New girl.

Ryan and Chaz bring their new best friend Lex with them on vacation to Atlanta for the summer to visit Justin Bieber. But what happens when Justin and Lex start to fall for eachother? Will it work out? Read to find out ;)


1. Chapter 1

Lex's Pov

"Lexxxxx!!!" I heard  my mom call from down the stairs.

"What?" I yelled back. I hate when she does that. Can't she just say what she needs in one sentence instead of waiting for me to come downstairs.

"Chaz and Ryan are here" She yelled back up the stairs.

Finally they are here I've been ready for like 45 minutes.

I met chaz and Ryan a few months ago. More like 4 months ago to be exact. I moved to Stratford, Canada then. I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada before that. Every time I tell people that they all say how lucky I was because people always gamble and party there. But how am I lucky to live there I'm 17 its not like I can gamble and drink yet so what's the point it actually really sucked there, but I do miss all my friends. Kidding, I had no friends at all. I was always overweight until last summer. Everyone in school made fun of me so much. I didn't think I was that ugly. Contrary to what other people told me, but I was overweight. But then last summer I worked my ass off and worked out so much. With the help of not really eating. No one knows that though. But Chaz and Ryan are like my best friends. Or they are my only friends. We sometimes hang out with other people, but I wouldn't really consider them to be my friends more like just people I know. But right now it is the last weekend before the last week of school. I seriously cant wait for Wednesday. Usually I wouldn't be excited for summer because I had no one to hang out with. I would just literally sit in my room all summer but I actually have Chaz and Ry this summer.

I ran downstairs and almost smashed into chaz.

"Some one is excited" Ryan teased.

"Shut up I was just excited to go" I exclaimed.

"Okay lets go to the mall I need a few things for the trip" Chaz said

"Okay. Bye mom. SHOTGUN!" I waved to my mom while running to the passenger side door.

we got into Ryan's car Ryan driving and Chaz in the back seat.

"Wait, what trip!" I practically yelled. It just settled in my mind that Chaz said that.

"Oh, I thought we told you" Ryan said kind of guilty sounding

"Every Summer Me and Ry go down to Florida to visit Justin for the Summer" Chaz explained.

Shit, they told me about this a few weeks ago. I cant believe that slipped my mind.

"Woooow, I forgot about that. Now I'm gonna be lonely all freaking summer" I frowned while I said that.

"Sorry Lex. We thought you remembered." Chaz said

~~~~~Monday at school~~~~~~

Ryan's POV

Beep Beep!

Chaz  needs to hurry the hell up.

"Finally!" I screamed to Chaz as he locked his front door.

"Dude, I was on the phone with JB"

"What did he say"

"He said he cant wait for us to come and some gay shit like that"

"I feel bad that we are just practically ditching lex, I mean she has no friends other than us"

I started to drive to Lex's house. God, why am I always the chauffeur!

"I HAVE THE BEST IDEA EVER!" Chaz yelled right in my ear, almost making me swerve into the car next to us.

"You don't need to yell God damn!!"

"Why don't we as Justin if we can bring Lex with us! Justin has said he wanted to meet her!"

Chaz is right. When we told Justin how hot our new neighbor was he did say he wanted to meet her. Then when we started hanging out with her and we found out she wasn't a complete bitch like 99% of the hot girls at our school, we told Justin and he defiantly wanted to meet her then.

"That's a great idea dude! Call him right now before we get to her house for school"

I am actually really excited! Lex isn't like other girls. She is so chill, and she is like the coolest person ever. She is like my long lost sister.

Me and Chaz talked about getting at Lex but after we started hanging out with her a few months ago we decided she was more like a sister, than a potential girlfriend or another girl we could just try and get in bed with.

"Put the phone on speaker" I said to chaz

The phone ringed a few time before Justin answered.

Justin- Waddup dude?

Chaz- Member that girl Lex we always talk about?

Justin- Yeah? the neighbor girl right? The really chill, hot one, that you guys didn't stop taking about for a month?

Chaz- Haha, yeah that one. Me and Ry were thinking... and do you think she could come with us to florida for summer?

Justin- Yeah of course. As long as she as hot as you guys say she is.

Chaz- dude she's like a sister, I mean she's super hot and all but ew.

Justin- Okay, Okay. I'll buy another plane ticket when I buy your guys.

Chaz & Ryan- THANK YOU!!!

Justin- Yeah, Yeah, she better be cool though.

Chaz- She is, bye though we need to pick her up for school.

Chaz hung up and we fist bumbed. We drove for like 3 more minutes and arrived at Lex's house. It was only 8 AM and school didn't start till Nine so we decided to go inside and tell her the news aaaannndd maybe eat some of her food.

We just walked in her house. We got pretty comfortable with her and these past few months. And her mom was always at work so she never cared if we were here.

"Leeeeeexxxx" I called out

"Up here!!" She called back

We walked up stairs to her room she was all ready other than her clothes, she was still in her zebra shorts and tank top.

"Hey guys" She said

we sat on her bed and just smiled at her.

"Why are you both being so cheeky and smiling at me like creeps?"

I couldn't wait to tell her so I just blurted it out "Justin said you can come with us to florida!!"

she just stood there. "Umm did you hear him?" Chaz said

"wait you're serious" she said in a monotone voice.

"Yes!!" I yelled

"OMG!! Is he sure! I mean he doesn't even know me. Wouldn't that be kinda weird?"

"No! not at all! You will get along great with him! and you will love his mom Pattie!"

"Okay! then I will defiantly go!!"

"Okay good!! Now since you are going on a trip with us can you make us breakfast?"

She giggled and said yes.



I cant believe Ry and Chaz are taking me to florida with them! I seriously cant wait. I just have to ask my mom. Its not like she would care though. She's always at work. She is the CEO of some company, its sad that I don't even know where she works. But whatever. I love my mom but she needs to take a break from work every now and then. I never met my dad. Its kind of sad but I just found this out last year when my mom and my step dad got a divorce. They waited till then to tell me that he isn't my real dad. My mom wont tell me who my real dad is but tell you the truth I don't even care. Joe (my moms ex-husband) will always be my "dad".

I made chaz and Ry pancakes. They pretty much already at them all. I ate one. I think that's all I will eat. Im not that hungry.

"Can you guys help me with my outfit?"

"Yeah, sure" they said together

They always help me with what to wear because I like to get boys opinions about what to wear.

We walked up stairs and they picked out my outfit.

A pair of Maroon holey tights, a black faux leather skater skirt, a maroon sweater and combat boots.

"Wow, why so fancy today guys?"

"Its a good day" Chaz said, I giggled

I started to get undressed, I put on the outfit.

I get dressed in front of Chaz and ryan all the time, we are comfortable in front of each other so we got used to it.

"Guys, we need to get to school, it starts in 15." I said as I looked at the clock.

We drove to school, all throughout the day I couldn't stop thinking about what Justin would think of me, and what we would do all summer, and that I hope it wont be awkward with me there for Justin, Chaz, and Ryan.



Thank you for reading! I Hope you like it! Sorry if this is bad. Im trying to get as much info into this chapter as possible! Please like and give me feedback! Ill post another chapter tomorrow probably.





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