New girl.

Ryan and Chaz bring their new best friend Lex with them on vacation to Atlanta for the summer to visit Justin Bieber. But what happens when Justin and Lex start to fall for eachother? Will it work out? Read to find out ;)


14. Babe?


Lex's POV

Person- Lexipoo is that you?

My feet were glued to the floor and my jaw dropped. Justin stood a foot away from me looking confused as hell. And there standing in front of me was the one and only person I didn't want to see while I was back in my hometown. I would rather see the other kids from my school who tormented me for years.

Lex- John?

John- Oh my god babe! You're back!

He ran up to me and wrapped his arms around my neck while I just stood there awkwardly pushing him off of me.

Lex- n-no John. I'm not back.

I looked to Justin for help and he obviously go the idea.

Justin- Hi, I'm Justin. But sorry we have to go we're already 10 minutes late.

We turned to start to walk back to the car. I felt nauseous, my head is spinning. A hand grasped onto my arm and whipped my to turn around which didn't help the nauseous feeling in the least bit.

John- Wait babe. Where are you going? Can we hang out while you are visiting? You are visiting right?

Justin- Hey! enough with the babe shit.

John- and you are?

Justin- Its not obvious?

John- Uh, no. Then I wouldn't ask who the fuck you were you dipshit.

Lex- HEY! Look John we have to go and yes I am visiting but we are leaving tonight to go back on tour so sorry. We have to go.

I grabbed Justin's wrist and practically ran back into the car.

Justin- Who was that and why was he calling you babe?

I could see the anger in Justin's eyes. They were still his usual beautiful caramel color but there was so much rage behind them. I just looked at my lap and ran my hands over my face and looked into his eyes. His hands clenched the steering wheel making his knuckles go white.

Lex- That was John...

Justin- I thought you said you didn't know anybody here. That you had no friends? and why was he calling you babe!?

Lex- Okay. I told you I had no friends here but I also told you that I had a boyfriend here... who is creepy as hell now... and that was him...

Justin- Why was he calling you babe? Are you still talking to him?

I could see the hurt and anger fuming around Justin's eyes, and I just felt like crying.

Lex- I don't know why he was calling me babe. That's why I wanted to leave so bad. and Of course I'm not still talking to that psychopath. Like seriously something is wrong with him.

The tears were now brimming in my eyes.

Lex- Justin, I'm scared...

Justin's eyes softened and he grabbed my hands in his.

Justin- Baby, its okay. He's not going to come near you. and if he does I will beat the shit out of him.

Lex- Thank you. I love you.

Justin- I love you more baby. Now lets go back to the bus. He might come back out of Starbucks soon and I don't know if I will be able to not jump out of this car and beat the shit out of him.

Lex- Okay

I smiled warmly at him and kept drinking my Starbucks as we drove back to the bus. We parked and I hopped out of the car and Justin grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly.

Justin- what do you want to do for the rest of today?

Lex- Its up to you.

I smiled and we walked into the bus to find it empty.

Justin- Lets just go lay down and talk. Okay? I want to know everything about John...

Lex- Do we have to talk about him?

I whined to him but he just smirked.

Justin- yes, we do. I need to know everything about him and you.


Justin- and you call me pouty...

He smirked and I just walked to the changing room and called to him.

Lex- lets just get some PJ's on and lay down.

Justin- Okay babeeeee!

We went into the changing room and got on our clothes. I ran to the bunk and pulled the covers over me.

Justin- You're such a weirdo.

Lex- Yeah, yeah, I know. Now come cuddle.

Justin got into the bunk and snuggled up to me so we were inches apart facing each other.

Justin- so tell me about this John dude.

Lex- Do I have to?

Justin- Yes. Please.

Lex- But-

He interrupted me.

Justin- Lex-

I really didn't want to talk about this. But I know how stubborn he is and he will end up getting it out of me anyway, some how. So might as well get it over with and just tell him everything.

Lex- Okay so we met in school. He was a nerd so no one really liked him. But I was fat so it didn't really matter if we became friends and all. He got tripped by this dumb bitch and he fell on top of me. Then we apologized to each other and yeah we just started talking from there.

I remember that like it was yesterday. I got so embarrassed. But when I looked into his eyes my cheeks just flushed more and I could feel the blood rush to them. His eyes were a mixture of blue, green, and yellow. They were so mesmerizing. He helped me up and he was so tall and he flipped shaggy blonde hair. Plus he was buff, not scrawny.

Justin- Okay so how did you guys start dating?

lex- Well we became really good friends and we were best friends for around a year. This was freshman year. Then one time when he was sleeping over at my house.

I felt Justin tense when I said that.

Lex- we were talking and he told me he liked me and I told him I liked him a-and yeah...

My voice trailed off and I regretted what I was almost about to tell him.

Justin- Did you love him?

Lex- I thought I did. But then I experienced real love and I knew it wasn't real love what I had with John.

Justin- and who is it that you experienced this love with?

Lex- This stuck up popstar.

Justin- He sounds pretty nice to me.

he smirked and I kissed his lips.

Justin- Don't get mad if I ask you this okay?

Lex- ummm okay.

Justin- Is he the one who you lost your virginity to?

I could feel my face get hot. Why did he want to know this?

Lex- Uh, y-yeah. The night that he told me he liked me.

Justin- How many times have you-

Lex- Do you really want me to answer that question?

Justin- I don't know, yeah...

I had to think about his, I never even thought to count how manly times I actually had sex. So I did it with John I think around 8 or 9 times... and then with my boyfriend back in Stratford 4 I think.

Lex- tell me how many times you've had sex first.

Justin- fine, only if you promise to answer the question when I tell you my answer.

Lex- I promise

Justin- I think around 14 times.

I breathed out in relief. I was thinking maybe he would of done it way more.

Justin- Your turn.

Lex- 12 or 13 I don't remember exactly.

Justin kissed my lips and I got butterflies in my stomach.

Lex- Now you swear to answer one of my questions?

Justin- How about we play a game?



Heeeyyy guys! im so sorry I didn't update! I feel so bad! but I didn't have any internet at my house because I moved then I was supposed to get it like 2 weeks ago but It didn't work out. But now I have it. so its okay.

Im thinking about ending this story sooner than you think, what do you guys think? Please let me know in the comments.

If I end this story though im going to make another one where its either an edgy harry styles or Justin Bieber?

Pleaseeeee let me know!!!!

& sorry its short.

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