New girl.

Ryan and Chaz bring their new best friend Lex with them on vacation to Atlanta for the summer to visit Justin Bieber. But what happens when Justin and Lex start to fall for eachother? Will it work out? Read to find out ;)


5. Bowling and pizza.

Hey guys thank you so much for the likes, favourites, and comments! Also I want to know which POV do you guys like better? Comment and tell me because I personally LOVE doing Justins POV but I don't want to keep doing his if you guys like Lex's better or something. Also tell me if I should Keep doing Chaz & Ryans POV? Thank you!


Lex's POV

I woke up this morning with the first thing that came to mind is the series of events last night. I'm seriously falling for Justin. I know its crazy because we've only known each other for 3 days but It feels like ive known him for years. Usually I don't start liking a guy till I get to know them for at least a few weeks but I feel like with Justin its different, I know this is probably the corniest thing you have ever heard before but I really do think with Justin it was kind of like love at first sight.

I didn't know what we were doing today but I still just did my usual morning routine. I got in the shower did my hair, and my makeup and got dressed. Today though I picked out another pair of high waisted shorts but these show the bottom of my butt cheeks just a tiny little bit if I move a certain way, and I paired it with a tight short sleeve crop top that showed my cleavage just enough to where I didn't look like a whore, My stomach was showing quite a bit though, but whatever. Its just another thing to tease Justin with. This little type of game I think we're playing turns me on soooo much. I'm not a virgin so I wouldn't mind at all having sex with Justin right on the spot. I laughed to myself as I thought that. I looked at the clock and it said 9:33 AM. So I decided to go downstairs and have breakfast, because im starving! I walked down stairs and all the boys were sitting at the table. Ryan eating and chaz and Jusitn just sitting there on their phones.

Lex- hey guys!

Boys- Hey lex.

They all said hi to me as I walked in without even looking up.

Lex- Justin, Chaz, have you guys eaten breakfast yet?

Chaz- No not yet, can you bring us some cereal p-p-p-pleeeeaassee!

Lex- yeah of course.

I grabbed the bowls and the spoons and went to put them on the big table. I put a bowl and a spoon in an empty spot for me then I reached over the table right in front of Justin giving him a great view of my ass and put a bowl in front of Ryan then Justin himself. Justins mouth was wide open. I grabbed the cereal and the milk and put it on the table then when no one was looking I went next to justins ear and I felt him tense up, I whispered so quietly that he could barely hear me,

Lex- close your mouth or you will catch flies.

I smirked at him him sexily then sat down and started pouring cereal. We all ate then we were just sitting at the table all on our phones.

Chaz- So are we doing anything today?

Justin- We have nothing planned. So we can do whatever.

Ryan- Lets go bowling!

Lex- OMG yess! I love bowling!

Justin- bowling on me then!

Lex- Yaaay!!

Ryan went and got dressed and we all started walking to the car.

Justin- I rented out the bowling alley because I don't want any crazed fans there while were trying to bowl.

Chaz- Okay dude. SHOTGUN!

Ryan- wow! I hate sitting in the back!

Justin- Fine, here then you drive.

Ryan- Fine, okay.

We all got into the car and me and Justin were sitting in the backseat by eachother. Ryan started to drive to the bowling alley which was like a half hour away. Ryan and chaz were talking about some new video game so I got really bored. So I started to do what I always do when I get bored and I started tracing shapes and pictures on my thighs.

I could feel someone looking at me so I looked up and saw Justin staring at me. I gave him a questioning look and a small smile so it didn't look like I was mad.

Justin- im just trying to figure out what your doing.

I laughed a little and leaned over.

Lex- Pay attention.

Justin- Umm okay.

I traced a picture of grass and 2 flowers on his thigh.

Lex- What did I draw?

Justin- Some flowers?

Lex- yeah. That used to be my favorite game as a kid but you usually on peoples hands or backs but when I get bored I do it on my thigh.

Justin- Oh okay. I see.

He leaned over and started tracing on my thigh. I felt him draw a house and a person outside of it.

Justin- Okay what did I draw?

Lex- Im the master at this game. Haha you drew a house with a person outside of it.

Justin- yeah. I can probably get you though. Can I draw words?

Lex- Yeah, you could do whatever you want. Theres no rules to this game.

I smiled and lifted my chin up.

Justin- okay, okay, I got you then.

He leaned over again and started to trace letters slowly on my thigh. I could make out every single letter then I put it together to see what it spelled.

"I really like you."

I smiled and looked at him. He was smiling also. I leaned over and wrote the same thing on his thigh but with a 2 at the end. I sat straight again then we looked into each others eyes again. We stared for a good 10 seconds. when we turned away I started drawing on my thigh again.

Another few minutes pass and then Ryan says.

Ryan-Okay were here!

Lex- finally!

We walked inside and we were greeted by a young guy who looked about 25.

Guy Welcome to Blue lanes Mr. Bieber! If you need anything, anything at all let me know!

Justin- Okay thank you.

The man nodded and we walked to where we get the shoes. We all ordered our sizes and went to our lane and sat down and put our shoes on. Ryan and Chaz ran to get their bowling balls fighting to see who needs a heavier one.

Justin- Lex, do you know what size ball you use?

Lex- Um, I usually use the lightest one.

I smiled a little embarrassed. He smiled really sweetly.

Justin- Ill be right back

a minute later Chaz, Ry, and Justin all came back with their own bowling balls and Justin came back with mine also.

Lex- Thank you

Justin- anytime shawty.

God I love when he calls me that! Its so kind of childish but not for him. Its like his trademark. Now I finally understand why a billion girls in the world are in love with him.

We played a game and we were about to start another one because Justin won the last one and Chaz thought he cheated.

Ryan- I have an idea! Lets make this even more fun! Everytime after you bowl you get asked truth or dare! and if you get a split you have to get 1 of each!

Chaz- YES!

I just laughed and agreed.

Chaz bowled first and only had one pin left up.

Ryan- Okay Truth or dare?

Chaz- Dare!

Justin- I dare you to lick a bowling ball!

Chaz- gross ! but a piece of cake!

He did it and we kept playing Ryan got truth and got asked if he ever licked a girls toes. Turns out he has. Ew! Then I got dared to kiss Chaz's cheek. I don't know why I get the easy little girl dares. but im not complaining. Justin just bowled so its his turn now.

Lex- Truth or dare?

Justin- Dare!

He smirked at me when he said it.

Ryan- I dare you to make out with Lex for 30 seconds.

I put my face in my hands and laughed.

Justin- Oooohh Okay!

He walked over to me and pulled me to stand up. I don't care about making out with him. actually I really want to make out with him but with Ryan and Chaz watching. Ew, But a dares a dare.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and he grabbed the small of my back.

Ryan- Okay go!

Justins lips smashed against mine. I immediately felt sparks up and down my body. He licked my bottom lip slowly asking for entrance even though I have to let him in. I opened my mouth and our tongues fought hard. Justin was winning though. He squeezed me closer and I starting pulling on his hair at the bottom of his head.

Ryan- 7 seconds left.

We kept making out really intensely. It was the best kiss I have ever had. We were fighting for dominance again when ryan said

Ryan- Okay time.

The funny think is though we kept making out. Justin sat down never breaking the kiss and I straddled him pulling harder on his hair while his hands moved a little bit lower but not yet to my butt.

Chaz- TIME!!

We kept making out and I still felt the sparks all throughout my body. Their were fire works going off everywhere and the kiss was so passionate.
Ryan came over to us and separated us.

Ryan- Okay you two. Enough. I don't want you guys having sex in the middle of this bowling alley.

I giggled and got up off him and sat by chaz.


Justins POV

I couldn't believe what just happened. When we were making out there was so much passion. There were fire works and sparks everywhere. It felt so right to have my lips on hers. I never wanted that kiss to end but dumb old Ryan over there had to end it. I could still feel my lips tingling after she already left.

Chaz- Im hungry!

Ryan- Me too!

Justin- Lets go get something to eat!

Lex- Pizza?

Ryan- OMG yes!

Justin- Okay lets go. Theres a pizza place right down the street.

We didn't even finish our game, we just drove to the pizza place down the street. We walked in.

Justin- Ill go order

Ryan- Okay we'll be sitting down.

I went and ordered a large cheese pizza and paid.

Cashier- It will be 10 minutes

Justin- Okay thank you.

I went and sat back down and they were sitting in a booth. Chaz and Ryan were sitting next to each other. So I sat next to lex.

Justin- They said it will be 10 minutes.

all- Okay, thanks.

We were talking about some irrelevant subject that I kept trying to listen to so it didn't sound like I wasn't paying attention. but I wasn't paying attention all I kept thinking about is how I want to kiss lex again, how I want to cuddle with her all night and wake up next to her.

I moved my hand onto her thigh and she tensed up for a second then relaxed. I picked up my hand and drew "hi" on her thigh.

She kept talking to Ry and Chaz and grabbed my hand and turned it over and drew "hi" in my palm.

Cashier- Order up!!

Chaz- I GOT IT!!

Ryan was on his phone so I went to Lex's ear and whispered

Justin- Your a really good kisser.

Lex smiled and turned to my ear and whispered

Lex- Your the best kisser I have ever kissed.

then I whispered again quickly because chaz was walking back with the pizza

Justin-You are the most beautiful, best kisser I have ever kissed and I have ever wanted to be with!

She smiled and her face turned rosy red. We ate the pizza till there was none left. Then we headed back home. The drive back was quiet. I was leaning my head against the window and I started to feel my eyes get heavy so I closed them and let myself drift off.

Chaz- Justin. Justin!

I jumped awake and chaz was calling my name from the front seat. I rubbed my face.


Chaz- Were home.

Justin-Okay. Thanks bro.

I turned to my left and Lex was sleeping, curled up in a ball on the seat.

Justin- I'll get lex upstairs.

Chaz- Okay, Night bro. Ill see you tomorrow morning.

Chaz left the car, I guess Ryan already went inside. I quietly got out of the car and walked around to the other side. I quietly opened the door, I unbuckled her and scooped her up in my arms. She adjusted and laid her head on my shoulder and wrapped her arms around me. I kicked the door shut and walked inside and up the stairs. I walked into her room and set her on her bed. She woke up a little bit.

Justin- Do you want me to get you PJ's?

Lex- Mmmhmm.

God she was so cute. I looked around in a few drews but I couldn't figure out which one had them in it considering it was dark in her room and I didn't want to wake her up so I just pulled my shirt off.

Justin- here, I cant find your PJ's.

She pulled her shirt and shorts off and I started to walk out. I turned around and she had my shirt on. God I wish I could see her just like this everyday. I turned around and opened the door to walk out.

Lex- Justin?

Justin- Yes?

Lex- Come here.

She was curled up in her bed with the big comforter around her. Her eyes were closed. But when I got to her she took the covers off and stood up and hugged me.

Lex- Thank you for everything.

I squeezed her and kissed her head.

Justin- Your welcome.

Lex- Do you want to umm sleep in here?

I got really happy when she said this. I didn't want to make her uncomfortable but I wanted to sleep with her so bad. Just to cuddle with her all night.

Justin- No, lets sleep in my room. I have a better bed.

I scooped her up and held her bridal style. She put her hands around my neck and laid on my chest. I walked to my room and laid her down on the bed. She laid there and watched me. I just took my jeans off and laid down with just my boxers on because she already had my shirt on. I laid down in the bed and pulled the blankets over us and wrapped my arms around her. I fell asleep almost instantly. It just felt completely right to be laying there with her. It felt like something I never knew I was missing just showed up and made my life 10 times better.


Authors note- I know there is a lot going on in this chapter but I just couldn't wait for something to happen between them. love you guys! thanks for reading! <3

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