New girl.

Ryan and Chaz bring their new best friend Lex with them on vacation to Atlanta for the summer to visit Justin Bieber. But what happens when Justin and Lex start to fall for eachother? Will it work out? Read to find out ;)


4. day 2

Lex's POV

I woke up in my bed. what? how did I get in here? I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and took a shower. When I got out I scrunched my hair with mousse. I went into my closet and dropped my towel. Out of habit I looked in the mirror. I hate the way I look. I could point out a million things wrong with me. But before I start to get upset I turned around and grabbed a pair of lace Victoria Secret underwear and a lace bra. I was looking through my clothes at what to wear when I remembered I don't even know what time it is. That's weird, maybe its because I had like 3 different clocks in my room at home and here at Justin's I only have my phone to tell time. I sprinted out of the closet and grabbed my phone. It was 8:40. Wow I got up early this morning. But I had one missed call from Chaz. He called 7 minutes ago. So I called him back.

Chaz- hello?

Lex- What up?

Chaz- Oh your awake. I didn't even look at the caller ID

Lex- Ive been awake for like an hour!

Chaz- well why didn't you tell me?

Lex- I was taking a shower and getting ready.

Chaz- Oh okay, well I was thinking when Justin and Ryan get up we can go get breakfast?

Lex- Okay, yeah. Where?

Chaz- Pshhhh I don't know.

Lex- We'll ask them. Are they up yet?

Chaz- I don't think so. I can hear Ryan snoring but I don't know about Justin.

Lex- Okay well find out if Justin is awake and we'll wake Ryan if he is.

Chaz- Okay. Then im coming to hang out with you because im bored and have been ready for 30 minutes.

Lex- Okay... Im hungry though so hurry the hell up.

Chaz- K, bye. Im not knocking when I come in.

Lex- K, bye.


I went into the bathroom and grabbed my makeup bag. Im lazy so im only going to Put on top eyeliner and some mascara, I don't have any blemishes or anything to put stuff on anyway. That was always a plus about me. I never got pimples or red spots. I walked out of my bathroom just as Chaz walked in.

Chaz- wow, warn a brotha.

I didn't know what he was talking about at first but then I remembered I never got dressed.

Lex- Sorry, You are the one who just walked in on me.

Chaz- haha okay sorry, go get clothes on.

Lex- awww am I giving Chaz a wittle bo-

then Chaz interrupted me


then he started laughing. i walked to my closet.

Lex- is it supposed to be hot or cold out today?

Chaz- umm hold on let my check..... Its supposed to be uhhh hot!

Lex- okay, yay.

I grabbed a pair of high waisted black shorts with studs on them and a black flowy tank top with a candy skull on it, and i tucked the shirt in. I grabbed my black satchel and walked over to the bed to sit on it.

Chaz- Justin just texted me and said he wanted to go to breakfast so i told him to meet in here.

Lex- Okay

Then the door opened and Justin came in

Justin- Hey guys!

Lex and Chaz- heyyy.

Justin- wheres Ry?

Lex- sleeping...

Chaz- Okay so lets go wake him up.

Lex- are we going to do it the fun way or the boring way?

Justin- FUN WAY!

Lex- Okay what are we gonna do?

Ryan- ummm lets jump on his bed and shake it and yell EARTHQUAKKKEEE!!

Lex- haha okay!

Justins POV

we went into Chaz's room quietly and when we got in there we were about to jump on the bed

Chaz- WAIT!... lOOK!

Ryan was naked. What the fuuucckk! who sleeps naked!

Lex- Ewww!

Chaz- I have an idea!

Chaz tiptoed out of Ryans room and motioned us to the door. we all went into the hallway.

Chaz- Okay i have the best idea!

Justin- What is it! hurry before he actually wakes up!

Chaz- Okay Lex! You need to get naked and lay in bed next to him and act like you guys had sex last night!

Lex- EWW! NOO!

Chaz- come on!

all i could do was laugh!

Chaz- Plleeaaaassssee!! It will be hilarious!

Lex- Okay ill do it but im not getting naked! Ill just take my shirt and shorts off!

Chaz- Okay, Okay! lets go!

We all walked back into Ryans room and Lex went to the opposite side of the bed and started to get undressed. I got butterflies in my stomach again. She took off her shorts and shirt and all that was left was her lace thong and lace matching bra. Mmmmmm. I just wanted to grab her right there and touch her all over. She pulled on the covers and sat underneath them and cuddled up to Ryan keeping away from his areas... Me and Chaz went in the closet and pulled out our phones to video tape it. Lex started moving a little bit to wake him up. Then when he started to wake up she pretended like she was asleep on his chest. I got really mad all of a sudden. Like i wanted to just wrap Lex up in a blanket and hide her from Ryan and Chaz. But then Ryan woke up and looked down at Lex. His face got all red and he started to panick. He shook Lex to "wake" he.

Lex- *grunt* whhhaatt?

Ryan- Leeeexx, What the fuck!!

Lex- What RY bear?

Ryan- why are you in my bead with no clothes on!?!?!?

Lex jolted up and gave him a discusted look

Lex- what do you mean!! I had sex with you last night and you don't even remember!?!?

Ryan- Wha- Wha- Wha-

he put his hand on his fore head all confused and looked like he was about to cry.

So me and Chaz felt bad and came out laughing! Lex started laughing too!

Lex- Ry were just messing with you!

Ryan- Ugggghhh! i hate you guys!

Justin- okay we love you too! Now get up and get ready, were going to breakfast.

Ryan- Okay, get out assholes. & nice ass Lex.

Lex- thanks Ry!

She turned around and picked up her clothes and omg she is so fucking sexy! She started putting on her clothes and she noticed me staring. She smirked and pulled on her shirt and was walking past me, while i was still staring she came up put her hand right on my chest and whispered in my ear "Its rude to stare" then pushed past me.

and that's it right there, this is war now!

We went out to eat at iHop and it was just a normal old breakfast. We talked a lot about me and Lex so we could get to know eachother more. I found out about her family, more of what she is like and everything. Now we are walking up to the door coming back from breakfast.

Ryan- well i feel fat now.

Lex- sammee! We should go to the Gym. Ive been slacking for a few days.

Chaz- too much work!

Ryan- Yeah, way too much work!

Justin- Ill go with you. Im supposed to be doing cardio everyother day any way.

Lex- Okay. Yay!

Justin- I have a Gym in the basement so we'll just get dress and go down there.

Lex- Oh okay that's convenient!

we went inside and Chaz and Ryan plopped on the couch and grunted. Haha their so lazy.

Justin- Ill meet you down here in 5 minutes lex?

Lex- Okay :)

we walked up stairs and separated at our rooms. I got on a pair of basketball type shorts and a tank top, i went in my bathroom and washed my face and went downstairs and waited for lex considering i only took like 2 minutes. I grabbed 2 water bottles from the kitchen and i heard lex walking down the stairs. I went to the stairs and she jumped from the third step, i handed her a water bottle and lead her to the door to the basement, i held the door open for her and watched her walk down the stairs. shes so sexy. Shes wearing a hot pink sports bra and small, little yoga shorts. I swear she is trying to tease me. We go into the gym part and she looks around.

Lex- You have A LOT of equipment!

Justin- The funny thing is, is that i barely come down here.

Lex- well lets put some of this to work!

I walked over to the radio and turn it on to some random station that has some upbeat music on.

Justin- well lets get started.

I started benching some weights trying look all masculine, Lex went over and stretched and damn again with that ass. She went over to this bike looking contraption and i changed to different weight lifting machine. We did this for about 25 minutes then she got up and went to the lift squat weights. I got up also. i took off my shirt and you could see my v line perfectly. I slightly looked at lex without her noticing She was sitting there with her mouth open. I turned around and she looked away. I went over by her and pretended to grab my water bottle which was luckily right next to her. I grabbed my water bottle off the ground and went behind her and grabbed her waist and wispered

Justin- Its not polite to stare.

She got tense when i whispered that but then i kissed her neck and walked back to lift more weights. The sexual tension in the room was so heavy.

An hour or so later i was on some weird leg lift machine and lex was just doing sit ups. She did one last sit up and flopped on the floor again.

Lex- Uggghhhh! Okay, Im tired as hell. Im done.

I did one more rep then sat up.

Justin- Fuck, me too.

She just laid there on the ground so i went over to her and stood over her on either side. I stuck my hands out to let her up and she took them and flung herself up. when she stood up our hand were still together and our bodies almost inches apart. We stood there and just stared into each others eyes for what felt like years but it was literally for like 10 seconds which would normally be really creepy to other people but between us i don't know. It was so not weird. I was so comfortable around her. When we touched it was like electricity goes all throughout my body.

We let go and started walking up stairs to the living room. No one was in there.

Justin- They must have went to bed.

Lex- yeah probably.

we both walked up the stairs to our rooms. I opened the door to my room and she opened the door to hers.

Justin- Goodnight.

I smiled waiting for an answer.

Lex- Night.

I walked into my room and she walked into hers. Then i went into the shower. When i got out i heard her shower going and kept thinking about her pretty face. I just laid in my bed for 20 minutes thinking about how i could make a move. But i don't just want to get with her like that. I want to be able to cuddle with her all night and make her feel better when shes sad. I want her to come to all my concerts and see her in the crowd and call her my One less Lonely Girl.

Then i got interrupted by my phone buzzing in my pocket. I pulled it out of my pocket.

1 New Message!

From: Lex :)

Hey, i forgot. I gotta tell you something, meet outside our rooms in 2 min?


To: Lex :)

See you in 2 ;)

I made sure to send a winky face not to make it perverted but to show that i like her. I think she gets it. I went out of my room and saw her door open. I leaned against the wall with shorts on and no shirt. my hair was still kind of wet. She came out in a big T- shirt and im pretty sure she wasn't wearing pants ;)

Lex- hey i just wanted to tell you thank you for everything. Like you let me stay in your house and everything, and how nice you are to me.

Justin- Oh the house is nothing. Im glad you came, I get tired of Chaz and Ry sometimes. and its hard not to be nice to someone who is so nice to me back and so pretty.

Lex- See you're being nice again.

She smiled and bit her lip, and her face turned a little red. She pushed her self off the wall and went in for a hug. She wrapped her arms around my neck and i grabbed the small of her back and squeezed her tight. She smelled so good. Like fruity flowers. She leaned back

Lex- Really, Thank you though. You don't even know how much i appreciate it.

Justin- Thank you for coming here. Im really glad i met you.

She hugged me tight again. Then she leaned back and said good night in a soft small voice. I said goodnight back and we both slowly went in our rooms. I pushed my door shut and leaned against it and couldn't stop smiling. Wow, this girl is really getting to me. Maybe i can finally settle down with a girl instead of just using them for sex or something.


Authors note-

Sorry if there are spelling and grammar issues. I don't recheck it to see if there are any. The chapter is way to long to reread it and everything. but I really hope you like this chapter! Leave feedback! Like and favorite this please! message me with any ideas.!

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