New girl.

Ryan and Chaz bring their new best friend Lex with them on vacation to Atlanta for the summer to visit Justin Bieber. But what happens when Justin and Lex start to fall for eachother? Will it work out? Read to find out ;)


16. Faded.

Lex's POV

I woke up to the bright sun in my eyes. I groaned and let my eyes adjust to the light. I looked down and Justin's arms were still draped around me while I was on top of him. Naked. Oh shit, I almost forgot about what happened last night. I watched Justin. He looks so cute, his mouth is parted and his lips look dry, the complete opposite of how they are when he's awake because he is constantly licking them. His hair is in his eyes other than being jelled up like usual and eyes are shut lightly, his breathing heavy. I brushed a piece of hair out of his face and kissed his chest. His eyes fluttered open and his grasp on my waist got tighter.

Justin- Morning baby.

Lex- Morning babe. You can go back to sleep, I'm going to go take a shower and get ready.

Justin- I'm already awake. I'll just lay here and wait till you get out and take a shower after you.

Lex- Okay, I'll be out in 5 minutes.

I kissed his lips and slid off the bunk and ran into the bathroom because I was still completely naked. I turned on the shower and got in to the steaming hot water. I quickly washed my hair and my body and hopped out. Normally I would take a long shower but the water on this bus isn't that great and I want Justin to have hot shower. I wrapped a towel around my body and opened the door to the bathroom and ran right into Justin's bare chest.

Lex- WOW!

Justin- Sorry baby. I was just waiting for you to get out.

Lex- Its fine. Im going to go get dressed.

Justin- I love you.

Lex- I love you too. Wait. are we in LA?

Justin- Yeah, the driver went to his hotel, the Range Rover is out front and I have today off than tomorrow starts busy shit.

Lex- Awww.

Justin- Yeah, but we'll have fun today.

Justin grabbed my shoulders and kissed my nose.

Lex- Were still meeting up with Za and Twist right?

Justin- If you want....

Lex- I defiantly want.

Justin- I am too damn lucky.

Lex- Im going to get dressed. I love you.

Justin- Love you.

I went and changed into a crop top and a maxi skirt that was super tight around my butt and made it look huge, In a good way. I left my hair to air dry and put on light makeup. I went and sat on the couch to wait for Justin. A few minutes later Justin came out in only cargo shorts while he was towel drying his hair.

Justin- Ill text Za and Twist and see what time they want to chill.

Lex- Okay, get dressed so we can go get breakfast. I'm starving! UGGGHH

Justin- Oh calm down. Ill be 2 minutes.

I waited on the couch scrolling threw twitter. Justin came out a few minutes later and we walked to the car.

Justin- Okay, where do you want to eat?

Lex- I don't care. You decide.

Justin- Okay, there is a coffee shop up the street. want to just go there?

Lex- Sure.

Justin- Okay shawty.

I giggled and Justin made a funny face at me where his eyes went cross-eyed and he stuck his tongue out.

Lex- You're such a little kid.

Justin- Yeah, but I'm your little kid!

Lex- True, true.

I giggled and we pulled up into the coffee shop. We got out of the car and intertwined our fingers as we walked into the shop. The second we stepped through the door someone started screaming. I turned over and a teen girl who looked around 13 screamed


There was only 3 tables filled and all three had a girl at it with their mouth wide open. I smiled and turned to Justin he had a cocky grin on his face.

Justin- Well I'm happy its only these three table who know I'm here right now, rather than the whole state of California.

I laughed and pushed him over to the table where the girl was. He pulled at my hand and kissed me then started walking to the table. The girl aww'd and I smiled and walked to the counter.

Justin- Babe!

I snapped my head around and the girl had the biggest smile ever on her face.

Lex- Hmm?

Justin- Can you get me a donut and a coffee pleeaassee?

Lex- Of course. I'll meet you in the car, okay?

Justin- Okay babe, ill be 5 minutes.

I went to the counter ordered our food and drinks and brought it to the car. I sat in the car for 10 minutes and sipped on my coffee and ate my donut. I love when Justin is with his fans. I think it is so cute how much they love him and how much he loves them. Justin came running out with his pants falling to his knees. He hopped in the car and buckled up.

Justin- Hi baby.

He kissed my lips and started the car.

Lex- Pull your damn pants up, your waddling like a duck.

Justin- You love it.

Lex- I have to admit I do.

I laughed and Justin put his hand on my thigh while he started to pull out. I got butterflies in my stomach. I have come to the conclusion that the feeling of butterflies in the pit of my stomach I get when I'm around Justin is the best feeling I could ever and will ever feel.

Justin- Za texted me the address to meet them at. They said to come whenever, do you want to go now or later?

Lex- Now. Lets go now.

Justin- wow, eager much?

Justin smirked at me and squeezed my thigh which only made me giggle and my cheeks turn a light shade of pink.

Lex- Just a little.

Justin just laughed and kept driving. I am so happy with my relationship right now. nothing is going wrong and are so happy together. We don't fight. We have no problems. we are completely happy with each other.

Justin pulled up to an old warehouse. I wore a confused look on my face as he pulled into the alleyway next to it and parked the car.

Lex- Well this isn't a scary looking place at all.

Completely sarcastically I said.

Justin- Hold on.

Justin got out of the car and came around to my side and opened the door for me.

Justin- Ma lady.

He bowed and pulled me out of the passenger seat.

Lex- you're too goofy.

I put my hands on either sides of Justin's face and stared straight into his caramel pools of eyes. He slithered his hands to the small of my back and leaned in to kiss me. He tried to just give me a quick peck and pull away but I held his face close to mine and moved my lips on his. He swiped his tongue on my bottom lip but I denied him entrance and bit on his lower lip. He pulled my waist closer to his. His mouth moved with mine and he dropped his hands to his sides, then with a quick movement grabbed my ass, hard and squeezed it. The sudden movement made me gasp. He took the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth. He smirked into the kiss and kept his hands on my ass. He moved his lips from my mouth and started kissing down my neck.

Justin- You know your outfit is so damn hot today.

The vibrations of his talking on my neck made me pull on his hair in pleasure.

His lips met mine again and I slid my hands down to the waist band of his jeans and stuck my fingers on the button, hoping he will get the hint. He did and he pulled me to the backseat of the Range Rover. I climbed in and shut the door and made my way on top of him. I started kissing down his neck the way he did mine.

Lex- Guess what baby?

I started giving him a hickey and he moaned and grunted a 'what'

I put my lips on his ear and whispered

Lex- I'm not even wearing underwear so you have easy access.

I smashed my lips against his again and unbuttoned his pants. He pulled them off and pulled my skirt up to my waist. I sat on his boxers and I could feel him getting harder.

Lex- Lets make this quick baby. Okay?

Justin- mmhm.

I grabbed his hands and slid them up my crop top to my boobs. He squeezed them which made me grind my hips on his. I pushed down his boxers and he pushed himself in me. He kept sliding in and sliding out while we were making out and he was feeling my body up everywhere. I moaned his name loudly and we both climaxed.

Justin kissed my lips and pulled his underwear on. Then he snapped his head to me and had a worried look on his face. I propped myself up on my elbow.

Lex- what's wrong?

Justin- I didn't use a-a condom...

Lex- It's okay, I put myself back on birth control.

Justin- Oh shit. Thank god. I almost had a heart attack. Wait, why didn't you tell me this last night when I put the condom on?

Lex- It takes a week to go into affect and yesterday was the 7th day so I would've rather been safe than sorry.

Justin- Oh okay. I love you.

Lex- I love you too. Now lets go into this creepy warehouse and get stoned.

Justin- Okay let me get my pants on first.

Justin pulled his pants on and we adjusted ourselves, I smoothed out my hair and fixed my shirt. We went up to this door and he pushed a brick farther into the wall which made a keypad come out. He typed in a code and a the door slid open.

Lex- wow, high tech.

Justin- wait till you see the inside.

Justin grabbed my waist and led me inside the warehouse. It was so pretty and modern. It had a huge kitchen and living room and everything looked so high tech.

Lex- Dang, didn't expect that.

Justin- Neither did I the first time I came here. I think their in the other room.

Justin kept a firm grip around my waist and led me to another living room. There in the living room was Za, Twist, and some other guy. I turned to look at Justin trying to see what he was thinking but he kind of just looked emotionless. Me on the other hand, I am so excited it is not even funny. It's not like im addicted or anything. I don't even know if you can get addicted to marijuana, but I just love smoking it so much. It's like when I smoke it all of the stress or worries that I ever had or am having just fly into space for a while. It is probably one of the best feelings in the world. Meanwhile Justin and I walk into the living room right as the guy I didn't recognize is giving Za and Twist a handshake type thing, goodbye and he just waves to me and Justin and exits the room.

Za- Justin!!! What up bro? How have you been?

Justin- I've been really good actually.

Twist- So is this the famous Lexie?

Twist motioned to me with his phone in his hand. I just smiled and turned to Justin thinking his face would turn a little red but it didn't. He just smirked and turned and looked into my eyes.

Justin- Yes, yes it is.

He squeezed my side and kissed my lips. He tasted like mint.

Za- Lex, he doesn't stop talking about you. Literally I called him a week or two ago while he was in the studio and he went on about you for at least a half hour before i told him to shut the fuck up.

I just laughed and looked at Justin waiting for him to say something. He squeezed my side again which gave me more butterflies.

Justin- What can I say. That's what love does to you.

Twist and Za both just laughed.

Twist- Never thought I'd see you like this bro, but to change the subject why don't we do what you guys actually came here for.

Za- Yeah, was this actually your idea Lex? Or was Justin just fucking around?

Lex- Nope, this was my idea, fully.

Twist- wow, okay. I could defiantly get used to her.

Za- same.

Twist walked over to a picture on the wall and removed it. Behind it there was a safe. He put in a code and he swung it open. Behind the door there was orange bottle of what looked liked prescription drugs and a bunch, at least a dozen of labeled weed bottles. Justin led me over to the couch and pulled me to sit on his lap. He wrapped his arms around my waist and i laid my head on his chest.

Za- I want to cuddle Justin too!

Za sprinted over to us and tried laying his head on Justin's other shoulder while me and Justin both just laughed and Justin removed one of his hands from my waist only for a second to push Za away. Za was cracking up on the couch still.

Za- You know you guys both reek of sex right?

Lex- Oh god.

My face turned red and I just hid it in Justin's neck. Twist walked to the couch, sat down and put the bottles on the table.

Twist- Ew, did you guys have a quickie in the car before you came in here?

I just laughed in Justin's neck and he squeezed me closer to him while he was laughing also.

Za- My man! They did!

Lex- Okay. Okay. Lets not discuss this. Lets start what we came here for.

Twist- Okay, so we have a few different kinds... um, train wreck, AK 47, Purple kush, purple haze, grandaddy purp, blueberry, and sour diesel. We kind of ran out of our best shit, so this is what we are left with for now.

Lex- what are we smoking it from?

Za- whatever you want. We have it all.

I smirked and Justin was just watching me.

Justin- Do you want me to pick?

Lex- No, just thinking, hold on.

I really wanted a good high. So I needed to do the perfect combination.

Lex- Okay, lets do a bong, with 50/50 of train wreck and blueberry.

They all just stared at me. Umm okay. What the fuck do I say. They are just sitting there looking at me.

Lex- What? I don't want to be on my ass for the rest of the day and I also don't want to be running around trippin out seeing things.

Za- wow, I didn't actually think you have smoked before. I though you were just doing it because JB does it.

Lex- I wasn't joking when i said this was actually my idea....

Twist- I think we get that know. But very good choice. Are you sure you can handle it?

I just laughed in his face.

Twist- Okay whatever you say... JB what's your pick?

Justin- I'll do the same as lex.

Justin put one of his hands on my neck and turned my head to him while the other was on my waist. He put his lips next to my ear and started whispering in my ear while Twist got the bong ready.

Justin- I love you baby.

I whispered back into his ear while giggling.

Lex- I love you too babe.

Justin- why are you so god damn cute?

Lex- Why are you so god damn hot?

I put my hands on his chest and bunched his shirt into my fists.

Justin- How did I get so lucky with you?

Lex- I don't know. I was thinking the same thing.

He pulled back from my ear and connected my lips with his, he slid his tongue in my mouth and i grabbed his shirt harder, pulling him closer to me.

Za- Would you guys rather go into the bedroom?

Justin and I both smiled into the make out and pulled apart. Za got up and turned on some music so we had some noise in the house.

Twist- Okay, who wants the first hit?

Lex- Meeeee!

Twist- Wow, okay, eager. I like it.

I grabbed the bong from him and lit it under the bowl and sucked in the sweet but sour smoke and instantly felt some effect on me. I held it in my lungs for a few seconds before blowing it out above me.

Justin- I thought you said you only smoked a few time before? I mean, I still cough when i take my first hit.

Lex- I under exaggerated...

Justin grabbed the bong and did the same. He was right after he blew out the smoke he did cough a bit but not that much. He looked so damn hot smoking, it literally turned me on like no tomorrow. But that could also just be the weed having that effect on me. I turned the bong around in Justin's hands and sucked out more smoke. I held it in my lungs but this time put my arms on Justin's neck and went in for a kiss. I opened his mouth a bit and blew the smoke into his mouth. He sucked it in and kissed me before blowing it out of his mouth.

Justin- Damn that was hot.

We all smoked more and more for a good half hour before we decided to take a break. I felt like I weighed 300 pounds.

Lex- How are you Babe?

Justin- I feel g-good.

Lex- He's so faded.

I cracked the highest pitched laugh and felt really hungry.

Lex- Where's the food?

Za- Ha! In the kitchen! No wait never mind. Ill go get it I want some crisps.

Lex- Hurry up. I'm hungry as fuck!

I turned to Justin and he smashed his lips on mine for what felt like the 100th time tonight. As his tongue slipped into my mouth there was a loud banging on the door. I quickly pulled my lips from Justins and looked to Twist. His eyes got wide.

Twist- Did you tell anyone you were coming here?

I felt a little less high at the moment. Like the knocking or I should say banging sobered me up a bit.

Justin- No.

Za walked into the living room in a fast motion.

Justin- Were you expecting someone Za?

Za- No, that's what I was about to ask you.

The banging on the door continued. It sounded like the cops I think that's why they all looked so scared.

Lex- It has to be someone you guys know. If it was the cops they would say it was them and would have already probably broke down the door.

Za- You're right. Let me go look at the camera to see who it is.

Za ran to a little tablet and looked at it and his eyes widened.

Za- Fuck Twist! Its him. I told you he would come for the money.

Twist- I'm not paying that fucker!

Justin- What's going on?

Twist- I bought drugs off this guy from Vegas and his crew stole it back from me so I went and stole it back from him and more so they want me to pay for it.

Justin- Dude, do you even know who you are dealing with? Some people in this business would kill for things like that.

Twist- Fuck! You're right. I'll take care of it.

The banging still continued then someone yelled in a deep voice


Twist went to the door and opened in and summoned them inside. I heard him say something like "Ill give you your money, just hold on."

They walked into the living room. I was still on Justin's lap and I looked over the couch to look and see who the people were and my heart dropped to my stomach when I saw who it was. I should have put it all together when Twist said he bought the drugs from someone in Vegas and they stole the drugs back to him.

I hope this long chapter makes up for me never updating. Im sorry. If you guys leave me more feedback I will update faster. Maybe if I get enough ill update another time this weekend. So please LIKKKKKEEEE!

I feel bad for saying that but I don't want to put so much effort into this story if no one is reading it...

Love you guys!!!! Thanks for reading!

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