New girl.

Ryan and Chaz bring their new best friend Lex with them on vacation to Atlanta for the summer to visit Justin Bieber. But what happens when Justin and Lex start to fall for eachother? Will it work out? Read to find out ;)


8. Jay?

Lex's POV

I was sitting on the couch scrolling through twitter and I saw Justin's tweet.

@Justinbieber: Missing her... :(

I smiled and looked at all the reply's, Some said "OMG do you have a girlfriend" and others were funny and said "I miss you too!"

I told Justin a few days ago not to say im his girlfriend to his beliebers because I don't want to get hate mail and death threats, I mean he is THE Justin Bieber!

Right now he is with Scooter. Scooter just called him out of no where this morning and said to meet him at some place for an interview or something. I didn't want to go with, I was too tired to get out of bed. It was 6 O' Clock in the morning. Right now its 11, and of course Ry and Chaz are still sleeping. But that could be because they went to a club last night.

I kept scrolling through twitter for another half hour then I got back to the tweets I already read from yesterday. Great. Now I have nothing to do...

I looked down and pulled out the beautiful heart necklace that Justin got me. I decided to keep trying to open it. I pulled and tried a knife to open it, but nothing. Ughhhh. I gave up and just sat on the couch and looked at it. Then Chaz came running out.


As he was yelling my name he jumped on me and hugged me with his fat ass he almost squished me to death.

Lex- God Chaz what have you been eating!

Chaz- Heeeey. Be nice now!

I just laughed and he moved to next to me on the couch.

Chaz- So now that the biebs is gone... How are you guys going?

Lex- Welll so far so good. Hes done nothing to completely piss me off.

I just laughed and Ryan laughed too.

Chaz- well that's good. Haha, also gross.

Lex- Gross?

Chaz- well its like my brother and sister are going out.

Lex- yeah that does sound kinda gross. haha Oh yeah before I forget!!

I scooted over to Chaz and Hugged him really tight.

Chaz- & that was forrrrr?

Lex- because I never got to thank you for introducing me to Justin.

I was really thankful for Ry and Chaz I mean ive never liked someone so much and they were the ones who introduced me to Justin.

Chaz- Your welcome. As long as you guys aren't getting all frisky and shit while were in the house. THEN Your not welcome!

I giggled and im sure my face probably turned red.

Chaz- I know how Justin is don't let him pressure you into doing it if you don't want to.

Lex- no worries on that one...

Chaz- what do you mean?

Lex- Nothing.

I started to walk to the kitchen because it was getting awkward talking to chaz about this. But Chaz grabbed my arm.

Chaz- Nope! You need to tell me!

Lex- Okay im not going into detail. Buuuuut, long story short, I tried and he said no he wanted to wait for it to be special and later...

Chaz- Wow.

Lex- What?

Chaz- Justin giving up sex.. He must REEEAAALLYY like you.

My face turned a little red. and I playfully slapped ryans shoulder.

Lex- Okay lets get food.


Its been a few hours since mine and Chaz's little awkward talk but we ate breakfast and he had to tell Ryan every god damn thing we talked about this morning.

I was just now sitting in my room folding my clothes that were washed. When my phone buzzed.

From: Justy <3

Be ready in 10 minutes and meet me out front! <3 <3 <3

I felt butterflies in my stomach. Gosh what does this boy do to me. I quickly texted him back.

To: Justy <3

What should I wear? <33

I sat down on my bed and waited for a text back which came like 30 seconds after I sent the message.

From: Justy <3

nothing ;). Just kidding wear something casual. <3

I didn't even text back. I quickly just put on a pair of leggings and a T- Shirt that says "Kiss This".

Justin would be here any minute. I quickly grabbed my bag and threw my phone and some chapstick in there. I went to see where Ryan and Chaz were so I could tell them bye. I walked out of my room and heard them yelling. I walked to the game room and found them playing Call of Duty Ghosts.

Lex- Bye! going out with Justin!

Chaz- Bye!

Ry- Bye!

Lex- Wait this game doesn't come out till tomorrow how'd you get it?

Chaz- Our best friend is Justin Bieber how do you think we got it.

Lex- duhh. okay bye.

I walked downstairs and heard Justin beep the car horn. I walked out the door and I see Justin walking to my passenger door and he opened it for me.

Lex- You do know you don't have to do that for me all the time.

Justin- Yeah I know.

He pecked my lips and I got in the car. He ran around to the other side of the car and got in.

Lex- So where are we going?

Justin- Either you could pick or I can.

Lex- Ummmmm, you pick.

Justin- Good choice.

He winked at me and started the car. We started driving to who knows where and I was just staring out the window, watching the cars and the trees. Just being to lazy to start a conversation. Then Justin put his hand facing up on my lap. He was indicating for me to hold his hand, so I interlocked our fingers together and he rubbed his thumb on the back of my hand. I smiled and he stopped at the red light and leaned over and turned his cheek to me.

Justin- Kiss.

I just turned his face toward me and kissed him on the lips for only a few seconds then let go.

Justin- Nooooo, don't stop.

Lex- you need to drive.

Justin-The light is red.

Lex- Not anymore.

I pointed to the light and it turned from red to green.

Justin- wow. How'd you know that.

He started driving and he put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing it.

Lex- Im magic, you didn't know that?

Justin- Nope, didn't know that.

He smiled and pulled into a park parking lot.

Justin- We're here.

Lex- Theres a park right by your house why did we drive 20 minutes just to come to this one.

Justin- Wellll, this one is huge and I like it wayyyy better.

Lex- Well okay then.

We got out of the car and he took my hand into his and kissed me on the fore head.

Justin- Okay, lets get to know eachother more. I want to know every little detail about you.

Lex- Okay. What do you want to know first.

We just walked on the trail of the park.

Justin- Okay, first. what do you like better, Ice cream or Frozen yogurt?

Lex- Hmmm, tricky one. But defiantly Frozen Yogurt!

Justin- Okay lets go.

Justin led me into a Frozen Yogurt shop. He pulled me close and we looked at the menu.

Justin- What do you want?

Lex- Hmmmm, I don't know yet, what are you getting?

Justin- I will probably get... cookie dough. With cookie dough bits.

Lex- Okay ill get Salted caramel with Sour gummy worms.

Justin looked at me with a funny face.

Justin- Your a weird child.

Lex- Child?

Justin- your a weird women.

Lex- Okay go get my frozen yogurt.

I pushed his arm playfully but he just stood there.

Justin- Only if I get a kiss.

He did a cute half smile and closed his eyes waiting for me to kiss him. I just kissed him on the cheek.

Lex- Okay there you go.

Justin- That doesn't count. That's not a real one.

He folded his arms and pouted. He stuck his bottom lip out.

Lex- You are too cute. Come here.

He came and I put my hands on his shoulders just going in to peck his lips but once our lips connected he put his hands on my face and held my face there. I started smiling into the kiss and he slid his tongue across my bottom lip. I denied his offer and he pulled away and stuck out his bottom lip again.

Justin- Hm. Not fair.

Lex- Its very fair. Not here people are staring.

Justin- Who cares. Let them see what they cant have.

He pulled at my shirt and did a little half smirk.

Lex- Okay go get my yogurt.

Justin went up to the counter and bought our Frozen Yogurt. We left the shop eating it and we kept walking on the trail talking about things that we like better. Then after about 15 minutes we had finished our Yogurt.

Justin- Come this way.

He was pulling me by my hand off the trail and he moved a tree branch to reveal a path.

Lex- Where does this lead?

Justin- you'll see.

We walked along the little path and came to a creek. It had a big rock right next to it perfect for sitting on. Justin jumped up on the rock but when I got closer to the rock I saw how big it actually was. How the heck am I supposed to get up there.

Lex- And how exactly am I supposed to get up there? Im not a little monkey boy like you.

Justin- Boy?

Lex- Man... My monkey man.

I smirked and he motioned me to him and held out his hands. He grabbed my waist and hoisted me up on the rock and on his lap. I pecked his lips and put my arms around his neck.

Justin- You are so beautiful.

Lex- Why thank you. You are so sexy.

I kissed his cheek.

Lex- I forgot to ask you how this morning was.

Justin- Well that's why I brought you here.

He looked kind of nervous which was scaring me. I gave him a confused look and he pecked my lips. His lips tasted so sweet.

Justin- Okay so Scooter called me in to tell me that we are starting the tour early.

Lex- That's great! Wait that's a good thing right?

Justin- Well it could be a good thing. Or it could be a bad thing. Depending on something.

Lex- Depending on what?

Justin- well I brought you here to ask you, Will you go on tour with me?

He looked really nervous. Like I would actually say no.

Lex- Oh my god, Of course!

Justin spun my leg around him so I was straddling him.

Justin- You have no idea how happy I am right now. I would've just canceled the tour if you weren't coming with.

Lex- don't ever cancel anything that has to do with your career or future for me.

I pecked his lips.

Justin- But that's the thing. I don't care about my career or my future if you aren't in it.

Lex- That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Justin pushed the small of my back so I scooted up on his lap and he leaned in and brushed his lips against mine. He slid his tongue across my lip and I let him fight my tongue. He slid his hands down to my butt and I grabbed and pulled on his hair. God, we both know exactly each others weaknesses. He pulled away and we just stared into each others eyes.

Justin- Wheres your necklace?

I pulled the necklace that Justin got me out of my shirt and showed him that I was still wearing it.

Lex- are you going to tell me how I can open it?

Justin- Nope. You have to figure that out on your own.

He smiled and kissed my cheek.

Lex- When are we leaving for your tour?

Justin- Oh yeah, we leave In 2 days.

he looked nervous again, like I was going to change my mind.

Lex- Jay, Im not going to change my mind about coming with you. Stop worrying.

Justin- Jay?

Lex- Yeah its cute.

I smirked at him.

Justin- I like it. Now lets go home its getting late.

It was now dark outside, we walked back to the car, and drove home.

When we got home Justin picked me up and put me on his hip like I was a little kid. I wrapped my arms around him and rested my head on his shoulder. He walked upstairs to his room. Ive been sleeping in his room every night since he asked me out. He placed me on the bed lightly and I took off my shirt and leggings. and I stared at Justin while he took off his pants and shirt. He looked at me and handed me his T-shirt. I smiled and took it from him. I then took off my bra and put his T-shirt on. Justin came and laid down next to me and pulled close to him.

Justin- I love you.

Lex- I love you too.

he kissed me on the lips and we both started drifting off into sleep.



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