flight attendant came out.

Flight attendant- Can you guys fasten your seatbelts we are landing.

I wrapped my arms around lex and sat upright with her on my lap  I grabbed the seatbelt and pulled it over us.

Lex- Jay, you do know their is a whole row of seats here right?

Justin- Yeah I know.

Lex- what state are we in anyway?

Justin- Uhhh, Arizona I think.

Lex- Oh cool.

We now landed and were about to get off the jet.

Lex- No, wait.

I gripped her hand tighter.

Justin- what baby?

Lex- theres a bunch of paps out there. Ill just get off with Ry and Chaz.

Justin- But...

Lex- babe, I don't want to be headlines tomorrow.

Justin- fine.

I pouted and walked up to my mom and scooter. Kenny went to go grab my bags. Wait when did he even get here?

Justin- Whaddup my man Kenny!

Kenny- Hey JB!

Justin- hey you don't have to get my bag, I got them, can you just get Lex's?

Kenny- aww JB being a little gentlemen. Oh wait im being the gentlemen holding her bags.

Justin- Shut up, she doesn't want the paps to know.

Kenny- mmmhm.

I walked with my mom and Scooter and we were getting swarmed by the paparazzi.

Pap1- Justin! Justin! Are you glad your tour is starting early?
Pap2- Justin do you have a girlfriend?
Pap3- Justin was your tweet about Selena?

Justin- Mom, Scooter, Ill meet you guys in the car.

Pattie- Are you sure?

Justin- Yeah!

Great now I have to face these dumb ass Paps.

Justin- Okay! Yes im glad my tour is starting early, I do have a girlfriend, NO it is Defiantly not Selena!

Pap2- Who's your girlfriend then!?

Justin- Just someone special. I got to go will you leave me alone now!

Pap1- Just tell us who she is!

They are so annoying. I grabbed my suit and ran into the little gift shop. I could hear them all running close behind me. I think the cashier person knew who I was and what I was running from because he waved me to him.

Cashier- Come on behind here.

Justin- Thank you so much.

One of the paps came in and I heard them ask the cashier if he saw me but the cashier just responded with "who?"

Cashier- You can come up now. They're gone.

Justin- Oh my gosh, thank you so much! Is there anything I can do for you to repay you.

Cashier- Could you just sign this for my granddaughter. It would mean a lot.

This guy just saved me from getting trampled by the paps what else could I do to repay him. Wait I got it!

Justin- Of course and ill do you one better. Whats her name.

Cashier- Oh thank you so much. and nina.

I signed a piece of paper and put I love you nina. Then I went to my suit case and grabbed out 3 tickets to my show and 3 backstage passes.

Justin- Thank you so much sir and here you go.

Cashier- Oh my, you are so nice! thank you so much!

Justin- Anytime, and thank you for hiding me.

I started to walk out and I saw a little fluffy panda bear. I picked it up and yelled to the Cashier.

Justin- How much is this?

Cashier- 15 dollars. But you can just have it.

I smiled and handed him a 100 dollar bill.

Justin- Keep the change.

Cashier- Oh no I couldn't.

I just ignored him and walked out. I hid my face and walked as fast as I could to the car. I looked around the parking lot and saw Kenny waiting outside of my Range Rover. I love that car. I ran over to him and handed him my bags and opened the door expecting to see Lex, But my mom was right there and the seat next to her had chaz.

Justin- Lex?

Pattie- Well hello to you too!

Lex- Im back here.

She giggled and I couldn't help but smile at it. I climbed over my mom to get to her but Ryan was sitting in the middle next to her. I just stood there staring at him waiting for him to move. But he didn't.

Justin- Dude, move!

Ryan- Naaaaah.

Then he started moving closer to her snuggling up to her shoulder. I could feel my face heat up and my fists clench. I know they were just friends but no one touches Lex but me.

Chaz- Ry, before he goes all ape man on us just move.

Ryan- Wah, wah, little baby Justin is to in love.

Lex giggled and I patted Chaz's shoulder without even looking back at him. I sat next to lex and laced my fingers with hers. Scooter turned on some music and Kenny started to drive.

Justin- Scoot, how long of a drive do we have?

Scooter- Umm, around 10 minutes.

Justin- Okay thanks.

I turned to lex and she looked at me. I looked right into her sweet green eyes. I let my eyes roam around her perfect face to the little chain of her necklace peeking out of her purple shirt. I caressed her face with my hand and slid it down to trace her collarbone. I pulled the necklace out of her shirt.

Justin- You know purple is my favorite color?

Lex- Of course I knew that. Your room is purple.

She giggled and I smiled. That's all I ever catch myself doing around her.

Lex- But do you know what my favorite color is?

Justin- Actually I do not.

She came close to my ear and whispered.

Lex- Its purple.

I smiled and remembered about the little panda I got for her. It is right there in the trunk but I can still reach it because its an open trunk.

Justin- Whats your favorite animal?

Lex- Hmmm, good one. Favorite animal as in that I would have as a pet or favorite animal in general.

Justin- In general.

Lex- I would say a panda.

I was kind of in shock for a second. Like that was really lucky. Really, really, lucky. I reached back into the trunk and pulled out the little cute panda bear. It had big green bulging eyes and it was soft and fluffy. I set it in her lap and her eyes grew wide. Almost just as wide as the panda.

Lex- Justin! I love it so much! But how did you know what my favorite animal is?

Justin- I'm just the best boyfriend ever.

Lex- You are. But stop buying me things!

Justin- Why?

Lex- I don't want you spending your money on me.

Justin- There's more than enough to go around.

Lex- Oh shut up.

She pulled my shirt and smashed her lips against mine. I pulled he waist closer to me and licked her bottom lip to ask for entrance. She opened her mouth a little to let me in and

Scooter- WERE HERE!

We just kept going and we were now full on making out and im pretty sure everyone was watching us.

Kenny- Oooooohhhh. Get some JB.

Lex smiled into the kiss and our tongues were now back in our own mouths and she pulled away.

We all got out of the car and grabbed our bags and started walking to the 2 tour buses.

Scooter- Okay Justin, Me, your mom and Kenny get this one and you little kids get the big one.

Justin- Yeah that's right! We get the big one!

Scooter- Your about to get to sleep in the car.

Justin- Just kidding love ya scoot. And you to mom.

I kissed my mom and we went into the bus.

Lex- I didn't know a bus could be so luxurious?

Justin- Come on boo.

I pulled lex to the bunks. That's the only thing that sucks about this bus is that there are 4 little bunks instead of little bedrooms.

Justin- These are the bunks. That is the room where we keep our suit cases and we can change in and stuff. That is the bathroom.

Lex- Woah! whats the rush?

Justin- I want some cuddle time before my show tonight.

I heard someone come through the door and I put my arm around Lex's waist and pulled her close.

Scooter- Justin! Rehearsals in 20 minutes!

Justin- But we just got here.

Scooter- Just be there in 20 minutes!

Justin- UGHHH! fine.

I turned to lex and frowned.

Lex- Oh don't go all pouty.

Justin- Will you come with me?

Lex- Of course baby.

Justin- Yay.

I grabbed her waist and looked her in the eyes then down at her lips then at her eyes then at her lips again. She giggled and kissed me. I deepened the kiss and slid my tongue across her bottom lip and she opened her mouth so our tongues could fight for dominance. she was obviously losing so I slid my hands down her body to her thighs and I pulled on them and she knew where I was going so she jumped up onto my waist and I pushed her up against the bathroom door I think it was. and we were heavily making out and I didn't want it to stop. I could seriously do this all day.

Ryan- WOOOOW! What did I just walk into?

We stopped what we were doing and lex got down off of me and giggled.

Justin- Thanks bro. Well im going to go take a quick shower before rehearsals so ill be right out.

I kissed lex and headed off to the shower but then I heard Lex giggle again and call Ryan a cockblock. Haha that's why I love her...


Lex's POV

Lex- Cockblock!

Ryan- Ew don't ever say that.

Lex- Oh shuttup.

I pushed his shoulder and plopped onto the couch. and Ryan and Chaz were sitting on either side of me. I just sat there. I didn't really know what to do with myself when Justin wasn't there. Like how have I gone my whole life without him. I just love him so much.

Chaz- so how's yours and Justins relationship?

Lex- I think its really well so far.

Ryan- You guys are best friend stealers...

Lex- What?

Chaz- You stole Justin from us and Justin stole you from us.

Ryan- Yeah, now we only have each other.

Lex- Aww poor wittle babies.

Chaz- Im just glad Justin is back on tour because now when he is like doing shit, we can chill with you.

Lex- That's if he lets me out of his sight.

Ryan- True.

I heard the bathroom door open and I snapped my head around and Justin was walking to the little room where we keep all of our suit cases. He only had on a little brown towel that was slung around his waist showing all his abs and tattoos and his chiseled V line. Oh god. He needs to like stop. He is so hot. Now I know why so many people love him so much.

We all just sat there on our phones until Justin came out. Now he was wearing a white V neck, Black skinny jeans, his usual Supras and a snap back.  He walked over to me and put his hands out for me to get up. He pulled me up and laced his fingers with mine.

Justin- Okay lets go. I have to be there in 5 minutes.

We walked out of the big bus and stated walking into the building we were parked right by and we walked all the way to the other side of the building into the big auditorium.

Scooter- Wow. Okay right on time.

Justin turned to me and kissed my lips.

Justin- Stay in the front so I can look at you while I rehearse.

Lex- But I wanted to go to the snack table. Im hungry.

Justin- fiiiiinnee. But right when your done. plleeeeaaassse..

He stuck out his bottom lip and held his hands to his chest.

Lex- Okay ill come back as soon as I can.

I walked backstage and found the snack table, not surprisingly with Ryan and Chaz next to it also.

Lex- Hey guyyyyss.

Chaz- You have to have some of these cookies they're so good!!!

Lex- Okay I will.

We stood there for around 15 or 20 minutes just eating and talking then I felt a pair of hands on my eyes.

Person- Guess who?

Lex- Oh I wonder. Maybe. Justin.

Justin- Dang, you good.

I turned around and he kissed my cheek and hugged me.

Lex- Justin I just saw you like 20 minutes ago. and why aren't you rehearsing?

Justin- I missed you too much.

lex- Your a dork.

Justin- can I have a bite of your cookie?

Lex- Theres like 20 more right there, get your own.

Justin- But I want youuuuurrrs.

Lex- Fine you little baby.

He smirked and just ate my cookie in one bite.


Lex- Ooooh. You in trouble!

I giggled and he tickled my sides a little bit. and I saw scooter walking towards us with a worried or mad could be either one look.

Scooter- We have a problem. It could be a huge problem or it could be a small problem. It just depends on how you take it.

Justin- Okay, just tell me.

Scooter- Well Carly was supposed to be opening up for you tonight butttt....

Justin- But what?

Scooter- But she couldn't make it. Something about her mom and yeah.

Justin- Okay that's not bad at all. We could just find someone else.

I could tell by the look on scooters face that what he said wasn't all.

Scooter- Well, the thing is... there is only one other act available tonight for your show that is already in Arizona.

Justin- Okay who is it?

Scooter- Umm, ....Selena Gomez.....

Well, this night isn't going to be fun. I grabbed Justins hand and squeezed it. He looked like he was in shock.

Justin- JUST, I don't know, cancel the fucking show! I cant do this.

Scooter- Justin you have to!

Justin let go of my hand and I felt awkward. He started pacing back and forth. and running his hands through his hair.

Scooter- Well I have to go but you need to get your shit together and get ready for the show.

I went up to Justin and hugged him from behind.

Lex- Justin, it will be okay. You can just avoid her.

Justin- Okay your right. I love you.

Lex- I love you too.

He kissed me and I hugged him tighter. Then I heard the clicking of heels against the ground. I turned to the noise and saw her. Oh shit maybe we could avoid her.

Lex- Hey lets go to your dressing room I want to see it.

Justin- Umm, okay lets-

Selena- JUSTIN!

Fuck!!!! She spotted us. Justin turned around and I saw a sparkle in his eye. Gosh I really hope he isn't still completely in love with her. I mean I know he cant just lose feelings like that, But... I mean I just love him so much. I don't know what I would do if I lost him. He has me completely head over heels for him.

Justin- Oh...Hi Selena.

Selena- Hey Justy.

My heart ached when she said that. My hand was still in Justins but it felt like I was the only one holding. His hand was just kind of... there.

Justin- Don't call me that.

Selena- Why not?

Justin- Because were not together anymore.

Selena- Okay fine. But I have to talk to you..... Alone.

She glared at me when she said alone.

Justin- Okay.

He let go of my hand and walked into his dressing room. Selena followed him and shut the door to where it was open just a crack. I just stood still in the same spot. He didn't introduce me. Or even say no. Or say ill be right back. He didn't even look at me. He just left.



What are Selena and Justin going to talk about!!!!????

and also Im soo0ooooooo sorry for not updating I feel so bad! I was planning on updating teusday but I got really sick like ive never been more sick. I couldn't even get out of bed or sit up or anything. Then when I wasn't sick anymore I had to go back to school and I was doing schoolwork and homework after school. So im really sorry. But I hope you liked this chapter. Some drama is going to be stirring up. But also Im thinking of changing the name of this. I don't think New Girl suits it. Comment new names below Pleeeeaaaassseee!!!!

******* If I get 5 comments saying either to keep the name or new names ill update for a fact on Monday!!!! I cant tomorrow because im doing community service!! thank you!!!

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