New girl.

Ryan and Chaz bring their new best friend Lex with them on vacation to Atlanta for the summer to visit Justin Bieber. But what happens when Justin and Lex start to fall for eachother? Will it work out? Read to find out ;)


3. Meeting Justin.

***authors note- I didnt really make it clear in the first few chapters but Justin is famous in this story. Lex didnt freak out about him because Ryan and chaz talked about him a lot so it felt like she already knew him. and Lex is isnt really a belieber but she does like his music! If you have any ideas or suggestions please message me!

and everything is going to start to come together more so sorry if it doesnt seem to piece together.

Justins POV

"god why is their plane so late..."

I was leaning up against the wall by thier gate. Then i looked at my phone. oh its only 8:45. I guess i did get here a little early. well thats great. i still have to wait more time. and im excited to see my best friends so the time is going to take longer. ugggghhh. I decided to go and walk around for ten minutes while i waited. I kind of like having a disguise on. No matter how uncomfortable it is, with this itchy ass wig, i dont get attacked by a bunch of people.

Lex's POV

Chaz- LEX! LEX!

Lex- ughhh whaaaaaat?

Chaz- the plane just landed, LEETTTSS GOOOOO!

Ugh, Im so nervous its not even funny. I wonder what justin is going to think about me. I really hope he likes me. Its weird because i already practically know him, i mean with all the beliebers at school and with Chaz and Ry non-stop talking about him.

We walked off the plane and and started walking down little tunnel think you walk through to get into the actual airport. Im practically sweating because im nervous and Ryan and Chaz are like leaving me, they are super excited. I have never seen them act like this before. But its kind of funny. they keep jumping up and down and shaking eachother. They are really weird.

Justins POV

People started piling out of where the plane from stratford was supposed to land so i walked to the sitting area and leaned on a chair. I cant stop smiling im so happy to see my best friends.

Then a few seconds later i see Chaz and Ryan running towards me.



They jumped on top of me and we all nearly fell to the floor in a dog pile. we started cracking up. We all stood up and Ryan pulled a girl over to me. WOW. She was reaaallllyyy pretty. Like really pretty. I started checking her out with out her noticing. I looked at every aspect of her. Her long dirty blond almost brown hair to the small of her back. Her perfect green eyes with a ring of brown around them. She was the perfect height, and the perfect skinniness. She was like a twig but she wasnt fat. Her perfect size boobs compared to her body. She turned around as Ryan was pulling her and made sure to grab her bags because Ryan was making her leave them behind. and oh my, my my my. Her ass is so perfect. I just want to put my hands all over it. Okay okay shes coming back, stop staring.

Ryan- Justin this is Lex, Lex this is Justin.

She giggled a little bit

Lex- I already know who he is Ry. Obviously.

Ryan- well i was trying to be polite so shhh.

Justin- Haha, nice to meet you Lex.

She stuck her hand out to shake my hand but i just bypassed that and stepped forward and put my arms around her in a hug. She was kind of surprised at first but then she hugged back. Mmmmmm her hair smells really good. It smells like coconuts and other tropical fruit. We let out of the hug and i stepped back.

Justin- I've heard so much about you, Lex. Ry and Chaz dont stop talking about you.

Lex- Awww how cute.

she giggled and squeezed chaz's cheek.

Lex- Ive heard so much about you too! They bring you up in every other conversation we have.

Justin- Haha! Okay lets go guys, before someone recognizes me.

We started walking and I saw Lex grabbing her two big suit cases and a duffel bag. She didnt really look like she was struggling but whatever. I grabbed one of her suit cases and her duffel bag out of her hands. She looked kind of shocked at first but then she just smiled her beautiful smile and said thank you. I got butterflies when she said that. Dang what is up with me.

For the rest of the walk to the car i just thought of millions of things. but one thing stood out the most. The thought that even though i dont even know her Lex is the type of girl i want to be with someday, the type of girl i want to spend the rest of my life with, the type of girl i will fall in love with and start a family with.

Lex's POV

We were just arriving to justins car, well his limo. Justin is so sweet and omg even hotter in person. His driver came out and grabbed Ryans and Chaz's bags and put them in the trunk. He then grabbed the one of mine that i had and put it in the trunk. He walked over to justin and went to take the bag from him but justin just walked past him and said Kenny i got it and patted his back. Oh okay so thats kenny his body guard. Some girl at school was talking about him to another girl.Just lifted my bag into the trunk and the suit case pulled up his shirt a little showing his tattoo of a bird and part of his abs. oh my fucking god. He has such a nice body. before he turned around to see me mesmerized by his abs he pulled down his shirt and i started for the limo door. i got in and sat in next to Chaz and Justin got in and sat next to me. I could smell his cologne before he even got it, it smells like heaven...not that i know what heaven smells like or anything. haha.

Justin- so what do you guys want to do when we get back?

Ryan- well i want to unpack and do somthing that doesnt require much work or effort.

Chaz- Lets watch a movie!

Lex- Oooh yeah!

Justin- Okay, we'll decide on the movie when we get there. were only a few minutes away.

we arrived at Justins and we all got out. Kenny opened the trunk and Ryan and Chaz took their bags and i went to go grab mine but Justin put his hand in the way.

Justin- I got it Shawty.

Lex- Thanks.

I giggled. oh god, my face is probably beat red.

we walked in his big ass house and when i say big i mean like HAAAUUUUGGEEE!!

Justin- Ryan and Chaz already know what rooms their in, ill show you which one you will be staying in.

Lex- Okay, thank you.

we started walking up stairs. Ryan and Chaz went right and justin led me to the left. he then opened up a door on the left side of the hallway.

Justin- My room is right here, so if you need anything you can just come in.

He smiled at me and opened the door to my room. he walked over to the bed and put my suit cases on it.

Lex- Thank you, your really nice.

Justin- Anytime :)

He started to walk out then when he got a few feet from the door he turned around

Justin- Hey wait, umm can i get your number in case you like need something or we go somewhere and you need to call me.

Lex- oh yeah, of course.

He handed me his phone and i handed him mine.

Justin- also because if i need you or something and im too lazy to get up ill probably just text you. haha

Lex- Just like Ryan and Chaz.

i giggled and finished typing in my number and my name. I just put Lex as my name.

Justin handed me back my phone and left my room but smiled at me before he turned the corner. I looked at my phone and he put his contact as "Sexy biebs". Oh god. I smiled to myself.

I started unpacking my stuff into the dresser when Ryan came in.

Lex- Hey ry!

Ryan- Hey Lex. SOOOO? How do you like it here so far?

Lex- Well considering ive only been here for 30 minutes i cant answer that yet.

i laughed and kept putting my clothes and stuff away.

Ryan- Okay, okay. Well how do you like Justin so far?

Lex- He's really sweet. and...

Ryan- annnnd what?

Lex- nothing, he's just really nice and his house is amazing.

Ryan- no, you were going to say something else! come one tell me? plleeeaaasssee?? Im your best friend!

Lex- I was just going to say Justin is really Hot...

Ryan- ooooohhhh Justin and Lexie sittin in a tree. F-U-C-K-I-N-G first comes lo-

Lex- Shhhhhhhhhh!! Shut the hell up Ryan!!

Ryan- okay okay.

Justins POV

When i left Lex's room i went to Ryans room.

Justin- Yo ry?

Ryan- Waddup man?

Justin- can you do something for me?

Ryan- Yeah sure, what is it?

Justin- Weeeeelll can you ask Lex what she thinks of me?

Ryan- Uh yeah sure. Dude do you like her? i saw the way you were looking at her at the airport. You werent just checking her out.

Justin- i mean i dont know if i like her, i dont even know her, shes just really pretty and from what i know of her so far i really like.

Ryan- Ew, but haha okay. But dont just try to get at her shes actually mine and chaz's really good friend.

Justin- Dude i know.

Ryan went into her room and started talking to her i was listening by the door. He pushed her to tell him what she was going to say. then i heard her say i was hot and sweet. Yeeeeeeeeeesss. Score!

After Ry talked with her a little more just to not make it obvious that, that was the only reason why he went in there then he started to help her unpack, so I just went into my room.

A few minutes later there was a knock on my door.

Justin- COME IN!

Lex- hey, Ry and Chaz wanna watch that movie, are you coming?

Justin- Yeah, im just going to change ill meet you guys downstairs.

Lex- Okay :)

She smiled and shut the door. I got up and stretched and made a really weird noise. I laughed to myself then changed my jeans into my sweats and just went shirtless. I walked downstairs.

Justin- So what are we watching?

I stood in the doorway and leaned against it, I saw Lex staring at my abs. I just smirked at her and her cheeks turned a little red.

Chaz- We don't know yet none of us can decide so you pick.

Justin-Umm okay I don't know what to pick so ill just close my eyes and pick.

I knew exactly what I was doing. I am going to pick the scariest movie that I have so I can have a reason to cuddle with Lex. Lets just hope she gets scared easily. I knew exactly which movie I would pick too so I squinted my eyes so I could see where it was and grabbed the movie "Killer" ( I made that up)

Justin- Looks like were watching... Killer.

Chaz and ryan looked happy.

Lex- we're leaving the light on right?

Chaz- No! You cant watch a movie with the light on.

Lex fake cried while her and Ryan grabbed the chips and popcorn and candy they already made and got out. Ryan whispered something in Chaz's ear when lex wasn't looking and Chaz laid across the big couch.

Chaz: I call this couch!!

Ryan: I call the reclining chair.

Then ryan winked at me because the only seats left were the small 2 seater couch. I plopped on the couch next to lex and smiled at her. She smiled back with her perfect smile. We turned off the lights and started watching the movie. The first scary part came and Lex jumped and moved a little closer to me. She jumped again a few minutes later and I put my arm out telling her to cuddle up to me. She got really close and hid her head in my chest. It felt so right when I touched her. I couldn't wait for another scary part to come. It then came and she squeezed my shirt. I hugged her and she looked up at me.

Lex- (whispered) Thank you

She smiled slightly

Justin- Anytime Cutie.

I kissed her forehead and she started watching the movie again. The end was really boring so I just stared at Lex taking in all of her beauty. her head was on my chest and I was stroking her hair. I saw her eyes start to close but she opened them again and tried to stay awake. I leant down and whispered in her ear.

Justin- You can go to sleep.

She turned her head farther on my chest and fell asleep. It was really cute. You would think it was weird considering we just met TODAY. But I don't know. I feel like I've known her for forever.

The movie ended 15 or 20 minutes later and Chaz and Ryan both looked at us. They both whispered quiet awwww's then I just shushed them and picked up Lex to bring her into her room. I walked upstairs and went to her room and quietly kicked the door open. I walked her to her bed and laid her down and pulled the covers over her.

Justin- (whispers) Good night.

I kissed her forehead and quietly left the room satisfied with my day. I just couldn't wait to get up tomorrow morning and see her again.


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