New girl.

Ryan and Chaz bring their new best friend Lex with them on vacation to Atlanta for the summer to visit Justin Bieber. But what happens when Justin and Lex start to fall for eachother? Will it work out? Read to find out ;)


12. Fall :)

Lex's POV

Pattie- Lex honey?

Lex- Yeaah.

God, I love pattie but right now I really don't want to talk.

Pattie- Honey, Justin was just here. Do you want to know what he said?

I started crying again. Are you serious. He came here and didn't even try to talk to me about it.

Lex- N-no.

Pattie- Honey, please. He had to run to the show so he couldn't come talk to you. He wants me to tell you something.

Lex- Come in..

My stomach turned and I sat up so my head was leaning against the head board and pattie came in and sat at the edge of the bed.

Pattie- Lex, Justin was looking for you but I told him I didn't know where you were and he said he will explain everything to just make sure you go to the show as soon as possible.

Lex- No, I cant go.

Pattie- Lex please.

Lex- I just cant.

Pattie- Lex, he will make it all better.


Pattie- Okay come one.

We walked to the stadium and got let through a special door to backstage.

Pattie- Were going to go sit in the front row. Unless you want to stay back here. Its up to you?

Lex- Lets go sit.

Pattie- Okay hon.

We walked to our seats and waited for the countdown. I felt like my eardrums were going to burst. But at this point I kind of wish they did. And this is why I don't like having a boyfriend or liking someone. You always end up getting hurt in the end. Then again Justin is only my third boyfriend I ever had. Maybe its me who is doing something wrong. Wait, no, hes the one who kissed Selena...











Then Justin came out and started singing ALAYLM with the wings. Everyone was singing along with the exception of me. I was just sitting there with my knees to my chest trying not to look up. He sang the whole song and then they brought a stool out on stage. Justin went and sat on it and got handed his guitar.

Justin- How are you Phoenix? I'm going to do something a little different tonight because, I don't know if you guys know or not but I do have a girlfriend but... I screwed up tonight.

All the fans cheered even louder than when Justin came out.

Justin- So I just want to say, baby I love you and I hope you forgive me.

I looked up and our eyes connected. It looked like he was about to cry. But that could just be from the lights.

Justin- so, Im going to sing a song I wrote for her that you guys have never heard yet!

He started strumming his guitar.

Justin- Well, let me tell you a story about a girl and a boy. He fell in love with his best friends best friend. When she's around he feels nothing but joy. But she was already broken and it made her blind but she could never believe in love would ever treat her right.

He kept singing the song but I was actually paying attention to the words really closely this time unlike the first time he sang it to me where I was just in a daze about how nice he was for writing me the song in the first place. But I realized how did Justin know all these things about me. He knew that I was broken and everything. I have never told anyone this but that is exactly how I am. This whole song is the definition of me and him. Other than the part about us having a friendship for a long time. I waited for the song to be over and our eyes connected again. A tear fell from his eye and all the beliebers aww'd. I got up and ran backstage, until someone crashed right into me and we both crashed onto the floor.

Lex- aww, shit.

Then I looked at who it was and it was Justin who knocked into me. He stared into my eyes and pulled me into a hug right there on the floor.

Justin- Lex, Im so sorry for everything. I cant believe Im already screwing up our relationship. I don't even know why I went in there with Selena but once I got in there and she was begging for me to take her back all I could thing about was you and I just kept telling her I had a girlfriend but she just kissed me. I didn't kiss her I swear and I-

I smashed my lips against his to shut him up. He pulled my waist closer to him and kissed back harder.

Justin- I Love You and im so sorry.

Lex- Justin its okay, I just saw you guys kissing and freaked out and Im sorry. I should've waited and let you explain.

Justin- You shouldn't be sorry for anything, this was my fault.

Lex- Lets just forget this ever happened.

I smiled and he nodded and kissed me again. Then scooter came running to Justin.


Justin- Oh shit. I love you Lex.

He kissed me and stood up and helped me up.

Lex- I love you too. But I need to talk to you about something after the concert.

His face turned pale and he looked scared.

Lex- Its nothing bad don't worry.

I kissed him and he ran back on stage. I went to his dressing room and hung out in there till the show was over. Justin came running in the room and he jumped on top of me and kissed my face a million times and I was cracking up laughing.

Justin- Hey baby.

Lex- Hey, thanks for crushing me.

Justin- anytime.

He kissed me on the lips then sat up next to me and pulled me up to.

Justin- So what did you want to talk to me about?

Lex- Well... When you were singing fall, I actually started listening to the words carefully and...

Justin- And...?

Lex- Well, umm how did you know that stuff about me?

Justin- Well um I thought you liked me so...

Lex- No, not that part. Of course you know that part. Im talking about the beginning of the song... Where you say im broken and I could never believe love could treat me right and stuff.

His face went blank and he looked down at his hand which had mine holding it.

Lex- Because I never told anyone that before... but I mean I guess I could say that it is true.

Justin- Umm. Well remember when we were on the tour bus and you and Ry were making fun of me for taking so long to get dressed because I took like 20 minutes?

Lex- um, yeah.

I didn't know where he was going with this. I was really confused because its not like I said anything to ryan or anything.

Justin- Well what took me so long was that I accidentally knocked over a duffel bag, and it was yours. and um... your little journal book thing fell out and...

Oh my fucking god. He read my journal. OH my god. I wrote everything in there. I haven't written anything in there since we left Canada but still. That has like what would be considered my deepest darkest secrets in there.

Lex- you, you read my journal.

I pulled my hand out of his.

Justin- I just read that one entry. I'm sorry.

He looked down and frowned. I felt kind of bad but why would he read it. I am kind of being unfair if his journal or something like that fell I would read the whole thing, I wouldn't care.

Lex- Justin, it's okay. I love you. You were going to learn this stuff about me eventually and if that was yours and it dropped I would read the whole thing, I wouldn't even stop...

Justin- I'm sorry. I love you.

Lex- Justin, I'm not mad or anything. It's okay.

Justin- swear?

Lex- cross my hear hope to die.

Justin- no, don't say that.

Lex- what?

Justin- just say cross my heart. I hope you never die.

I smiled and kissed his cheek.

Justin- is that all I get?

I laughed and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I was about to pull away but he pushed himself farther and deepened the kiss. I smiled into the kiss and he took that time to stick his tongue in my mouth and we were fighting for dominance. He was about to win so I pushed him down on the couch and laid on top of him. He put his warm hands on my cold hips and I pulled at his hair.

**knock knock**

We just stayed where we were.

**knock knock knock**

I started kissing down Justin's neck.

Justin-GO AWAY!

Our lips connected again and he moved his hands to my bum. Then the four nob started being jiggled and the door flew open.

Person- Justin I know your in he-


We both looked up and Selena was standing there with tears brimming in her eyes.

Justin- what do you want?

I laid my head on Justin's chest and he squeezed me.

Selena- I just wanted to finish our conversation from earlier...

Justin- Selena no! We are never getting back together! Now go.

Selena- when your stupid little childish relationship ends don't come crawling back to me.

She started to walk out and Justin screamed to her.

Justin- I won't because our relationship won't end!!!

He turned back to me and I nuzzled my head into the crook of his neck and he rubbed my back.

Justin- let's go back to the bus. We leave in a few hours anyway.

We stood up but Justin slung me onto his back and I giggled and laid my head onto his shoulder. We walked to the bus and went straight to our bunk and snuggled up to each other.

Lex- promise me we will never fight again?

Justin- I promise. I hate fighting with you. I love you too much.

Lex- so wheres the next stop on tour?

Justin- your home town.

Lex- oh joy.

Justin- what? I thought you would be excited?

Lex- defiantly not excited...

Justin- why baby?

Lex- I had no friends there, like at all. The only person I had was my ex who is like a stalker now. I had to change my number 3 times because he wouldn't stop texting me.

Justin- oh I'm sorry. Well you have me now Boo. And I was thinking maybe we could umm...

Lex- what?

Justin- well do you want to go public at the next concert?

He was making that face again. The one where he didn't want me to say no and if I did he would be really upset.

Lex- I think that's the perfect time.

Justin- yeeeeessss.

He was now smiling like crazy.

Justin- I can't wait to show you off to the world.

Lex- I'm not thaaat special.

Justin- oh yes you are.

He winked and kissed me.

Lex- okay let's go to bed now we have another big day tomorrow.

We cuddled up together and I heard his breathing turn heavy a few minutes later. Even though he was so excited to go public, that was the last thing I wanted to do. His beliebers are going to hate me. They hate everyone who is not them....


Sorry it took me so long to update. Thanks for reading <3 love you guys!

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